30 Best Online Jobs In Kenya 2024 (Plus Average Pay Revealed!)

Five years ago (in 2019), Kenya’s online economy was valued at around $109 million. Today, online jobs in Kenya are estimated to drive a $345 million sector. If you quickly convert that into our local currency, it equals a multi-billion industry. 

So, it’s undeniable that more Kenyans prefer to work online. 31% of them switch to working online because they lack formal employment and are estimated to be making an average of Ksh 20,773 monthly. 

The digital marketing sector leads the way, employing about 461,523 Kenyans, while the online writing sector follows closely in second place. But as you probably know, not all online jobs are legal, and not all pay decently. 

So, this article will expose you to legit and well-paying online jobs you can pursue depending on your skill set. I’ll also share a few tips to stay safe working online and what you need to start working. 

30 Best Online Jobs in Kenya

Here’s basically what this post will focus on:

  • What you need to work online (The basic requirements)
  • How to find legit online jobs 
  • Tips for succeeding in the online job market
  • Top 30 online jobs in Kenya 

Let’s get into it!

In a hurry? Below are the top 30 online jobs and the expected or average pay according to Salary Explorer unless stated otherwise. 

Top 30 Genuine Online Jobs in Kenya

  1. Transcription (Ksh 37,000 – Ksh 119,000 per month)
  2. Data entry (Ksh 22,600 – Ksh 78,000 per month)
  3. Content writing (Ksh 67,200 – Ksh 198,000 per month)
  4. News writer jobs (Ksh 86,800 – Ksh 276,000 per month)
  5. Blogging 
  6. Technical writing (Ksh 62,600 – Ksh 199,000 per month)
  7. Copywriting (Ksh 46,000 – Ksh 159,00 per month)
  8. E-book writing (up to 70% royalties from sales)
  9. Online graphic design jobs (Ksh 45,900 – Ksh 159,000 per month)
  10. Web design (Ksh 60,200 – Ksh 192,000 per month)
  11. Affiliate marketing (up to 8 – 11 % of sales)
  12. Influencer marketing 
  13. Social media marketing (Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 243,000 per month)
  14. Website flipping 
  15. Forex trading 
  16. Dropshipping 
  17. Crypto trading 
  18. Online Investing 
  19. Online tutoring (Ksh 54,700 – Ksh 189,000 per month)
  20. Selling online courses
  21. Stock photography (Average Pay: 15% or more per sale)
  22. Virtual assistant jobs (Ksh 37,200 – Ksh 129,000 per month)
  23. Online proofreading (Ksh 59,000 – Ksh 188,000 per month)
  24. Online video editing (Ksh 51,500 – Ksh 178,000 per month) 
  25. Voice over acting 
  26. YouTube video monetization (Ksh 100 – Ksh 200 per 1000 views)
  27. Customer care/call center jobs (Ksh 39,300 – Ksh 219,000 per month)
  28. Delivery driver jobs (Ksh 21,800 – Ksh 64,100 per month)
  29. Social media manager jobs (Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 243,000 per month)
  30. Online surveys and research
online jobs in Kenya

What You Need for Freelance Online Jobs in Kenya (The Requirements for Working Online)

There are a few must-meet requirements if you plan to work online from anywhere, not just in Kenya. They include the following:

  • Internet-enabled device – Since you’ll be meeting clients, applying for jobs, and submitting them online, you need an internet-enabled device. Preferably, it should be a computer (desktop or laptop), but if the job allows you to do it with a smartphone, let it be. 
  • Basic computer skills – You at least need to know how to use the computer, especially basic computer programs like word, windows, and access. You should also know how to search for things online, send emails and save work done. 
  • Relevant work skills – There are different online jobs in Kenya, as you’ll see later. All these jobs require people with different skill sets, such as marketing, design, customer handling, communication, and typing. What’s important is that your skill set matches the job you want.
  • Working space – You probably don’t need an actuarial office, but you should have a dedicated space to do your online work. You should have at least an ergonomic chair and a desk. 
  • Payment method – You’ll need a payment method that’s recognized globally, as you are likely to find clients outside the country. So, besides MPESA, you should at least have a PayPal or Payoneer account and an active bank account. 
  • Other requirements – You also need good time management, organization, and communication skills, and the ability to follow instructions. Some jobs, such as transcription, virtual assistance, and remote customer care, may require you to have some noise-cancellation headphones. 

