Nairobi Postal Code List 2024 (41 Nairobi Postal Codes!)

It’s the 21st Century, and the chances are that most Nairobians will use email as a formal means of communication. But even so, sending a parcel or an application letter may require using the correct Nairobi postal code and address.

Most people usually have no issue with the second part, the postal address. Often, they forget or are never sure about the postal address, which, if we are talking about the county itself, has to be GPO’s 00100.

However, considering that Nairobi is so vast, we’ve several municipalities and towns with different postal codes, and I’ll share them with you. Remember, getting the postal code right makes it easy for your parcel or letter to be delivered to the correct destination in time.

But again, those are not the only reasons or uses of the postal code. I’ll share more to help you understand that even though the 20th Century is behind us, we can’t overlook Kenya Posta’s role.

Here are the things to discuss:

  • When do you need to use the Nairobi postal code?
  • What’s the difference between a postal code and a zip code?
  • What’s the difference between a postal code and a P.O. Box?
  • What is the postal code for Nairobi?
  • How can I find my zip code in Kenya?
  • How do you write a postal address in Nairobi?
  • What’s address 1 in Nairobi?
  • How do I get a postal address in Nairobi?
  • How much is a postal address in Kenya?

Let’s dive in!

Nairobi postal code

When Do You Need the Nairobi Postal Code?

You may need to use the Nairobi postal code in several instances. The obvious one is sending a letter or parcel within Nairobi using Posta Kenya. That allows your package or letter to get to the intended recipient quickly.

Another incidence where you may need to indicate the postal code is when doing an online application. This could be for a job, government service, or bank loan. They mainly require proof of residence, and the postal code is one of the basic requirements.

If you are a freelancer, you probably have encountered this often when setting up your account. You must enter your postal or zip code before your account can be approved.

Moreover, you may need to enter the postal code to verify your credit card. If you can’t get this right, your credit card won’t be verified, and you may not proceed with the online purchase or payment.

If you are a marketer, you may need to indicate your company’s or agency’s postal code to build credibility. So, it helps when you know it.

What’s The Difference Between a Postal Code and A Zip Code?

A ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code is an area coding system prevalent in the United States for location identification, which enables easy parcel and email delivery. The term is, however, not popular outside the United States, especially in Kenya.

Instead, we use the term postal code, which means the same thing. So, in the case of Nairobi, the term Zip Code Nairobi can be used interchangeably with the term Postal Code Nairobi. The two are the same.

What’s The Difference Between a Postal Code and a P.O. Box?

As we’ve seen, a postal code is a location identification coding system. However, a postal office box, popularly known as a P.O. Box, is a lockable box within a postal office identified with a particular person, corporation, or institution.

Usually, a postal code is a 5-digit numerical code. The first two digits of the code represent the postal region, and here are some famous examples in Kenya:

First 2 DigitsRegion in Kenya
20Rift Valley
30Rift Valley
60Meru Region
70North Eastern

Note that while the first two digits of the postal code signify the region, as the above table shows, the last three represent the relevant delivery office. For example, the postal code 00621 indicates a postal code from Nairobi because of the first two digits (00). However, the following three (621) indicate the Village Market.  

postal address Nairobi

What’s the Nairobi Postal Code?

Generally, Nairobi employs the General Post Office (GPO) postal code 00100. Mark you, the GPO is Posta Kenya headquarters, and thus, it makes sense for the Nairobi CBD to be in the same zone.

Note, however, that so many towns and neighborhoods within Nairobi have a different postal code from the original Nairobi GPO postal code. Here’s a list of 41 areas within Nairobi and their postal area codes:

AreaPostal Code
 1GPO Postal Code00100
 2Buru Buru Postal Code00515
 3City Square Postal Code00200
 4Dandora Postal Code00516
 5Eastleigh Postal Code00610
 6Embakasi Postal Code00521
 7Enterprise Road Postal Code00500
 8Gigiri Postal Code00601
 9JKIA Postal Code00501
 10Jamia Postal Code00101
 11Kamiti Postal Code00607
 12Kangemi Postal Code00625
 13Karen Postal Code00502
 14Kayole Postal Code00518
 15Kenyatta Hospital Postal Code00202
 16Kenyatta University Postal Code00609
 17Lang’ata Postal Code00509
 18Lavington Postal Code00603
 19Lower Kabete Postal Code00604
 20Makongeni Postal Code00510
 21Mathare Valley Postal Code00611
 22Mbagathi Postal Code00503
 23Mchumbi Road Postal Code00504
 24Mlolongo Postal Code00519
 25Muthaiga Postal Code00619
 26Ngara Road Postal Code00600
 27Ngong Road Postal Code00505
 28Nyayo Stadium Postal Code00506
 29Parklands Postal Code00623
 30Ronald Ngala Street Postal Code00300
 31Ruai Postal Code00520
 32Sarit Centre Postal Code00606
 33State Law Postal Code00102
 34Tom Mboya Street Postal Code00400
 35Uthiru Gardens Postal Code00505
 36Viwandani Postal Code00507
 37Village Market Postal Code00621
 38Waithaka Postal Code00613
 39Wangige Postal Code00614
 40Westlands Postal Code00800
 41Yaya Towers Postal Code00508

How Can I Find My Zip Code in Kenya?

