Top 15 Richest Pastors in Kenya 2024 and Their Net Worth

As a historically religious nation, Kenya relishes thousands of churches with massive followers, and it is not surprising that some of the men and women of the cloth leading these congregations are wealthy. Although most of the richest pastors in Kenya are quite controversial when establishing the sources of their wealth, it doesn’t change the fact that they are deep-pocketed. 

Some of the richest pastors in Kenya include Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy, David Owuor, Kamlesh Pattni, Maina Njenga, Margret Wanjiru, Pius Muiru, Lucy Natasha, Victor Kanyari, Ezekiel Odero, Teresia Wairimu, Mark Kariuki, James Nga’ng’a, Francis Musili, and Ruth Wamuyu

Most of these preachers own billions in property and other assets, drive high-end vehicles, fly in private planes, run their own TV programs, and have thousands of followers. Some have multiple branches in different parts of the country, which is vital to their popularity and net worth if you factor in the contributions they receive in terms of tithe and offering. 

Even though most of these men and women of the cloth have questionable wealth, who are we to judge? We shall discuss everything we know about these evangelists, especially their net worth and churches. 

richest pastors in Kenya

So, let’s jump into it! In a hurry? Below is an overview of the wealthiest preachers in Kenya today and their estimated net worth. 

15 Richest Pastors in Kenya and Their Net Worth 

PastorMinistry/ChurchEstimated Net Worth (Ksh)
1.Bishop Allan Kiuna Jubilee Christian Church5 Billion Plus 
2.Reverend Kathy Kiuna Jubilee Christian Church5 Billion Plus 
3.Prophet David Owuor Repentance & Holiness Ministry 3.4 Billion Plus
4.Brother Paul Kamlesh PattniHope International3 Billion Plus 
5.Maina NjengaHope International Ministry2.5 Billion Plus
6.Bishop Margaret WanjiruJesus is Alive Ministries2 Billion Plus
7.Pastor Pius MuiruMaximum Miracle Center1.5 Billion Plus
8.Reverend Lucy NatashaEmpowerment Christian Church 1.3 Billion Plus
9.Pastor Victor KanyariSalvation Healing Ministry1.2 Billion Plus
10.Pastor Ezekiel OderoNew Life Church1 Billion Plus
11.Reverend Teresia Wairimu Faith Evangelistic Ministries 1 Billion Plus
12.Bishop Mark Kariuki Deliverance Church800 Million Plus
13.Apostle James Ng’ang’aNeno Evangelism Center300 Million Plus 
14.Apostle Francis MusiliATG Deliverance Church 300 Million Plus
15.Reverend Ruth WamuyuVictor Assembly Church300 Million Plus 

Top Richest Pastors in Kenya Reviewed

A lot goes into establishing how wealthy a churchman or woman is in Kenya. You’ve got to consider the assets they own as individuals and share in the church or ministry, as they often call it, the membership size, which frequently translates to contributions in terms of offerings and tithes and their general lavish lifestyles. 

Our source indicates that the men and women discussed below fall in the wealthiest category. 

Richest Male Pastors in Kenya 

In the male category, here are the top ten richest pastors in Kenya and their estimated net worth: 

1. Bishop Allan Kiuna (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 5 Billion Plus)

Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy, whom I shall talk about later, are always about pomp and glamor. The two run the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in Parklands Nairobi, where they enjoy a massive following. 

They live in Karen, which is undeniably one of the poshest neighborhoods in the country. Bishop Allan Kiuna’s wife, Kathy, owns a multi-million lavish home in Runda and a collection of high-end cars and motorcycles. They are even reported to own a private jet, which shows the extent of their wealth. 

richest male pastors in Kenya

2. Prophet David Owuor (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 3.4 Billion Plus)

Self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor of Repentance & Holiness Ministry is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 3.4 billion, making him the second richest pastor in Kenya. 

Unlike most preachers, he’s reported not to receive tithes and offerings in his church. Then you’ve got to wonder, where does he get his finances from?

Well, he argues that he receives donations and was recently accused of dispossessing a woman of an apartment in Westlands worth Ksh 1.5 billion, where he currently lives. 

A vast entourage usually accompanies Prophet Owuor, who reportedly rides a Ksh 2.5 million Mercedes 5500. 

3. Brother Paul Kamlesh Pattni (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 3 Billion Plus)

Everyone came to know about Kamlesh Pattni when the news about the Ksh 60 billion Goldenberg Scandal broke out. He was, however, cleared. Kamlesh was also linked to the Laico Regency scandal, which he handed to the government.

The former politician denounced the Hinduism religion, got baptized, and assumed the name Paul. He is now brother Paul, who shepherds at Hope International.

Overall, Kamlesh Pattni is a rich man. He has interests in the Maasai Mara National Park, hotel chains, duty-free shops at Moi International Airport and JKIA, and Marriott Africa International & Trendsetters Investments. 

4. Maina Njenga (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 2.5 Billion Plus)

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga is now a churchman. He’s a head pastor at Hope International ministry in Kitengela. The controversial figure is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 2.5 billion, but little is known about his source of wealth. 

He claims to be a businessman and a proactive investor. Since he denounced the outlawed Mungiki sect years ago, it’s hard to pin him down with the group as his source of financing. He’s seen alongside famous opposition leaders, showing his continual influence. 

5. Pastor Pius Muiru (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1.5 billion plus)

Most of us grew up watching pastor Pius Muiru of the famous Kuna Nuru Gizani TV Program. Well, it isn’t surprising that the televangelist is among the richest in Kenya. The Maximum Miracle Center cleric is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 1.5 billion, whose source is mostly his church. 