How to Find Legit Online Jobs in Kenya 

Globally, more than 80% of online job seekers have been scammed, and at least 22% know about someone who has been scammed. 

So, online job scammers are serious even here in Kenya and will not hesitate to take your hard-earned money or overwork you without pay. So, what are the red flags? How do you identify online job scams?

Well, here are the warnings signs:

  • They ask for personal information – A client shouldn’t ask for your bank account, phone number, social security number, home address, and other personal data as a promise before hiring you. That’s a warning sign. 
  • Many rags-to-riches stories – If the company has many people claiming to have become rich overnight, they are likely lying. 
  • Glaring spelling/grammatical slip-ups – Yes, some clients don’t speak good English, but if the grammar and spelling mistakes are too glaring, take some time to research the client. 
  • Personal email – Why pay to get a job? If a recruiter asks you to pay an upfront registration or application fee, that’s a scam. 
  • An immediate job (without asking for a reference or interview) – If the recruiter doesn’t ask you to prove your job experience or provide a reference but promises to hire you almost immediately, they’re likely a scam. 
  • The promise of much money for less work – Some online jobs promise to pay way too much than usual, especially for little work. If so, that’s a red flag. They could just be planning to dupe you.
best online jobs in Kenya

Now here’s how to ensure you only apply for legit online jobs.

  • Research every company before applying for a job
  • Avoid unsecured websites (those with an HTTP) and only consider secure options (those with an HTTPs or padlock)
  • Consider job posts on company websites as opposed to those on 3rd party websites and job boards only
  • If the jobs are on 3rd website or job boards, go to the company website and confirm if there’s such a post
  • Don’t provide bank details before you are hired 
  • Don’t send any money beforehand to get a job
  • Avoid sharing personal information such as a home address, NSSF number, username, or password. 

Tips for Succeeding in Online Work Platforms in Kenya

Let’s talk about how you can ace the online job sector in Kenya. Remember, this is a multi-billion economy in Kenya which means you can take it seriously, and here’s how to ensure you stay relevant and successful. 

  • Communication is King – You must communicate clearly with the client to understand each other. Ask the right questions and make the necessary clarifications to enable you to deliver on the job.
  • Stay organized and work efficiently – You must plan for everything when working online. Ensure you know what your priorities are for the day not to miss an important call or deadline or lose an important file. 
  • Invest in reliable high-speed internet – Working online without fast and dependable internet can be frustrating. You may even miss some client replies as a result of that. So, ensure you invest in reliable high-speed internet.
  • Have a defined work and sleep schedule – You must establish a work-life balance by having a healthy program. Dedicate enough time to sleep and don’t just work the whole day. Sleep is good for you. 
  • Stay away from distractions – It’s easy to get distracted when working online as you do it mainly from the confines of your home. How about YouTube, a dedicated space that’s free from distractions? That includes family, friends, and entertainment.
  • Develop a work-driven ethic – You must take online work with the seriousness of any other job. So, give every job you get your best, knowing that the job pays your bill and it’s like any other.
  • Follow instructions – No employer wants an employee who doesn’t need instructions. So, if you want a client to rehire or recommend you, follow the instructions promptly. 
  • Own your mistakes when they happen – We are all humans and sometimes mess up. You shouldn’t, however, try to find excuses or blame others when it happens. Clients appreciate honesty and are more likely to understand, especially if you rarely mess up. 

And More

  • Keep deadlines – Keeping deadlines won’t be hard if you are organized and efficient. Online clients primarily work with tight deadlines, so you must work on that if you often fall behind. 
  • Up your work skills – Don’t just sit on your current experience. Gather more skills to make you readily employable. The more skill you gather, the likelier you will get a better-paying client online.
  • Save up for investment – The online workspace can be unpredictable, so you must make hay while the sun shines. Consider saving up a part of what you make to create another income stream you can fall back on during a low season. 

