TSC Payslip Online: T-PAY TSC Payslip Online Portal Explained!

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has been an advocate for technology for a long time, championing its members to embrace it. Today, not only can you apply for a TSC number on the internet, but you can also get a TSC payslip online, and I’ll show you how to do it. 

Generally, you must first register for the TSC number, which you’ll use to apply for a TPAD account, which you can log into to view and download your TSC payslip online and update its details. 

Ideally, you must first be a registered TSC member to access this service, and if you aren’t, I’ll show you just how to sign up. More importantly, you should be a trained teacher to join the Teachers Service Commission.

This guide will help you better understand the T-Pay TCS payslip registration and know how to apply, download, and share payslips, among other noteworthy information.

TSC payslip online

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • How do you get a TSC payslip online? 
  • How do you register for the TSC payslip? 
  • Why can’t you register for a TSC account online? 
  • How do you log into your TSC account online? 
  • How can you reset your TSC payslip password? 
  • How do you view your TSC payslip online? 
  • How do you download your TSC payslip online? 
  • How can you share your TSC payslip online? 
  • Where must I know TSC payslip terms and acronyms? 

Let’s dive in!

How Do I Get My TSC Payslip Online?

To get your TSC payslip online, you must first register for the TSC number if you haven’t done that. You’ll then use the TSC number or sign up for a TPAD account and use the account to access your payslips, download them, and make necessary updates.

Let’s discuss what I’ve just mentioned. 

How to Register for TSC Payslip?

As mentioned earlier, you must be a TSC registered member before registering for the TSC payslip online. Here are the general requirements for applying for a TSC number on the TSC portal: 

  • Be a qualified teacher 
  • Be a Kenyan citizen 
  • Have at least two teaching majors 
  • Be not more than 45 years
  • Provide all the necessary academic and professional (teaching) certificate 

Of course, the educational qualifications may differ depending on your preferred teaching level. For example, while graduate teachers need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a teaching discipline, Diploma teachers need a minimum Diploma qualification. 

Another requirement you’ll need to meet is to pay a non-refundable registration amount of Ksh 550 to TSC via Direct Banking, and you can use the following details: 

  • Bank: National Bank of Kenya 
  • Branch: Harambee Avenue, Nairobi 
  • Account name: Teachers Service Commission 
  • Registration fee number: 0100100905001

Alternatively, you can use the pay bill number 547 700. Once you complete the TSC number application and receive your TSC number, you can apply for a TSC payslip account online. 

Critical Steps for Registering for TSC Payslip Online 

Go to the TSC TPAD portal to create a TPAD account. You’ll access an application form to feed your TSC number ID, mobile number, and email. You’ll also need to create a login password, confirm it, and specify how you want to receive notifications. After all that, hit the ‘Create Account’ button to complete your online TSC TPAD account. 

TSC portal

Why Can’t I Register for TSC Payslip Online?

There are several reasons why your TSC payslip online registration may fail. First, it could be that you’ve entered incorrect information. You might have misspelled your name or entered the wrong number. So, you’ll need to double-check that. 

It could also be that the name is correct, only that you’ve not capitalized the first letters, and if so, you’ll get the ‘invalid names’ error.

Overall, you can contact TSC customer support if you can’t find the reason for the issue. Just email them using payslips@tsc.go.ke, indicating your full name, TSC number, and the message you received. 

How Do I Log into TSC Online?

You can log into the TSC portal and access your T-Pay account using these steps:

Step 1 – Visit The TSC Website 

Go to the official TSC website and look for the online services tab at the top of your image. Click on this tab and select T-pay from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2 – T-PAY TSC Payslip Login

Using your TSC number or ID and the password you received when registering for a TSC account, log into your TPAY account. You’ll also need to perform a quick arithmetic calculation to prove you are human before you can log in. 

How Do I Reset My TSC Payslip Password?

You cannot log into your TSC T-pay account without entering the correct password. You, however, have the option of resetting the password if you can’t remember it, and here’s how to go about it: 

  • Go to the login page
  • Do not enter anything under password; instead, click on Forget your password. 
  • Wait for another window to pop up, requiring you to reset your password. 
  • You’ll need to enter all the necessary details, including your TSC number, email, phone number, secret question, and secret question. 
  • You’ll also need to re-enter and confirm a new password before hitting the ‘Reset Password’ button. That’ll allow you to receive your new login details, including the password, in your email. 

