How to Make 5k A Week (7 Practical Ways to Do It!)

Imagine learning how to make 5k a week, which translates to about 20k a month. It surely doesn’t get better than that, especially considering what you can do with such an amount. 

You can make 5k a week by getting a high-paying paycheck job, running an offline business, launching an online store, creating online content, investing, flipping stuff, or selling high-value assets.

Ideally, there are at least seven ways to go about it, making it easy to find at least one idea you can pursue. Some of these ideas will need specific skills or training; others may need some investment or something you could exchange for cash. So, there’s nothing like making 5k for free.

Before discussing the seven ideas, let’s see how much you could make a year if the weekly 5k is more consistent. 

Here we go!

how to make 5k a week

In a rush? Below is a quick summary of how to make $5,000 a week guaranteed:

How to Make 5k in A Week (Quick Summary)

Idea What to Do:
1.High Paying Paycheck Job Apply for a 1K-per-day or 5K-per-week salaried job.
2.Offline Business Start an in-demand offline business such as cleaning services, lawn care, car wash, dog training, dog breeding, or painting business. 
3.Online Store Start a Dropshipping business or Etsy store. 
4.Content Creation Try YouTube, blogging, or digital course sales.
5.Investment IdeaInvest in rental property, stocks, forex trading, or cryptocurrency. 
6.Flipping IdeaFlip websites, cars, or houses for profit
7.Asset Sale Sell a car, boat, expensive bike, high-value machine, luxury jewelry or any other high-value asset you own 

$5,000 A Week Is How Much A Year?

Let’s do some simple math. Usually, a year has 52 weeks. If you make $5,000 weekly for the entire year, you’ll end the year with $260,000. That is a product of multiplying $5,000 by 52 weeks. 

How about daily earnings?

Let’s say you only work Monday to Friday and make $5,000. Then, that translates to $1,000 a day. And if you only work 8 hours a day, you’ll earn $125 an hour. 

So, if your target is $5k a week and you land an hourly job, then you should aim to make at least $125 an hour and work 8 hours Monday to Friday. However, if you also plan to throw in a Saturday, you can settle for a $ 100-an-hour job. 

How Can I Make $5000 Fast A Week? 

Below are practical ways on how to make 5k fast within a week:

1. Get a $1k Per Day Job 

Suppose you only work Monday to Friday and make $1k every day? Then you’ll hit $5K a week. The good news is that such jobs exist for highly skilled, highly ranked and competent people.

Indeed.com documents 19 of such employment, and you may want to pursue them now or in the future, depending on your skill level, training, certification and competence. 

Here are some Jobs that pay $5,000 a week or $1,000 per day, according to Indeed:

  • Surgeon 
  • Obstetrician-Gynecology (or OB-GYN)
  • Mortgage loan originator 
  • Network manager 
  • Software engineer 
  • Project manager 
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO), among many others 

Important Tips:

These high-paying jobs often call for the following: 

  • An advanced professional degree in a related field 
  • Several years of first-hand work experience 
  • Professional certification 
  • High-ranking leadership position 

Note: It may also help to migrate to a higher-paying state to get a bigger paycheck, go private (become self-employed) or start your own business. 

How can I make $5000 fast

2. Start an Own Business (Offline)

Nothing beats one’s own business. Most of the wealthiest people in the world are so because they dared to start a business, and so should you. 

While no business is too small to start, some show more promise than others and will most likely make you richer quicker than others. Here are some of them:

  • Home cleaning services 
  • Lawn Care services 
  • Car wash 
  • Dog training 
  • Exotic dog breeding 
  • Professional painting 

Important Tips:

First, to succeed at the above business ideas, learn the trade and acquire essential skills. The idea is to run the business professionally, which means obtaining all the needed licenses, certifications and permits. 

More importantly, you should know how much it’ll cost to set up the business, get the financing ready and build a team around you, as you need a goal-driven workforce to build a company. 

3. Launch an Online Store 

Frankly, it’s never easy to start a business or company offline. You need solid financial muscles, a self-driven team, and, even more, a ready market around you.

Things are, however, more streamlined when you go online. You can even start without inventory, as is the case of Dropshipping. You also have a much bigger target audience as your products are online. 

