About Centwarrior

Cent Warrior is a community of non-conformist financial warriors who don’t abide by prevailing economic ideologies and views. We are creating a tribe of Cent Warriors driven by the need to change their financial well-being and that of the people around them.

We do that through research-based content creation and promise timely solutions to financial problems that most of our fellow citizens face but can’t break free from. And through this blog, we can share our experiences and life lessons with the masses.


Our mission is to expose people to financial literacy and equip them with the right financial skills to build a solid financial foundation, improve their financial wellness, and eventually create the ultimate legacy – lasting wealth.

Why We Exist

As Cent Warrior, we exist to solve people’s financial problems, especially about the following:

1. Getting out of Debt

The debt cancer is real and even more severe than ever in the country. From the government level to our homes, the country is succumbing to debt disease, and we all need urgent intervention.

Some borrow because circumstances force them, while others it’s poor financial planning and lack of financial literacy.

As Cent Warrior, we call debt as it is, and that’s a disease to one’s financial well-being. For that reason, we don’t advocate for any debt. Instead, we encourage paying our debt as soon as possible, and we have a formula for that.

We walk you through the debt elimination process to enable you to break free from debt and ultimately enjoy financial freedom. We discuss the pitfalls that trap people in debt and provide pragmatic solutions to avoid a reversion.

We’ll go as far as arming you with the right financial tools and skills to avoid debt forever.  

2. Creating a Sustainable Emergency Fund

We recognize that most people get into borrowing because of the lack of a financial safety net, and that’s where an emergency fund comes in. We help you appreciate the need for an emergency fund for your rainy day.

We’ll help you set up a sustainable emergency fund according to your financial muscles and income. In one way, this will help you avoid borrowing and attain the peace of mind lacking among debtors and financially unprepared persons.

3. Business and Entrepreneurship

A lot goes into starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur that most Kenyans aren’t aware of. And as Cent warrior, we understand that this information is not readily available, especially for emerging entrepreneurs, and that’s where we come in.

We expose people to fantastic business ideas online and offline, which they can tap into and help them set up successful enterprises in Kenya. We also help people create business plans and understand the business structure, legal considerations, and cost implications of starting a business.

Moreover, we assist people in developing a good marketing plan and building a solid brand identity. Ultimately, we aim to see people succeed in business and entrepreneurship.

4. Budgeting

Poor decision-making when managing income is a big problem and thus the urgent need for budgeting. Though most of us budget for our money, very few stick to the plan. Sometimes, it’s because the budget is rarely practical, and at other times it’s due to having the wrong financial priorities.

At Cent Warrior, we help you understand a budget’s role, what needs to feature, and what to prioritize when setting up one. We also equip you with the right tools to set up a working and attainable budget.

5. Wise Investing

We understand that working 8 to 5 on a salaried job can’t help you attain financial freedom, at least not soon. It may take much saving, and you probably aren’t that patient.

That’s why we champion the creation of another income stream or several streams, which comes through wise investing. We’ll empower you with the right investment ideas to get the best out of your hard-earned money.

6. Wealth Creation

It doesn’t stop at investing and earning passive income. The end goal is to create wealth for yourself and your family. Through the pieces of information that we share, you’ll learn different ways to diversify your investment and build wealth.

Remember, you only have a few years to work before you retire, and creating enough wealth for your senior years is a clever maneuver, and we can help you do it through financial knowledge impartation.

7. Wealth Protection

What’s the essence of creating wealth and ending up losing it all? So many people have seen their blood and sweat washed away due to poor decision-making and sometimes failing to take up the correct insurance covers.

On that note, we’ll help you choose the right insurance coverage for your home, car, and other assets, but, more importantly, life and medical insurance.


Our vision as Cent Warrior is to create the best education resource in the country on matters of personal finance and business development. We’ll do this through content development, courses, business coaching, books, eBooks, and videos, among other interactive means.

What We Cover

Our Cent Warrior blog covers the following categories:

a) ‘Investing’ Category

Given the myriad investment opportunities in the country and beyond, the options can be overwhelming for new investors. That’s why we’ve dedicated this section to handpicking the best low-risk investment options in the country while reviewing the most popular ones in detail.

So, expect to learn about money market funds, stock trading, REITs, and mutual funds, among other investing opportunities.

b) ‘Make Money’ Category

This section cherry-picks some of the smartest ways to make money in Kenya. We suggest highly lucrative and raw money-making opportunities you can leverage online and offline.

Discover what you can do with information and a few Kenya shillings here and make some meaningful income.

c) ‘Manage Money’ Category

The whole essence of this section is to enable you to manage the money you are making correctly. Learn about the jeopardy of misusing finances and the best ways to get the most through strategic planning.

d) ‘Loans & Credit’ Category

We explain the debt burden in Kenya, different loan options and their risks, and the best ways to avoid the debt trap and live debt-free.

You’ll learn about the dangers associated with loan apps, emergency loans, and other loans in Kenya and the best ways to break free.

e) ‘Business’ Category

Learn about today’s untapped, emerging, and most popular business opportunities in Kenya. Discover what works for the Kenyan market and what doesn’t.

Additionally, discover some of Kenya’s most successful businesses and businesspeople and what makes them tick.

Bonus – Free Finance Plan Guide

As a bonus, access our free-to-download personal finance planning e-book to help you become a better financial manager and planner and gather the basics of living a debt-free and financially satisfying life.