Personal Finance Accelerator Program

This is a detailed mind-blowing, practical, and result-oriented program

Laying The Foundation 

This is a detailed mind-blowing, practical, and result-oriented program curated for individuals looking to win with money using a practical step by step plan. 

We dive into the 10-Step Plan to Financial Freedom, among other personal finance success principles.

This program covers diverse areas aimed to help you win with money and build a solid financial foundation by instilling a transformational money mindset, freeing you from shackles of debt, creating a lasting financial discipline, saving money, building wealth, and investing to achieve financial peace, independence, and ultimate freedom.


  • Develop an unbeatable healthy money mindset to help you take control of your money.
  • Come up with a practical Money Plan (The Budget) to help you be in charge of every coin and attend to all needs, wants, enjoyment, and other financial goals.
  • Choose the right insurance plans to protect your lifestyle, wealth and legacy.
  • Help you pay off your debts fast using the 8 Steps Debt Crash Strategy.
  • Come up with an effective strategy to save for emergencies.
  • Guide you in setting up your retirement fund the right way.
  • Guide you in setting up a successful education fund for your kids.
  • Expose you to creative ways you can create passive income to achieve financial freedom.
  • Expose you to different investment options to build wealth.
  • Help you come up with the right strategy to acquire your first car and home.


Note: I also do corporate staff training in the above two programs for companies to get employees right with money to improve productivity.


Pricing Starts From

KES 18,000

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