The Top 30 Online Jobs in Kenya

Now, below are 30 legit online work-from-home jobs in Kenya:

1. Transcription Online Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 37,000 – Ksh 119,000 per month)

Are you a keen listener with good typing skills? Then give transcription a shot. Transcription involves listening to audio files, such as recorded phone calls, interviews, interrogations, or conversations, and typing down the information. 

You’ll need some good noise-isolation headphones for the job. Salary Explorer projects you can make Ksh 37,000 – Ksh 119,000 monthly, and you can get these jobs on Rev.com, Upwork, Go Transcript, or PeoplePerHour.com.

2. Data Entry Online Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 22,600 – Ksh 78,000 per month)

Data entry jobs involve inputting data into sheets or specific computer programs. So, all it takes is basic computer knowledge and fast typing skill. That’s one of the reasons these jobs suit students more. 

That’s one of the reasons these jobs suit students more. Pay-wise, you can make Ksh 22,600 – Ksh 78,000 per month working full-time, depending on skill and the nature of the job.

You can get data entry jobs on LinkedIn, Career Jet, MyJobMag.co.ke, and Career Point Kenya.

data entry online jobs in Kenya

3. Content Writing Online Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 67,200 – Ksh 198,000 per month)

Content writing is all about writing web-tailored articles. That means writing articles that can outdo others on the internet and often require a good understanding of SEO. 

The job involves writing blog posts, product reviews, web pages, and social media content. You can get these jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, FlexJobs, Brighter Monday, Career Point, and Blogging Pro, among other sites, and according to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 67,200 – Ksh 198,000 per month. 

4. News Writer Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 86,800 – Ksh 276,000 per month)

Online news writers create scoops for news outlets, publications, and news-based magazines. So they prefer people with a journalism background.

You can find these jobs on a platform like Upwork, but locally, you can cold pitch to news sites like Tuko, Mpasho, Daily Post, Business Daily, Pulse, Standard, or the Star. 

According to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 86,800 – Ksh 276,000 monthly as a news writer or journalist. 

5. Blogging (Average Pay: Ksh 2,000 – Ksh 200,000 per month)

Blogging involves many things, from writing blog posts for other people to running your content-tailored website (or blog). I’m more interested in the latter as that’s where you can make money. 

Depending on your niche, the traffic you receive, and how you monetize your blog, you can learn anything from Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 200,000 monthly. 

But generally, it takes time and much investment in time and learning to move from Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 200,000, but it can happen. 

6. Technical writing (Average Pay: Ksh 62,000 – Ksh 199,000 per month)

Technical writing is arguably the highest form of online writing since it involves writing complex pieces in the most easily understood format. That includes writing white papers, product manuals, how-to guides, case studies, and medical reports.

You can get these writing jobs on Upwork, and you can make Ksh 62,600 – Ksh 199,000 per month, according to Salary Explorer. 

7. Copywriting Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 46,000 – Ksh 159,000 per month)

Copywriting involves writing short sales-driven copies for companies that want to drive sales to their websites. To be a good copywriter, not only should you be a good writer, but you should also be a good salesperson.

You should be able to convince the readers about a specific brand. Upwork, Career Point, and LinkedIn are good places to get these jobs, and according to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 46,000 – Ksh 159,000 per month.

8. E-Book Writing 

If you want to earn passive income, consider writing an e-book. Amazon is an excellent place to sell your electronic book through Kindle Direct Publishing. 

You can earn up to 70% royalties from sales there, which means the more people buy your e-book, the higher the royalties.

9. Graphic Design Online Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 45,900 – Ksh 159,000 per month)

Graphic design involves using a computer or hand to create visual designs or concepts for brochures, magazines, flyers, packages, and ads.

And to be an excellent graphic designer, you should be creative and should have some understanding of Adobe, branding, coding/HTML, and digital typography.

You can get these jobs on The Star, Career Jet, Brighter Monday, Upwork, and Career Point.

10. Web Design (Average Pay: Ksh 60,200 – Ksh 192,000 Per month)

The work of a web designer is to plan and create web pages and websites for clients. That requires coding, SEO, digital marketing, and content management skills.

Web designers are among the highest-paid freelancers, and you can make Ksh 60,200 –Ksh 192,000 per month working part-time on a site like PeoplePerHour.com or Upwork. 

genuine online jobs in Kenya

11. Affiliate Marketing (Average Pay: Up to 8 – 11% From Sales)

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting someone’s product or brand and earning commission from the traffic you send to the site, which ends as successful sales. 

