How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit In 2024 (5 Easy Ways!)

Not sure how to Sambaza Safaricom credit to other numbers? Nowadays, there are more ways to do it and what’s even more interesting is the fact that you can also Samabaza to other networks.

You can Sambaza Safaricom credit to other Safaricom numbers using the USSD code (*140#, *100#, or *456#), SMS number 140, the STK Menu, MySafaricom App or MPESA App.

So, there are at least five easy ways to get credit to the other side, and I’ll walk you through the individual steps. I’ll also explain how you can transfer credit to Airtel and Telkom lines using Lipa Na MPESA.

Note that you may not have access to these options if you don’t have a smartphone, as some involve mobile apps. That, however, does not rule out Kabambe users, as the USSD, SMS, and STK routes are just fantastic options. 

However, having enough credit to transfer and have some for yourself is crucial since you can’t drain your account. Alternatively, you should have a scratch card on standby or money in your MPESA, in the case of Lipa Na MPESA.

How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit

Let’s get started!

A Summary of Sambaza Airtime Safaricom

In a rush? Below is a quick summary of the five ways to Sambaza credit between Safaricom lines:

Option Technique Summary
1.Using USSD CodeOption 1 – Dial *140*amount*mobile-number# and then press OK/Call
Option 2 – Dial *100# and choose Products & Services, Sambaza, and Sambaza Airtime and then enter the phone number and airtime amount and press OK 
Option 3 – Dial *456# and choose Sambaza airtime and enter the phone number and amount
2.Using SMSSend amount# mobile number to 140
3.Using the STK MenuOption 1 – Go to the STK menu and select Safaricom+, My account, Top Up, and Another Safaricom number. Then enter the voucher PIN and send 
Option 2 – Go to the STK menu and select MPESA, Buy Airtime, and Other Phone, then enter the phone number, amount, and MPESA PIN
4.MySafaricom App Launch the app, go to the account, then Sambaza, and enter the phone number and amount. Tap on continue and accept to use Sambaza
5.MPESA App Go to MPESA App and select Airtime, then buy for another number and enter the number and PIN
how to Sambaza Safaricom credit

How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit to Other Safaricom Lines 


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Now, here are five ways to send credit to another Safaricom line:

1. Sambaza Using USSD Code 

There are at least three USSD codes you can use for Safaricom Sambaza airtime, and they are:

a) *140#

This is probably the commonest way of transferring Safaricom credit.

Just dial *140# on your mobile phone and then follow it with the amount you wish to Sambaza to the recipient’s phone number and #. So, you’ll have this code combination: *140*amount*mobile number#.

For example, if you want to transfer Ksh 20, enter the following codes: *140*20*mobile number#. Once you do, press OK or the call button, and that’s it. 

b) *100#

This Sambaza technique requires you to:

  • Dial *100# on your Safaricom mobile number 
  • Choose Products and Services from the pop-up menu 
  • Select Sambaza, then Sambaza airtime
  • Then enter the Safaricom number you wish to transfer Airtime to 
  • Input the amount to transfer and press OK or send 

c) *456#

You can use the code *456# to Sambaza airtime to another line in two ways. 

Option 1 (With Credit on Your Phone)

  • Dial *456# and select Sambaza
  • Then select Sambaza airtime and enter the recipient’s phone number 
  • Input the amount to send and press OK/send 

Option 2 (With a Scratch Card/Voucher PIN)

  • Dial *456# and choose balance /top up 
  • Select Top-up and enter the recipient’s mobile number 
  • Enter the voucher/scratch card PIN and press OK.

Bonus – How to Send Credit to Another Number as A Gift Using USSD

There’s now a new product by Safaricom dubbed ‘Gift a Friend’ that allows you to buy at least twice the amount value – not for yourself but for someone else. You can use the USSD code *444# to gift a friend. 

Just follow these steps:

  • Dial *444# on your phone
  • Select more offers (option 10), then Gift a Friend (option 1)
  • Enter the mobile number of the gift recipient 
  • Select the special gift from the options available to you by entering the amount
  • Choose ‘Buy Using’ and pick between Airtime (option 1) and MPESA (option 2)

If you have sufficient credit, you’ll stop at the above step, but if you don’t, you’ll have to use MPESA or Fuliza to complete the transaction.

Note, however, that Gift Airtime typically has an expiry date. So, the recipient will have to use it before midnight. 

Safaricom Sambaza airtime

2. Sambaza Using SMS

You can also transfer Safaricom credit by sending a quick SMS to 140. Your SMS should have this format: amount#mobile-number. If, for example, you want to send Ksh 50, then your SMS will read #50# mobile number.

