How to Book Huduma Centre Appointment 2024! (Quick Guide!)

When former President Uhuru Kenya launched the first Huduma Kenya Centre at the General Post Office in Nairobi in 2013, many of us outside Nairobi were worried that we might be unable to access its services. Things are, however, different today as there are over 50 Huduma Centres spread across the country, and all you have to do is book an appointment at your preferred Huduma Centre.

The process of booking a Huduma Centre appointment happens online, where you’ve to visit the Huduma Centre website, click on the ‘Book Appointment’ red tab on the top right corner, and follow the prompts. You’ll then receive an SMS, which you should bring as proof on the day of the appointment. 

I’ll share the exact steps to book an appointment at Huduma Centre. Moreover, I’ll share the various government services you can access at Huduma Centre. Below is an overview of what we shall talk about:

  • Do you have to book an appointment to visit a Huduma Centre?
  • How do you book an appointment to visit Huduma Centres?
  • What’s the activation code you receive during a Huduma appointment?
  • Is Huduma Centre open on weekends?
  • What time does Huduma Centre open?
  • What services are offered at Huduma Centres?
  • Where can you find a Huduma Centre near you?

Let’s dive in!

huduma centre appointment

Do You Have to Book an Appointment to Go to Huduma Centre?

Back then, when Huduma Centre was flagged off, you didn’t have to book an appointment. The downside is that it was time-wasting and tiring as many people would flock to a particular Huduma Centre facility at a given time, making it hard for the staff to serve them.

Now, you must book an appointment to visit a Huduma Centre anywhere in Kenya. It’s time-saving as it allows you to visit the Huduma facility at an appointed time and have more personalized assistance.

How Do I Book an Appointment at Huduma Centre?

Since you’ve to book an appointment to visit a Huduma Centre, it should be the first thing to do before walking into any Huduma facility. So far, there are over 50 Huduma Centres across the country, but they are booked on a centralized platform.

Here are the basic steps for a Huduma appointment booking online:

  • Go to the Huduma Centre website and click on the ‘Book Appointment’ red tab at the top right corner of the homepage
  • Log in with your e-citizen login details (if applicable), or quickly set up an e-citizen account and continue with the signup.
  • Alternatively, click on ‘Register’ to fill out a registration form
  • Accept the terms on the registration form and click ‘Register.’
  • Wait to receive an activation code via SMS
  • Input the Huduma appointment activation code and tap on ‘New Appointment.’
  • Head to the server to choose your preferred Huduma Centre
  • Choose the service you want assistance for, preferred appointment date, and time
  • Save your appointment and wait to receive an SMS confirming it
  • Keep the SMS or print out to avail it at the Huduma Centre during your appointment

What Is Activation Code in Huduma Appointment?

The activation code is a special code you receive via SMS when booking an appointment at a Huduma Centre. This code lets you activate your Huduma online account to book and save an appointment.

Is Huduma Centre Open On Weekends?

No, Huduma Centres across the country don’t open on weekends. They only run on weekdays (Monday to Friday). However, you can talk to the customer support desk any time of the week, including weekends and public holidays, from 8 am to 6 pm using the Huduma Centre helpline 020 6900 020 or 1919.

What Time Does Huduma Centre Open?

Most Huduma Centres are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. There are, however, a few Huduma Centres in major towns that run from 7 am to 7 pm, and they include the following:

  • GPO Huduma Centre
  • City Square Huduma Centre
  • Eastleigh Huduma Centre
  • Embu Huduma Centre
  • Kakamega Huduma Centre
  • Kericho Huduma Centre
  • Kibra Huduma Centre
  • Kisii Huduma Centre
  • Kitale Huduma Centre
  • Kisumu Huduma Centre
  • Laikipia Huduma Centre
  • Makadara Huduma Centre
  • Meru Huduma Centre
  • Nauru Huduma Centre
  • Nyeri Huduma Centre
huduma appointment booking online

What Services Are Offered at Huduma Centre?