Some of the best-paying affiliate programs in Kenya are Jumia, Kilimall, and Amazon. For example, Jumia allows you to receive up to 11% from successful sales, while Kilimall pays up to 8%. 

12. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is about brand collaboration with individuals with grander followings, especially on social media. If that sounds like you, you can partner with an influencer marketing agency like TDS Marketers or Vigil Marketing.

In Kenya, notable and highly-paid influencers include the soul music group Sauti Sol, the hilarious Eric Omondi, and the sensational dancer Azziad.  These guys pocket millions from brand collaboration and product endorsement to prove that influencer marketing does pay the bills. 

13. Social Media Marketing (Average Pay: Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 243,000 per month)

If you are good with social media and can help businesses run their marketing campaigns on social media, you should give this job a shot. Social media marketing allows you to make Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 243,000 per month, according to Salary Explorer. Job-wise, you can get social media marketing jobs on LinkedIn, Career Point Kenya, Brighter Monday, Career Jet, and Upwork.  

14. Website Flipping 

Website flipping is about buying websites that are making money, improving or increasing them, and selling them at a profit. Most website flippers sell websites up to 35-40 times their monthly earnings, making this business quite profitable. 

You can get websites to flip on Flippa.com and Empireflippers.com. 

15. Forex Trading 

Forex trading is the exchange of currencies for profit. This CMA-approved trade requires forex exchange knowledge, but it’s one way to earn passive income. 

Just find a forex broker who can help you invest, and some of the leading forex brokers in Kenya include HFM HF Markets, Hot Forex, and XM Broker. 

16. Dropshipping Online Part Time Jobs in Kenya

Imagine not having inventory yet being able to advertise and sell products online, sometimes even without a website or online store. That’s what Dropshipping can do to you. 

All you have to do is find a partner company to supply you with the products you want to sell. Then advertise the products and wait for the orders to come in, and when they do, pass them to the supplier for fulfillment and keep your cut. That’s it. 

One company you can partner with is Jumia, and you can advertise the product on social media if you don’t have a store. 

17. Crypto Trading 

The digital or virtual currency (famous as cryptocurrency) market in Kenya grows each day. Now, more people are interested in cryptocurrency trading, where they speculate cryptocurrency market price changes using a CFD account or underlying coins. 

If interested in Crypto Trading, talk to a crypto broker such as HFM HF Markets, AvaTrade, Capital.com, or Easy Markets. 

18. Online Investing 

Generally, you can take many investments online and allow your money to work for you. This is an intelligent way to earn passive income. 

We recommend money market funds because of their decent returns (8% per annum and above), high liquidity, low risk, and fewer fees. Some of Kenya’s best money market funds include the Sanlam Money Market Fund, Britam Money Market Fund, and Cytonn Money Market Fund. 

Another investment option is Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs are real estate investment companies that pay you dividend income for the shares you own, which equals your investment.  

Three authorized REITs in Kenya to consider investing in are Acord D-REIT, ASA I-REIT, and ILAM Fahari I-REIT. 

legit online jobs in Kenya

19. Online Tutoring (Average Pay: Ksh 54,700 – Ksh 189,000 per month)

If you are a teacher looking to pocket some money part-time or a college graduate looking for something to pay your bills, consider online tutoring. 

Sites like Teacher On, Teach Away and Find Tutor Online allow you to get these jobs and earn $10-$20 an hour. But according to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 54,700 – Ksh 189,000 per month as an online tutor. 

20. Selling Online Courses

If you don’t have time to teach online daily and want to earn passive income, try creating and selling online courses. You can do that on platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Udemy. 

According to LearningWords.com, you can make $1000 or more per month from selling courses online. So, perhaps this is something to give a shot at. 

21.  Stock Photography (Average Pay: 15% or more per sale)

Are you good with taking photos, perhaps with your phone? How about you take pictures of people, landmarks, foods, and sceneries and post them on stock photography sites? 

Some of the best-paying stock photo sites include Getty Images, Shutter Stock, Adobe Stock, and iStockPhoto. You can earn at least 15% of the total sales from these sites, which is passive income. 

