How To Make 3,000 In A Day In Kenya (15 Brilliant Ideas!)

Contrary to most perceptions, you don’t have to overthink how to make Ksh 3,000 in a day in Kenya. Sometimes, ideas that are perceived to be simple turn out to be brilliant, and those are the ones I’ll share with you.

You can make Ksh 3000 a day in Kenya through online writing, transcription, tutoring, proofreading, or research, data entry, virtual assistance, social media management, social media marketing, Airbnb hosting, food delivery, ridesharing, voice-over acting, remote customer support, or selling unused items. 

With those 15 ideas, you can’t miss something that inspired you to start making money in Kenya. However, it depends on your skill set, work experience, training, and passion.

Overall, there’s a lot you can do with Ksh 3000 that you’ll be making, and I’ll share some ideas with you to inspire you. But before that, let’s convert Ksh 3,000 into USD.

how to make 3000 in a day in Kenya

In a hurry? Below is an overview of how to make 3000 daily:

15 Ways to Make Ksh 3000 in a Day in Kenya

Money-Making IdeaWhat to Do
1Online WritingFind freelance writing jobs on Brighter Monday, Career Point, Upwork, and Blogging Pro
2Online TranscriptionApply for online transcription jobs on Rev.com, GoTranscript, and Upwork
3Online TutoringTutor kids online on PrePly
4Online ProofreadingApply for online proofreading jobs on Upwork or Fiverr
5Online ResearchTake up paid research work on Respondent.io
6Data EntryFind data entry jobs on Career Point, Remotask, Fiverr, and Upwork
7Virtual AssistanceOffer virtual assistance services on Upwork or PeoplePerHour
8Social Media ManagementApply for social media manager jobs on LinkedIn and Upwork
9Social Media MarketingApply for social media marketing jobs on LinkedIn and Upwork
10Airbnb HostingRent out extra space on Airbnb
11Food DeliveryDeliver food with Uber Eats, Glovo, or Bolt Food
12RidesharingShare a ride on Uber, In-Driver, Little Cab, or Bolt
13Voice-Over ActingFind voice-over jobs on Voices.com or Upwork
14Remote Customer SupportApply for remote customer support agent jobs on Brighter Monday, Upwork, or Indeed.
15Selling Unused ItemsSell unused or old items on Jiji or PigiaMe

Converting 3000 Kenyan Shillings to USD

Lately, the Kenya shilling has been strengthening against the dollar after weakening for quite a long time. As of the time of writing this piece, 1 USD equaled Ksh 135.48. That means Ksh 3,000 equals $22.4.

So, if you are looking for a dollar job that will earn you at least Ksh 3,000, go for an option that pays at least $20 a day (assuming the Shillings will gain some more against the dollar).

Incidentally, most online jobs average $20 an hour or two, making it easy for you to hit your Ksh 3,000 target.

How can I make money fast in one day in Kenya

What to Do with Ksh 3000 in Kenya

There’s just a lot you can do with Ksh 3,000 in Kenya. You could get an expensive gift, have dinner at a pricey hotel, or take a short trip.

While that’s okay, how about you think about investment? There are so many low-capital investment opportunities you could pursue with Ksh 3,000. For example, you can buy government bonds, particularly the M-Akiba bond, which requires a minimum of Ksh 3,000.

Perhaps you can join a Sacco and earn dividends on share capital and interest member’s deposit. Some of the best-paying dividend SACCOs in Kenya in recent years include Tower, Mombasa Port, Yetu, and IG SACCOs, whose average divided on share capital is about 17-21% while interest on member’s deposit is about 12-14%

You could also invest in money market funds in Kenya. Options like the Etica, Zimele, Mali, and Adam Capital money market funds require a minimum investment of Ksh 100 and an equal top-up amount. Others like the GenCap Hela and ICEA Lion money market funds require a minimum investment of Ksh 500. In contrast, the Cytonn, Britam, Apollo, and Equity money market funds require an investment of Ksh 1,000 and an equal top-up limit.

More Ideas

Ksh 3,000 can also be enough to open a lock savings account, allowing you to earn interest and grow your money over time. Perfect examples include the KCB Gold Savings Account and the MSHWARI Lock Savings Account.

For instance, the KCB Gold Savings Account requires an opening balance of Ksh 1,000, and you get to lock the savings for six months to 5 years. On the other hand, the MSHWARI Lock Savings Account requires an opening balance of at least Ksh 500. You get to lock the savings for 1-6 months while earning an interest of 3-6% per annum, depending on the lock-in period.

You could also open a high-yield savings account with a local bank. Stanbic Bank, for example, offers a savings account with an interest rate of up to 14% and an additional 1% if you don’t touch your money for at least one year.

Other investment ideas include buying REITs in Kenya, contributing to an individual pension plan that earns interest, and starting a small business.

How Can I Make Money Fast in One Day in Kenya Up to Ksh 3000?