The easiest way to find your zip code in Kenya is to check it out online on Posta Kenya. Alternatively, you can email them at info@posta.co.ke or call them at 0719 072 600 or 0703 642 000. You can also visit their offices within Nairobi at Posta House, Kenyatta Avenue.

However, now that I’ve shared a 42-region list above, you should be able to find your Nairobi postal code. But if your target region is outside Nairobi, here’s another list with postal codes for some of the most popular towns and regions in Kenya:

Mombasa Zip Codes

AreaPostal Code
Bamburi Zip Code80101
Changamwe Zip Code80102
Coast General Hospital Zip Code80103
Docks Zip Code80104
Kilindini Zip Code80107
Likoni Zip Code80110
Makupa Zip Code80112
Mkomani Zip Code80106
Moi Airport Zip Code80115
Mombasa GPO Zip Code80100
Mtongwe Zip Code80111
Nyali Zip Code80115
Mariakani Zip Code80113
Mpeketoni Zip Code80503
Mtwapa Zip Code80109
zip code Nairobi

Other Popular Places in Kenya

AreaPostal Code
Athi River Postal Code00204
Bomet Postal Code20400
Bondo Postal Code40601
Bungoma Postal Code50200
Busia Postal Code50400
Chemilil Postal Code40116
Chuka Postal Code60400
Daadab Postal Code70103
Daystar Postal Code70103
Egerton Postal Code20115
Eldoret Postal Code30100
Embu Postal Code60100
Garissa Postal Code70100
Homa Bay Postal Code40300
Isibania Postal Code40414
Isiolo Postal Code60300
Iten Postal Code30700
Kabarak Postal Code20157
Kabarnet Postal Code30400
Kajiado Postal Code01100
Kakamega Postal Code50100
Kakuma Postal Code30501
Kangundo Postal Code90115
Kapenguria Postal Code30600
Karatina Postal Code10101
Kendu Bay Postal Code40301
Kericho Postal Code20200
Keroka Postal Code40202
Kiambu Postal Code00900
Kijabe Postal Code00220
Kikuyu Postal Code00902
Kilgoris Postal Code40700
Kilifi Postal Code80108
Kiserian Postal Code00206
Kisii Postal Code40200
Kisumu Postal Code40100
Kitale Postal Code30200
Kitengela Postal Code00241
Kitui Postal Code90200
Kwale Postal Code80403
Kyeni Postal Code90209
Lamu Postal Code80500
Limuru Postal Code00217
Lodwar Postal Code30500
Machakos Postal Code90110
Makueni Postal Code90300
Malindi Postal Code80200
Mandera Postal Code70300
Marsabit Postal Code60500
Maseno Postal Code40105
Meru Postal Code60200
Molo Postal Code20106
Moyale Postal Code60700
Muhoroni Postal Code40107
Mumias Postal Code50102
Murang’a Postal Code10200
Naivasha Postal Code20117
Nakuru Postal Code20100
Namanga Postal Code00207
Nanyuki Postal Code10400
Narok Postal Code20500
Nyahururu Postal Code20300
Nyamira Postal Code40500
Nyeri Postal Code10100
Ogembo Postal Code40204
Rongai Postal Code20108
Samburu Postal Code80120
Siaya Postal Code40600
Sotik Postal Code20406
Taveta Postal Code80302
Thika Postal Code01000
Voi Postal Code80300
Nairobi postal address

How Do You Write a Postal Address in Nairobi?

A postal address Nairobi takes a specific format. Just like we were taught in school, you start with the name of the recipient or addressee and then the postal office box number and the delivery post office. Then, indicate the postal code, town, and country.

Here’s a case example of a postal address belonging to James Kim:

Mr. James Kim

P.O Box 1567 – Nairobi GPO




What’s Address 1 In Nairobi?

Address 1 in Nairobi refers to the addressee’s building or flat number, street name number, or building name. Meanwhile, Address 2 refers to Nairobi’s area name or block number.

How Do I Get a Postal Address in Nairobi?

You can get a Nairobi postal address by visiting the nearest Posta Kenya office or branch to inquire. You must fill out the necessary application form, avail your I.D. or passport, and pay an application fee (Ksh 2,000).

How Much Is a Postal Address in Kenya?

The cost of a postal address in Kenya depends on whether you are an individual or an organization. Individuals usually pay an application fee of Ksh 2,000 and a Ksh 560 deposit per year for the post box key. Meanwhile, corporate entities should pay an application fee of Ksh 9,450 and a Ksh 560 deposit for the post box key.   

Concluding Thought:

Above is a quick guide to finding your Nairobi postal code or zip code. Note that the terms (zip and postal codes) are often used interchangeably but mean the same thing. If we’ve missed an area within Nairobi, kindly let us know, or visit Posta Kenya for inquiries.

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