22.  Virtual Assistant Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 37,200 – Ksh 129,000 per month)

Virtual assistants (VAs) offer administrative services remotely, generally from a home office. Some of their duties include scheduling appointments, taking up client calls, managing emails, and arranging travel. 

Generally, you’ve to be organized and an excellent communicator to work as a VA, and according to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 37,200 – Ksh 129,000 per month. 

23. Online Proofreading Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 59,000 – Ksh 188,000 per month)

By working as an online proofreader, consider putting your eye for detail and good grammar into action. Despite so many proofreading applications, some clients still prefer human proofreaders, and that’s where you come in. 

Check out these jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, and Freelancer.com, and get to make Ksh 59,000 – Ksh 188,000 per month, according to Salary Explorer. 

24. Online Video Editing (Average Pay: Ksh 51,500 – Ksh 178,000 per month)

If you have video editing skills, you can work online freelance and make Ksh 51,500 – Ksh 178,000 per month, according to Salary Explorer. 

You can get video editing jobs on LinkedIn, Career Jet, Career Point Kenya, and Upwork. 

25. Voice Over Acting

You probably know about media personalities Jeff Koinange and Johnson Mwakazi. They are among the most notable voices in the Kenya media space. 

These two guys are mainly used to doing voice-overs for adverts, but they are not the only ones. If you have a good voice and are eloquent, you can try to do a voice-over for TV, radio, ads, and films. 

Some of the places you can get voice-over acting jobs are voiceoverjob.co, Janeson.co.ke, and Upwork. 

26. YouTube Video Monetization (Average Pay: Ksh 100 – Ksh 200 per 1000 views)

So many Kenyans pocket hundreds of thousands from YouTube. Perfect examples are comedians Crazy Kennar, Njugush, and Henry Desagu and content creator Eve Mungai, and they aren’t the only ones. 

You can create videos about anything from music to comedy, grooming, and cooking lessons with YouTube. On average, you can make Ksh 100 – Ksh 200 per 1000 views, which means the more views, the higher the earning. 

online work platforms in Kenya

27. Online Customer Service Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 39,300 – Ksh 219,000 per month)

Is your speech persuasive? Do you have clear communication, problem-solving, and active listening skills? If so, you should sign up for remote customer care or call center agent jobs. 

These jobs allow you to help customers from the comfort of your home, and according to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 39,300 – Ksh 219,000 per month, which is fantastic. 

You can get these jobs on LinkedIn, Brighter Monday, RemoteLeaf.com, and Career Jet. 

28. Delivery Driver Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 21,800 – Ksh 64,100 per month)

If you have a car and would want to use it to make money part-time or full-time, consider signing up as a delivery driver. You can choose between ride-sharing and food delivery. 

If you choose the former, you can sign up with Uber, Little Cab, or Bolt, and if you prefer the latter, consider Uber Eats, Glovo, or Bolt Food. 

You can make Ksh 21,800 – Ksh 64,100 per month as a delivery driver in Kenya, according to Salary Explorer.

29. Social Media Manager Jobs (Average Pay: Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 64,100 per month)

Other than using your social media know-how for marketing reasons, you can use it to manage people’s social media accounts. So many business people and celebrities don’t have time to manage their social media accounts. So they hire experts to do it on their behalf. 

According to Salary Explorer, you can make Ksh 70,300 – Ksh 64,100 per month as a social media manager. 

30. Survey Online Jobs in Kenya (Average Pay: Ksh 100 – Ksh 300 Per Hour)

Online surveys are not the best payers but are among the most straightforward jobs. They are the kind of tasks you can do with a smartphone or tablet anywhere and anytime. 

Respondent.io, Survey Junkie, and Prize Level are the best places to get these jobs. Depending on how many surveys or research tasks you take, you can make Ksh 100 – Ksh 300 per hour. 

Closing Remarks 

Generally, there are many online jobs in Kenya, and the above 20 are among the most popular ones. You can choose any job and apply depending on your skill or expertise. 

Remember to use the tips I shared to ensure the job is genuine and to be successful in this competitive space. And if you want clarification on any of these online jobs, talk to us on social media. We would love to help you get to the next step of conquering the online job market! 

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