Staff Personal Finance Fitness Program

Staff Personal Finance Fitness Program.

Financial literacy and personal financial management skills

Picture this; all your employees reporting to work with unmatched focus and creativity, completely engaged, motivated, and with unwavering dedication to their jobs ready to help you achieve your vision and strategic goals.

Sounds Epic. Right?

But, did you know that the vitality of your business is directly linked to the financial well-being of your employees?

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, a silent productivity killer often goes unnoticed.

This hidden obstacle to your enterprise’s full potential is Financial Stress among your employees.

It’s an invisible burden that clouds focus, dampens creativity, and hampers overall performance, directly impacting your company’s profitability.

That’s not all, your teams’ financial stress manifests in other myriad ways like; —

1. Diminished Productivity as minds wander to unpaid bills, spending hours worrying about their financial situations or dealing with related issues.

2. Increased Absenteeism fuelled by stress-induced ailments such as mental and physical health issues, causing employees to take more sick days.

The stress associated with financial problems can contribute to conditions like anxiety, depression, and heart disease, increasing absenteeism.

3. Higher Staff Turnover Rates as employees leave their jobs in search of higher-paying opportunities or take on additional jobs. This not only affects team cohesion but also imposes additional costs on you for recruiting, hiring, and training new staff.

4. Lower Morale and Job Satisfaction when employees get preoccupied with financial worries creating a negative atmosphere in the workplace. This preoccupation with financial worries can create a negative atmosphere in the workplace, affecting team dynamics and overall workplace culture.

5. Increased Demand for Salary Advances and Loans as your employees try to make ends meet. This may lead to administrative burdens and potential financial strain on the company creating an uncomfortable dynamic between employees and management, affecting overall workplace harmony.

6. Poor Decision-making and Lack of Innovation when employees are preoccupied with personal issues, clouding their judgment and hindering their ability to make sound decisions, hence stifling innovation and creativity within your teams.

7. Deterioration in Mental and Physical Health from depression, high blood pressure, and sleep disturbances decreasing their ability to perform well at work.

8. Last but not least, financially distressed employees may Increase the Risk of Fraud or Theft in your organization in a desperate attempt to resolve their financial issues.

By investing in our Finance fitness Program for your employees, you not only address this pervasive issue but also unlock a wealth of benefits.

Empowering your team with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances effectively leads to decreased stress, enhanced focus, and a more engaged workforce.

This results in a more productive, motivated, more loyal, and happier team poised to drive your company to new heights of success.

Now, are you ready to unlock your team’s full potential and lead your company to new heights?

Take the first step towards a more focused, innovative, and resilient workforce by investing in their financial well-being.

Contact us today HERE and book our robust Personal Finance Fitness Program, and let’s turn your teams’ financial stress into financial success together.

Cent warrior Staff personal finance training

At Cent Warrior, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Personal Financial Management programs tailored to the unique needs and goals of organizations like yours.

Our expert trainers bring extensive knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring that your employees receive valuable insights and actionable strategies that can be immediately applied to their personal financial lives.

Our Cent Warrior Personal Finance Fitness Program is a detailed mind-blowing, practical, and result-oriented program curated for individuals and corporate coaching.

Using our practical 10-Step Plan to Financial Freedom and 8 Steps Debt Crash Strategy principles, we’ll help your staff win with money, by building a solid financial foundation by instilling a transformational money mindset, helping them get out of debt, creating a long-lasting financial discipline, save money, build wealth and invest to achieve financial peace, independence, and ultimate financial freedom.

The program covers the following areas:


  1. Debunking the money myths derailing your financial success.
  2. Developing the right money mindset.


  1. Money devours and how to avoid them.
  2. Understanding the basic principles of money.
  3. Pay Yourself First.
  4. The Rat Race escape plan.
  5. Types of Income.
  6. Clarifying your WHY and Financial Goals and what to save to achieve them.
  7. Life stages and financial planning.


  1. Understanding and managing your expenses.
  2. Differentiating needs and wants.
  3. The budgeting technique that works.
  4. How to budget efficiently for needs, wants, projects, savings, and investments.
  5. Understanding Sinking Funds.


  1. What is a lifestyle protection plan and why do you need one?
  2. Getting the right insurance policies to protect your lifestyle and wealth.
  3. The emergency Fund and how to set it up.


  1. Types of debt, Cost and interest repayments, and how it works.
  2. Debt pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  3. Debt and Addictions.
  4. Good (Productive) vs Bad (Parasitic) Debt.
  5. How to get out of debt fast for life.
  6. What to do when paying off debt.


  1. How to effectively set your savings goals
  2. Where to Save your MONEY.
  3. The fully-funded emergency fund
  4. The Sinking Fund
  5. Saving for your retirement
  6. Saving for your Children’s college fund
  7. Saving for your car and home


  1. Understanding what Wealth Creation is.
  2. Calculating your Net Worth.
  3. The difference between Savings and Investments.
  4. Use your skills to create income.
  5. Different investment opportunities to create wealth.
  6. Understanding passive income.
  7. How to build multiple income streams.

Course Materials: Workbooks, handouts, and other course materials are included in the course fees.


Upon completion of the Comprehensive Personal Finance Program, participants will be able to:

  1. Enhanced Financial Literacy: Participants will gain a deep understanding of financial concepts, terminology, and principles. They will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions, both in their personal lives and within the organization.
  2. Improved Budgeting and Money Management: Participants will learn effective budgeting techniques, enabling them to track and control their income and expenses. They will be equipped with strategies to optimize their financial resources and allocate funds wisely, leading to better financial stability and reduced financial stress.
  3. Increased Savings and Investment Habits: The program will encourage participants to develop a savings mindset and provide them with the tools to set realistic saving goals. They will also gain insights into various investment options, risk management, and the power of compound interest, empowering them to grow their wealth and secure their financial future.
  4. Efficient Debt Management: Participants will learn strategies to manage and reduce debt effectively. They will understand the impact of interest rates, repayment terms, and debt consolidation options. Armed with this knowledge, they can take proactive steps to minimize debt and improve their financial standing.
  5. Retirement Planning and Financial Security: The program will educate participants on the importance of retirement planning and guide them in creating personalized retirement savings goals. They will learn about different retirement vehicles, investment strategies, and the significance of starting early to maximize their retirement funds.
  6. Improved Financial Decision-Making: Through the program, participants will develop critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate financial opportunities and risks. They will learn how to analyze investment options, assess the value of financial products and services, and make sound decisions aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance.
  7. Enhanced Financial Well-being and Stress Reduction: By equipping participants with financial knowledge, skills, and strategies, the program will contribute to their overall financial well-being. Participants will experience reduced financial stress, gain confidence in managing their finances, and feel empowered to take control of their financial futures. This improved well-being will positively impact their personal lives, job performance, and overall happiness.

The Training can be conducted as either:


  • Full Program Training: Kshs 280,000 (VAT Exclusive)
  • 2-Hour Talk – Kshs 70,000 (VAT Exclusive)
  • 3-Hour Deep Dive Sessions – Kshs 100,000 (VAT Exclusive)
  • Half Day Training (4 Hour Sessions) – Kshs 120,000 (VAT Exclusive)
  • Full-Day Training (8-Hour Sessions) – Kshs 210,000 (VAT Exclusive)

Pricing Starts From

Kshs 70,000

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