During the 2007 presidential election, Pastor Pius Muiru ran for the highest seat and lost, which shows how financially prepared he was to take on the ‘big fish.’ 

top ten richest pastors in Kenya

6. Pastor Victor Kanyari (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1.2 Billion Plus)

Controversial televangelist Victor Kanyari, famous for his ‘310 Panda Mbegu’ initiative, is worth at least Ksh 1.2 billion. The notorious clergy has been exposed multiple times for conning his unsuspecting congregation. However, that hasn’t stopped thousands from flocking to his church, Salvation Healing Ministry, to ‘receive a miracle.’

You can tell the guy is rich from the high-end cars he drives and the luxury homes he owns. He reportedly drives a Ksh 30 million Mercedes Benz, Toyota V8, and Range Rover, among other high-end vehicles. 

7. Pastor Ezekiel Odero (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1 Billion Plus)

The name Ezekiel Odero has been recently associated with several controversies, especially the Shakhahola massacre. The controversies aside, Ezekiel is a rich man of cloth. The New Life Church clergyman is building a mega multi-billion church facility at the coast, running several schools and businesses worth billions. 

His crusades draw huge crowds, projected to be over 50,000, and he is reportedly one of Pastor Pius Muiru’s protégé. He is estimated to be worth over Ksh 1 billion, which is associated with his church and investments. 

8. Bishop Mark Kariuki (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 800 Million Plus)

Televangelist Mark Kariuki oversees Deliverance Churches in Kenya and is another rich pastor. The Bishop, whose church is based in Nakuru, is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 800 million. 

His church attracts some of the most opulent congregants, who contribute millions in offerings and tithes. Kariuki also has other interests. He partly owns Kings Academy School, Homologeo Industries, and Kings Medical Center. He recently held a grand wedding requiring five top-end catering companies to feed 6,000 invited attendees, showing his pocket depth.

9. Apostle James Maina Nga’ng’a (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 300 Million Plus)

Apostle James Maina Nga’nga is another controversial clergyman who continues to reap millions from unsuspecting congregants. He runs the Neno Evangelism Center, which sits at the heart of the City. The preacher is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 300 million, primarily as contributions from his church and TV programs. 

Ng’ang’a doesn’t shy away from showing off his wealth and is often pictured driving fancy cars and wearing flashy jewelry. He also has interests in the Sunny Hill Hotel and car-selling business and owns a large farm in Kajiado. 

top richest pastors in Kenya

10. Apostle Francis Musili (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 300 Million Plus)

Self-professed apostle Francis Musili is another famous televangelist worth at least Ksh 300 million. He heads ATD Deliverance Church, commanding a colossal congregation following off and on the screen. 

Apostle Musili may not be as showy as most preachers. However, you can tell he is deep-pocketed by the expensive cars he drives and the crowds he draws in his crusades.  

Richest Female Pastors in Kenya

Below are the five richest female pastors in the country:

1. Reverend Kathy Kiuna (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 5 Billion Plus)

Reverend Kathy Kiuna, who serves alongside her husband Allan Kiuna at JCC, is arguably the wealthiest female pastor in Kenya. She is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 5 billion without factoring in her husband’s wealth. 

While her primary source of wealth is her church, JCC, she is also an established musician, best-seller author, marriage counselor, conference speaker, and TV host. Her best-selling books include Celebrate Yourself, Woman Without Limits, and Transformed Woman. 

2. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 2 Billion Plus)

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, who was once a member of parliament for Starehe, is another wealthy female pastor. She is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 2 billion owing to the massive contribution she receives from her church, Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM). 

Having mentioned that she served as Starehe MP, Margaret Wanjiru also amassed much wealth during her time in office. Her mega-church along Haile Selassie Avenue is worth at least Ksh 1 billion if you factor in the location and property size. Additionally, she owns Glory Twin Towers, which is worth millions. 

3. Reverend Lucy Natasha (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1.3 Billion Plus)

Reverend Lucy Natasha doesn’t just command a huge following locally and abroad but also a considerable paycheck. The elegant and sassy woman of God is a lead preacher at Empowerment Christian Church.

She’s estimated to be worth Ksh 1.3 billion, which you can tell from the extravagant jet trips she makes outside the country and her expensive mansion, cars, and jewelry, which she occasionally showcases online. 

Interestingly, it wasn’t pomp and glamor as she grew up in the humble slams of Mathare and was a stammerer at one point. Now, she oozes class and confidence and is one of the country’s most eloquent preachers. 

richest female pastors in Kenya

4. Reverend Teresia Wairimu (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1 Billion Plus)

You probably remember her from the news when she was reported to have invited former president Uhuru as the gusset of honor when opening a new Ksh 1 billion sanctuary in Karen. Well, Reverend Teresia Wairimu is a rich woman. The lead pastor at Faith Evangelistic Ministries is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 1 billion. Wairimu’s church has branches in Kenya, the US, and the UK. 

5. Reverend Ruth Wamuyu (Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 300 Million Plus)

Reverend Ruth Wamuyu is probably more popular as a gospel singer than a woman of cloth, but she is rich. She founded Victors Assembly International, where she is the lead pastor for the Nairobi branch, and her husband, Victor, runs the Kikuyu branch. 

Wamuyu is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 300 million, and her income sources include her church and music. She also runs a TV program with her husband, another income stream. Unlike most preachers on this list, she’s pretty down to earth, which makes her immensely loved. 

Concluding Thought On the Richest Pastors in Kenya:

The preachers above are arguably the wealthiest in the country. Their wealth is immense, and they will continue getting more affluent as long as they remain relevant to their congregants. 

For more on who-is-who in Kenya and what they own, check some of our most recent articles on our website. We recommend more of our helpful guides and books on financial health, such as The 10-Step Plan to Financial Freedom, which should surely set you up for a healthy financial life. 

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