How Do I View My TSC Payslip Online?

Ordinarily, viewing your TSC payslips online is easy once you log into your TSC T-Pay account. However, if you haven’t done so, you’ll need to do it using the steps I shared earlier.

You can access the following four pages by logging into your TSC T-Pay account. 

1.  Homepage 

The TSC homepage allows you to view your surname, ID number, and TSC number, and on the bottom left side are quicker accesses to the following tabs: 

  • Menu – The Menu tab takes you to a new page that allows you to view payslips, send payslips, and view p/9, among other tasks
  • Latest Payslip – The latest payslip tab enables you to access your most recent payslips quickly. You’ll have access to payslips from the last four months and can view whichever you want. 
  • Latest p9 – This tab lets you view and print out your latest p9 form, which contains vital information for filing your KRA tax returns. 
  • My Transactions – The ‘My Transactions’ tab shows currently running transactions and those needing your approval. 
how to register for TSC payslip

2. Personal Details 

The Personal Details page identifies you as a TSC-certified teacher. Here, you’ll find various information about you, such as salutation, surname, first name, TSC number, ID number, gender, date of birth, home county, ethnicity, tax PIN, children, religion, special needs, postal address, phone number, and email.

If any of the information isn’t correct, you can update it. 

3. Employment Details 

The Employment Details page lets you find all the necessary information about you and your job. That includes the following: employment vote (TSC), TSC scale, first appointment date, designation name, current appointment, engagement type, pension scheme, bank, station, account number, ward, work county, and sub-county. 

4. Update My Details 

You can update your TSC information on the ‘Update My Details’ page if something is missing or wrong. Just make the necessary updates and save the changes.

Note, however, that you’ll need to enter a verification code, which you’ll receive via email or SMS to update your email or phone number. 

How to Download TSC Payslip Online

Sometimes, you may need a hard copy of your TSC payslip. You only need to download and print it at the nearest cyber cafe. You can also share the downloaded via email in case you need to. 

Here’s how to download your TSC payslip online: 

  • Log into your TSC T-pay account
  • Click the Latest Payslip tab on the Homepage just in case you download the most recent payslip (for the last 1 – 4 months)
  • Using the search tab, you can also search for a particular payslip from the past month. 
  • Once you locate the payslip you wish to download, click to view it 
  • Take a screenshot of the payslip and click print at the bottom of the payslip 
  • You can go ahead and save the printout 

How to Share TSC Payslip Online 

You may need to share your TSC payslip with third parties (banks, insurance, SACCOs, teachers’ unions, welfare groups, hire purchase firms, or any other) for deductions 

To do that, follow these steps: 

  • Log into your TSC T-Pay account 
  • Click on ‘Menu’ on the Homepage and choose the ‘Send Payslip’ option 
  • Choose who you want to share the payslip with and follow the prompts 

Alternatively, as shared earlier, you can download your pay slip and send it via email as an attachment. It all depends on what route suits you most.

how do I get my TSC payslip online

Important TSC Payslip Terms and Acronyms You Should Know 

There’s no doubt that your TSC payslip contains essential information such as your TSC number, full name, job groups, ID number, workstation, KRA pin, and retirement date.

But other than those, there are still other important details you may want to know that may appear as terminologies or acronyms. They include the following: 

  • SWA: SWA stands for social welfare association, and they are third-party deductions such as Teachers’ Unions, SACCOs, and Burial and Benevolent Funds (BBFs)
  • Ins-P: Ins-P stands for insurance provider
  • Com-L: Com-L stands for commercial loan 
  • Sac-L: Sac-L stands for Sacco loan 
  • Provident Fund: This refers to your superannuation pension scheme contribution 
  • Prob and P&P: Prob (probation) and P&P (permanent and pensionable) are both terms of services 
  • PF Num: Refers to personal file number (or simply TSC number) 
  • ID Numb: That stands for ID number
  • Tax PIN: That’s your KRA PIN
  • MPR: MPR stands for monthly personal relief 
  • Designation: Designation refers to the job grade (for example, Secondary Teacher I)
  • RoD:  RoD refers to the expected date of mandatory retirement 

Concluding Thought 

Above is everything you must know about TSC payslip online registration, access, and download. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s about time you do so, starting with first becoming a registered TSC number. If you’ve questions on anything we’ve shared or need clarification, reach us on social media, and we will be happy to get back to you.  

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