So, my first recommendation is Dropshipping, which I’ve just mentioned does not require you to hold inventory.

You only need to talk to the suppliers, advertise their products on their behalf (as if you are the one setting), get paid retail price, pay the supplier wholesale price and pass the order to them (the supplier) for the fulfillment, and keep the price difference as profit. 

It’s that straightforward!

The other recommendation is to start an Etsy store if you can make unique crafts. From home decor and embroidery items to art and other masterpieces, you can open a store on Etsy and start selling. 

Important Tips:

Promotion is king when it comes to running an online store. You’ve to let people know about it. Moreover, you should be consistent and ensure you can fulfill all orders you receive. You surely wouldn’t want bad customer feedback or some of your clients to drop you for your competitor for poor customer service. 

4. Make 4k A Week as an Online Content Creator 

Let’s now talk about the creatives – those who educate, entertain, and inform you online. Yes, I’m talking about people like me who run blogs, others who constantly post videos on YouTube, and those who create and sell courses online.

They do that because it pays; so many are milking millions yearly.

Let’s start with YouTube;

Reports show that the top 10 highest-earning YouTubers in 2023 average more than $16 million a year. That includes Mr. Beast, Jake Paul, and Markiplier, among seven others. 

Evidently, YouTube content creation pays. For instance, Mr. Beast, whose current net worth is about $120 million, creates gaming and expensive stunt videos and monetizes his channel through video ads, merchandise sales, and brand sponsorships, among many others. 

Unto blogging;

Blogging is another lucrative side hustle that pays the bill and can make you rich with hard work, consistency and good SEO.

As a blogger, I like that I can monetize my blog with product sales (books) and online courses, and soon, I’ll be inculcating ads and affiliate products. So, perhaps this is something you can try. 

And lastly, online courses;

Yes, you can sell online courses through your website, blog, or YouTube. Those are, however, not the only ways to do it. Platforms like Thinkific, Udemy, and Skillshare allow you to create and sell digital courses.

So, whether you are an instructor, tutor, academician or just a pro at what you do, you can try creating and selling courses online. 

how to make 5k fast

Important Tips:

Content creation requires consistency and hard work. You should consistently create quality content and put in the extra hours and effort. 

5. Make 5K a Week from Investments

Talk about passive income! This is where you let money work for you. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting and can earn income passively if things materialize.

Here are some of the investment ideas you may consider depending on your financial muscles:

  • Rental property 
  • Stocks (or company shares)
  • Forex trading 
  • Cryptocurrency 

Important Tips:

Since this idea involves money, do your due diligence before investing. Also, consult experts in the field and understand the business before putting your money into it.

And, of course, every successful investor will tell you that you should only take calculated risks when starting. Don’t invest an amount you cannot afford to lose.

6. Flip High-Value Stuff for 5k A Week 

The flipping business isn’t new. For many years, creative business people have always bought stuff for cheap, improved them a bit and sold them at a profit. But since we are talking about $5,000 a week, you’ve to go from a high-value target, and nothing can be more valuable than these three: 

  • Websites – You can flip websites and earn up to 35 times the monthly revenue on flippa.com. 
  • Houses – If you are good with house remodeling and marketing, you can get into flipping homes. 
  • Cars – If you are into cars, you can buy them low, sell them high, and make huge profits. 

Important Tips:

To make a massive return on your investment, improve the item you want to flip before listing it for sale. If you can’t do it, find an expert who can help you do it. 

7. Sell High-Value Assets for 5k A Week 

Finally, let’s discuss an idea that probably requires the least effort. Do you have a high-value asset such as a car, boat, expensive machine or fancy bike? Perhaps it’s luxury jewelry or precious metal. 

Whatever it is, you can sell it online for a quick $5k if it’s worth that much. For example, you can sell luxury jewelry and precious metals on Worthy.com and the rest on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, eBay and Craigslist. 

Important Tips:

It may also help improve your high-value asset’s appearance before listing it for sale. Furthermore, learn about how much other sellers are asking before coming up with an asking price. You shouldn’t sell too high and, most importantly, not too low. 

Concluding Thought

Now you know just how to make 5k a week, and you’ve seven practical ideas for consideration. Overall, the success of any of the seven ideas is a product of knowledge, willpower, consistency and good decision-making.

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