Once you forward the text to 140, the recipient should get the credit, and the amount will be deducted from your available credit. 

3. Sambaza Using STK Menu 

The STK menu allows you to send someone credit using any of these two options: 

Option 1 – Safaricom + Menu 

Note that you’ll need a voucher PIN/scratch card to use this option to send someone credit. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the STK menu and press it 
  • Then press Safaricom + (the first option) and go to My Account
  • Choose Top Up and pick another Safaricom number
  • Enter the scratch card/voucher PIN and press send/OK. 

Option 2 – MPESA Menu 

Use this option if you prefer to pay for the Airtime using MPESA. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the STK menu and press it 
  • Choose MPESA (option 2), then Buy Airtime
  • Pick another phone and enter your preferred phone number or search for it in your contact list 
  • Enter the amount and wait to input your MPESA PIN 
  • Confirm the purchase and press Send/OK 

4. Sambaza Using My Safaricom App 

If you have a smartphone, download MySafaricom App and install it. Then launch it and set up your PIN and login details. Once you have the app ready, here’s how to Sambaza airtime:

  • Log in if you haven’t done so 
  • While on the home screen, select ‘Account’ near the bottom and tap on the Sambaza tab 
  • Wait for the airtime balance to display at the top, and then enter the phone number and amount to Sambaza in the respective boxes 
  • Tap ‘Continue’ and accept to use Sambaza to complete the process 

Note that you can only transfer a minimum of Ksh 5, and you’ve to remain with a minimum of the same amount. 

5. Sambaza Using MPESA App 

If you prefer to pay for the credit using the MPESA app, you can follow these quick steps to do it: 

  • Log into your MPESA app using your secret PIN 
  • Go to Airtime and then tap on ‘Buy for Other Number.’
  • Enter the phone number to send to and the amount 
  • Then input your MPESA PIN to complete the airtime purchase 

How to MPESA Safaricom Airtime to Other Networks

Not only can you Sambaza credit from Safaricom to Safaricom but also from Safaricom to Airtel or Telkom. Let’s see how to do it:

How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit to Airtel

You can only Sambaza Safaricom credit to Airtel using the Lipa Na MPESA option. That means you must have funds in your MPESA or resign to using Fuliza

Here’s how to go about it: 

  • Go to the STK menu on your phone and choose MPESA 
  • Alternatively, launch the MPESA App 
  • Choose Lipa Na MPESA and then Pay Bill 
  • Enter 220220 as the Business number and then the recipient phone number (as the account number) and the amount you want to spend on the Airtime
  • Then input your MPESA PIN and press send/OK once you confirm the transaction details 

Safaricom will send you an SMS immediately to show the transaction details and another from MPESA. 

Sambaza airtime Safaricom

How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit to Telkom

You can also use Pay Bill to buy Airtime for a Telkom line using MPESA. You can use the Pay Bill /business number 220220 (same as Airtel) or 777711.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the STK menu and tap on MPESA 
  • Alternatively, log into your MPESA app and go to Pay Bill
  • Enter 777711 or 220220 as the business number
  • Enter the mobile number of the airtime recipient (as the account number) and the amount to spend on the credit
  • Input your MPESA PIN and confirm the details 
  • Press Send/OK to complete the airtime purchase.

People Also Ask 

1. Can I Sambaza Safaricom Credit to Airtel?

Yes, you can Sambaza Safaricom credit to Airtel by paying using MPESA. You’ll need to go to Lipa La MPESA and use the Pay Bill number 220220 as your business number and the recipient number as the account number and enter the amount and MPESA PIN. 

2. How Do I Send Safaricom Credit to Safaricom? 

You can send Safaricom credit to Safaricom by dialing *40*amount*mobile-number# and pressing Send/OK. Alternatively, you can compose an SMS (amount# mobile number) and forward it to 140. But still, you can use the Lipa Na MPESA or MySafaricom app to do it. 

3. How Do I Sambaza Safaricom Bundles?

The easiest way to Sambaza Safaricom bundles is to dial *544# and then choose Internet Sambaza. You’ll then need to enter the amount of data to transfer and the recipient’s mobile number. You can also use the USSD code *544# or MySafaricom app. 

Closing Remarks 

Now you know how to Sambaza Safaricom credit to Safaricom lines or other networks. If you choose the latter, you can use the pay bill number/business number 220220. 

But if you choose the former, you have at least five options. You can use USSD codes (*140#, *100#, or *456#), SMS number 140, STK menu, MySafaricom App, or MPESA app. 

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Written by Alex

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