How To Make 6k Fast In 2024 (Find Out Here!)

Imagine just what you could do with 6K. You could fund a business, start a company, clear a huge bill, and pay down a debt, to name a few. And as I walk you through how to make 6k fast, you’ll realize it’s not impractical to make that much.

You can make 6K quickly through a high-value asset sale, home de-cluttering, Drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, items flipping, consulting services, a high-paying job, a YouTube channel, online tutoring, online freelancing, blogging, or an investment.   

Some of these ideas may take a day or a week to earn you 6K, and others up to a month. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll make the money immediately, as some ideas take time to materialize. So, you may need to stay patient.

We’ll look at what to do precisely when discussing the 12 money-making ideas. I’ll also give you an estimate or potential earnings for the ideas where applicable.

Without further ado, let’s explore these ideas.

how to make 6k fast

In a hurry? Below is a summary of the 12 ideas to make up to $6,000 fast.

12 Ways to Make 6K Fast

IdeaWhat To DoHow Long It May Take To Make 6K
1.High-Value Asset SaleSell a car, boat, high-end bike, RV, or luxury jewelry you ownOne day
2.Home De-clutteringSell off personal stuff such as electronics and high-end furnitureOne day
3.Drop-shippingOpen an online store and start connecting customers with suppliersOne week
4.Amazon FBASupply fast-moving products to Amazon warehouses, and they’ll handle the rest.One week
5.Items FlippingBuy home goods, websites, cars or other fast-moving items and sell them for profit.One week
6.Consulting ServicesBecome a highly sought-after and paid consultantOne week
7.High-Paying JobGet a job paying at least $72K a yearOne month
8.YouTube ChannelStart a YouTube channel and create a long subscriber listOne month
9.Online TutoringMake at least $50 an hour as a tutor on PrePlyOne month
10.Online FreelancingMake at least $50 an hour on Upwork as a freelancerOne month
11.BloggingBuild a blog and monetize itOne month
12.InvestmentTake up a low-risk investment with a higher return margin, such as index funds or real estate.One month

How to Make 6k Fast – What to Do Exactly!

You can make 6K as quickly as a day or a week, or it may take up to a month, depending on the idea you go for. Let’s explore them!

How to Make 6k in A Day

1. High-Value Asset Sale

This is probably the fastest way to make 6k. All it takes is to identify a high-value asset you own at home and put it up for sale. Some of the fastest-moving assets you can sell include:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • High-end bikes
  • RVs
  • Luxury Jewelry

You can sell most of these assets on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and as for luxury jewelry, such as expensive watches and necklaces, you can sell them on Worthy.com.

2. Home De-cluttering

Another way you can make $6K within a day is to de-clutter your home. Get rid of expensive furniture or electronics like smart TVs, laptops, game consoles, sound systems, smartphones, or others.

You can list them on Facebook Marketplace, Swappa, eBay, Gazelle, and Decluttr. You can make up to $6,000 daily if they are high-value items.

how to make 6k in a day

How to Make 6k in A Week

3. Dropshipping

Do you know you don’t have to own and hold inventory to run an e-commerce business? That’s right, and that’s all thanks to Dropshipping.

Dropshipping allows you to engage suppliers, advertise their products, receive the orders, and pass them to the suppliers for complete fulfilment. Remember, you get the wholesale price from the supplier and list the product at retail price, which means your profit margin is the price difference.

So, does that seem like something you could do?

Then, start connecting suppliers and willing buyers on social media and through your online store and make $1K to $6k a week.

4. Amazon FBA

Do you know that Amazon doesn’t own everything they list on their site? They receive most of the products at their warehouses from different suppliers worldwide enlisted under the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program.

The FBA program requires you to send products you want to sell on Amazon to their warehouse, and they handle the rest. The business model is, however, quite competitive, which means you’ve to do your homework well to find fast-moving, highly demanded products and a reliable supply to work with.

5. Items Flipping for 6K

The art of buying low and selling high isn’t new, and that’s what item flipping is all about. You may need to improve the items to command a higher price once you list them for sale.

But also importantly, you should have good negotiation skills to buy low and possibly sell high. You can pocket up to 6K in profit within a week.

Some of the things you can flip include:

  • Home goods such as home appliances and expensive furniture
  • Website
  • Cars

You can flip home goods on eBay, Mercari, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, websites on Flippa.com, and cars on car-selling websites.