Generally, Huduma Centres offer an array of government services, which include the following:

Department/Ministry/CategoryType of Government Service
Civil RegistrationBirth and death certificate application
Ministry of EducationKNEC candidate registration
Criminal InvestigationPolice clearance certificate issuance
Business RegistrationSearch, reservation, and registration of business and limited liability company names
National Registration BureauIssuance of Kenya ID/duplicate ID and collection of Huduma numbers
Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban DevelopmentProperty search, affordable housing, and land registration
Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)HELB application, repayment, and clearance
Department of Pension – TreasuryPension claims and pay point change
Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)PIN registration, status, and update, tax compliance certificate and tax exemption certificate application, and tax return filing
National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA)Smart driver’s license and logbook application, TIMS account management, and Boda-Boda registration
Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP)ODPP services – complaints and prosecutions
ImmigrationPassport and Visa application
Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)Corruption reporting, EACC clearance, and issuance of self-declaration forms
Kenya PowerElectricity queries, registration, and account closure
Ministry of Labor & Social ServiceCBO and self-help group registration and certificate renewal
National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)NHIF registration, facility change, and selection
National Government Affirmation Action Fund (NGAAF)Financial empowerment for youths, women, people living with disability (PWD), older adults, and needy children
Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & IndustryIssuance of Certificate of Origin, enterprise development support, and trade facilitation
National AIDs Control CouncilHIV awareness, prevention, counseling, voluntary testing, and referrals
National Construction Authority (NCA)Contractor registration or change, skilled workers accreditation, and construction project registration
National Social Security Fund (NSSF)Member registration, card replacement, NSSF claims, and NSSF statements
Kenya Accountants & Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB)Student registration, exam booking, student ID and exemption application, car inquiry, and membership certificate reactivation

Additional Services

You can also access these additional services on the Huduma Centre platform:

Department/Ministry/CategoryType of Service
 Bursaries and ScholarshipsHELB bursaries, County government bursaries, Higher education funding, NGAAT education funding, Presidential secondary school bursary, Presidential bursary scheme for orphans and vulnerable students, and the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development (KISWCD) scholarship program  
National Cancer Institute of Kenya (NCI-K)Cancer awareness, facility information, and referrals
Ministry of HealthBlood pressure, counseling, blood sugar, health promotion, and BMI services
Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS)Seed seller licensing, plant variety protection, seed certification, plant import permit issuance, and phytosanitary certificate
Independence Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC)Voter registration
Uwezo FundFinancial access by Kenyan women, youths, and PWD
Women Enterprise FundSubsidized credit for Kenyan women entrepreneurs
Kenya Commercial BankMDAC accounts fee collection
Metropol Credit Reference BureauCRB clearance and report registration
Enya Network Information Centre (KeNIC)Domain name search and registration and hosting services
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)Advertisements/marketing and revenue collection
Ombudsman ‘Commission on Administrative Justice’Public complaints hearing
Kenya University & College Central Placement Services (KUCCPS)University/college placement and revision, and career guidance
Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF)Financial aid and business development services to youth-ran enterprises
Do you have to book an appointment to go to huduma Centre

Where Do You Find a Huduma Centre Near You?

Here’s a quick guide to finding the nearest Huduma Centre location to you:

Huduma CentreLocationDaysTime
1GPO Huduma CentreTeleposta Building, Kenyatta AvenueMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
2City Square Huduma CentreHaile Selassie Avenue, next to the Technical University of KenyaMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
3Baringo Huduma CentreNorth Rift Region County Commissioner’s Office, Kabarnet TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
4Bomet Huduma CentreCentral & South Rift region County Commissioner’s Office, Bomet TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
5Bungoma Huduma CentreWestern Region Post Office, opposite government officesMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
6Eastleigh Huduma CentreEastleigh Eleventh StreetMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
7Elgeyo Marakwet Huduma CentreIten TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
8Embu Huduma CentreEastern Region Post Office, next to the County Commissioner’s officeMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
9Garissa Huduma CentreNorthern Region County Commissioner’s Office, Garissa TownMon – Fri 
10Homa Bay Huduma CentreWestern Region County Commissioner’s Office, next to the County AssemblyMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
11Isiolo Huduma CentreEaster Region Post Office, Hospital RoadMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
12Kajiado Huduma CentreCentral & South Rift Region Post Office, Kakamega-Kisumu highwayMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
13Kajiado West Huduma CentreCentral & South Rift Region, Kajiado WestMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
14Kakamega Huduma CentreWestern Region Post Office Kakamega-Kisumu HighwayMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
15Kericho Huduma CentreCentral & South Rift Ardhi House, Temple Street, Kericho TownMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
16Kiambu Huduma CentreAssistant Commissioner’s Office, opposite Thika Stadium, Thika TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
More Locations
17Kibra Huduma CentreCounty Commissioner’s Office, Kibera DriveMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
18Kilifi Huduma CentreCoast Region County Commissioner’s Office, Kilifi TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
19Kirinyaga Huduma CentreCentral Region County Commissioner’s Office, Kerugoya TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
20Kisii Huduma CentreWestern Region Post Office Kisii-Migori Road, Kisii TownMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
21Kisumu Huduma CentreProsperity House, close to the Central BankMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
22Kitale Huduma CentreKitale Post Office, Mak-Asembo RoadMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
23Kitui Huduma CentreEastern region Post Office, opposite Catholic Church, KituiMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
24Kwale Huduma CentreKwale Kinango Road, opposite the National PoliceMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
25Laikipia Huduma CentreCountry Commissioner’s Office, Nanyuki TownMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
26Lamu Huduma CentreOld Jetty, next to County Commissioner, Kenyatta RoadMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
27Machakos Huduma CentreEastern Region Post Office, opposite Catholic Church, Machakos TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
28Makadara Huduma CentreEastland’s Revenue Building , off Jogoo Road, next to DC MakadaraMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
29Makueni Huduma CentreEastern Region Post Office, next to Wote County Commissioner’s OfficeMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
30Mandera Huduma CentreMandera CentralMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
31Marsabit Huduma CentrePost Office Road, Marsabit TownMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
32Meru Huduma CentreEastern Region Post Office, opposite Country Commissioner’s Office, Meru-Makutano RoadMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
33Migori Huduma CentreWestern Region County Commissioner Office, Migori TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
Other Locations
34Mombasa Huduma CentreGeneral Post Office, opposite Safaricom Customer Care CentreMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
35Murang’a Huduma CentreCounty Commissioner’s Office, Murang’a TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
36Nakuru Huduma CentreGeneral Post Office, next to Merica Hotel, Kenyatta AvenueMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
37Nandi Huduma CentreNorth Rift Region Post Office, Kapsabet TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
38Narok Huduma CentreOlerorat House, Narok-Nairobi Highway, Narok TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
39Nyamira Huduma CentrePost Office Konate-Nyamira Road, Nyamira TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
40Nyandarua Huduma CentreCounty Commissioner’s Office, Olkarau TownshipMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
41Nyeri Huduma CentreFormer Provincial Commissioner’s OfficeMon – Fri7 am – 7 pm
42Samburu Huduma CentreNorth Rift region General Post Office, MaralalMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
43Siaya Huduma CentreWestern Region Post Office, Kisumu-Busia HighwayMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
44Taita Taveta Huduma CentreCDF Office, WundanyiMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
45Tana River Huduma CentreCounty Commissioner’s Office Hola TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
46Tharaka Nithi Huduma CentreEastern Region County Commissioner’s Office, Chuka TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
47Turkana Huduma CentreNorth Rift Region County Commissioners Office, Lodwar TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
48Uasin Gishu Huduma CentreNorth Rift Region Post Office, Eldoret-Kitale Road, Eldoret TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
49Vihiga Huduma CentreWestern Region County Commissioner’s Office, Vihiga TownMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
50Wajir Huduma CentreCounty Commissioner’s Office, close to Wajir County AssemblyMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm
51West Pockot Huduma CentreMakutano Town, close to KapenguriaMon – Fri8 am – 5 pm

Concluding Thought:

Now that you can book a Huduma Centre appointment online, it unquestionably saves time, money, and even effort. Once you receive your appointment details, you can visit your preferred Huduma Centre at the appointed time and enjoy the type of government service you want. And if you’ve any issues, you can always use the Huduma helpline to seek help from the customer support desk. As always, the helpline is open all days from 8 am to 6 pm. 

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