Below are 15 brilliant ideas to make you Ksh 3,000 fast:

1. Become an Online Writer

Many Kenyans are making a living from academic writing, content/article writing, blog posting, copywriting, research proposals, grant writing, and e-book writing, among many others. Today, you can find the best-paying online writing jobs in Kenya on Brighter Monday, Career Point, Upwork, and Blogging Pro, where you can average $10-$20 an hour or per article.

2. Do Online Transcription

Online transcription involves listening to interrogations, phone recordings, speeches, and interviews, among other audio files, and typing down the information. Some of the best-paying sites for online transcription include Rev.com, GoTranscript, and Upwork, where you can make up to $20 an hour.

3. Tutor Kids Online for Ksh 3000 a Day

Whether you are a trained practicing or retired teacher or just a graduate who is passionate about teaching, you can try online tutoring. A platform like PrePly allows you to tutor kids from around the globe on school subjects, music, art, languages, and public speaking, among other disciplines, and you can make $20 an hour doing it.

how to make 3000 daily

4. Apply for Online Proofreading Jobs

Your mastery of the English language, hawk-eye for spelling mistakes, and flawless grammar could be your saving grace if you opt for online proofreading jobs. The job requires you to fix grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other related errors, and you could make up to $20 an hour on Upwork or Fiverr.

5. Do Online Research for Ksh 3000 a Day

If you are good with research and have decent typing speed, you could sign up for paid research projects on Respondent.io and earn $20 or more an hour. It, however, helps if you are a student or a professional in a particular field.

6. Consider Data Entry

So many clients require help feeding their computer databases and spreadsheets with data. So, they often resort to data entry workers; all it takes to qualify is basic computer knowledge and decent typing speed. You can earn $20 a day doing Career Point, Remotask, Fiverr, and Upwork data entry.

7. Sign Up as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs involve handling administrative tasks like managing client calendars, events planning, schedule planning, content creation, and general customer support services. You can find these jobs on Upwork or PeoplePerHour, where you could easily make $20 an hour if you have the skillset and experience.

8. Take Up Social Media Manager Jobs

If you know your way around Facebook, Instagram, X (Previously Twitter), and other social media platforms, you could help others manage their socials. Social media manager jobs pay up to $20 an hour, and you can find them on LinkedIn and Upwork.

9. Earn Ksh 3000 as a Social Media Marketer

Your social media prowess could also land you a job as a social media marketer. You don’t have to manage clients’ social media accounts to improve their online popularity and influence. You can also find these jobs on LinkedIn and Upwork, where you can earn $20 an hour.

10. Make Ksh 3000 as an Airbnb Host

If you own a property you could share with guests, consider listing it on Airbnb. A standalone house, apartment, or villa could do if you want to make more than Ksh 3,000 per night. The best time to do that is around the holiday season when Kenya experiences domestic and foreign tourists.    

11. Offer Food Delivery Service

Kenyans in urban areas are becoming too busy. Some are ‘too lazy’ to cook and turn to food delivery services like Uber Eats, Glovo, and Bolt Food. If you have a car or a decent motorcycle, you can join any of those services to work as a food delivery person and make up to Ksh 3,000 per day or more if you throw in the tips.

3000 Kenyan shillings to USD

12. Sign Up for Ridesharing

Instead of driving to work and back home alone, how about you pick up a few passengers? You can also do it during your free time on a platform like Uber, In-Driver, Little Cab, or Bolt and get to make Ksh 3000 a day if you throw in the tips and bonuses.

13. Try Voice-Over Acting for Ksh 3000 a Day

You are probably familiar with media personalities Jeff Koinange, Nick Odhiambo, and Johnson Mwakazi. They are famous for doing voice-overs on TV and radio ads because of their unique, pleasant-sounding voices. If you’ve such a calling, check out voice-over jobs on Voices.com or Upwork, where you could make more than Ksh 3,000 a day voicing over ads, movies, and YouTube scripts.

14. Serve as a Remote Customer Support Agent

You don’t have to sit at a desk on-site to offer customer support. You can do it from home and make up to Ksh 3,000 or more daily. Some places to find these jobs include Brighter Monday, Upwork, and Indeed.

15. Selling Unused Items for Ksh 3000 a Day

Lastly, there can’t be an easier way to get a quick Ksh 3K than to sell something you no longer use. It could be an electronic, home appliance, power tool, equipment, or baby gear, and you can do it on Jiji or PigiaMe.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Make 3000 In A Day in Kenya:

As shared, it’s possible to make Ksh 3000 a day in Kenya, and it takes one of the 15 ideas discussed above to do it. That includes freelance writing, transcription, tutoring, proofreading, paid research, data entry, virtual assistance, social media marketing or management, and Airbnb hosting.

Don’t forget about ride-sharing, food delivery service, voice-over acting, remote customer service, and selling unused/used items. You can’t go wrong with any of those online money-making ideas, as they are simple but brilliant!

Written by Alex

Written by Alex

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