6. Consulting Services

Consultants are generally highly paid for their expertise and experience. They usually set their prices. As a consultant, you can make up to 6K a week if you are good at your craft and enjoy a good clientele base.

Some of the highest-paying consultancy services are in these job lines:

  • Medical
  • Business
  • Corporate law
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance
  • Career
  • Security strategy, among many others

Overall, you can run a consulting business through your website, list your service on a marketplace like Upwork, or work for an existing consulting firm.

how to make 6k in a week

How to Make 6k in A Month

7. High-Paying 6K Job

What if you look for a job that pays at least $72,000 a year? That’ll equal $6K a month, and you can find such jobs on Indeed. They include the following:

  • Commercial pilot
  • Voice over artist
  • Video game designer
  • Plant manager
  • Construction manager
  • Real estate agent, among others

You can also target jobs that pay at least $300 a day, assuming you only work for five days a week. That’ll give you $1,500 a week and $6,000 a month. Such jobs are also available in Indeed, and they include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Sales Director
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Surgeon
  • Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer

8. YouTube Channel

Some of the highest-earning YouTubers make up to $20 million yearly. We are discussing Mr Beast, Logan Paul, Dude Perfect, and Ryan Kaji.

While these YouTube superheroes are big fish now, they started with one video and one subscriber, and their channels grew to what they are now. So, you have no excuse not to try it. After all, it’s free to set up a channel.

With YouTube, you can create how-to videos, compile funny clips, post your travel exploits and adventures, and share a skill like cooking or hunting, among many other things.

On average, established YouTubers make up $18 per 1000 views, and the more subscribers you have, the more views you are likely to enjoy.

And, of course, work towards hitting 1000 subscribers plus 4,000 watch-hour videos to join the YouTube Partnership Program, which pays quite handsomely.

9. Online Tutoring

Perhaps you are a good tutor or passionate about passing knowledge to others. You don’t necessarily have to be a trained teacher to work as a teacher online, and PrePly allows you to do just that.

While the average tutor on PrePly makes about $18.30 hourly, some earn up to $50 or even more.

Suppose you make $50 an hour and work 40 hours a week. That’ll give you $2K a week and 8K monthly. The goal is accomplished, and you still have a few extra dollars.

Some of the best-paying fields on PrePly include:

  • Statistics
  • Foreign languages
  • Music
  • Art
  • Corporate Law
  • Public speaking
  • Programming
  • AI

10. Online Freelancing

Nothing beats online freelancing when it comes to having freedom, achieving work-life balance, and saving on office rent and commuting expenses. So, could that be something you would love to do?

Upwork offers a fantastic platform to make money as long as you have the skill to sell a service. Your goal should be to make at least $50 an hour and work for 40 hours a week, and if so, some of the jobs that could earn you that much include:

  • Public relations
  • Business Consultancy
  • Photography
  • Media buyer
  • AI professional
  • Data analyst
how to make 6k in a month

11. Blogging

How about you start an informative blog like this one? I don’t necessarily mean it has to be in the finance niche. It could be on any niche you are comfortable pursuing, and many options exist.

For example, your blog could be about travel, health, business, law, agribusiness, lifestyle, fitness, automobile, technology, home appliances, cycling, hunting, hospitality, or any other niche.

What matters is that you can create good content and monetize your blog in the best way possible. Speaking of blog monetization, you can try the following:

  • Affiliate marketing – and Amazon Associates is a good starting point
  • Ad display
  • Sponsored content
  • Digital downloads (e-books and digital courses)
  • Direct merchandise sell
  • Freelance services like writing
  • Subscription products

12. Investment Idea

Lastly, you can make up to $6k or more a month by taking up an investment. While this may be risky since it involves putting in some money, you may have to do your homework well, consult the right experts, and take calculated risks.

One investment idea you may consider is an index fund. Index funds are low-risk, easy to understand, and have a decent return on investment. If interested, check out Acorns, where you can start investing in stocks from $5 and receive your $10 welcome bonus.

You can also consider real estate investing, and two platforms to check are Arrived and Lex Markets. Arrived allows you to invest $100 or more, while Lex Markets requires a minimum investment of $250.

Concluding Thought:

Now that I’ve walked you through how to make 6k fast, you can consider all the 12 ideas to see which one to pursue. And if you need more inspiration on investments, businesses, debt repayment, saving, or any other challenging financial subject, check out our online store, as we have some fantastic goodies you could use. Thousands of people are benefitting from our collection, and so should you! 

Written by Alex

Written by Alex

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