How to Make 10k in A Month (10 Foolproof Ways to Do It!)

As of October 2023, the average monthly earning in the United States was $4,665. Now imagine learning how to make 10k in a month and earning such an amount regularly! Then, you’ll make twice as much as the average income earner in the United States.

You can make 10k a month doing remote or freelance work, running an online business, flipping websites, offering consultancy services, taking up paid research, owning dividend-paying stocks or real estate, or starting a blog or YouTube channel. 

So, you’ve at least ten foolproof ways to make $10,000, and you can pursue most of them from home. Of course, factors like job experience, professional training, interest, and passion have roles to play, and in some cases, an investment may be necessary.

Here’s everything we’ll learn in this post:

  • Is it possible to make $10K a month?
  • Is $10K a month a lot?
  • How much should you make a day to make 10K a month?
  • How do you make 10k a month?
  • Lastly, how do you make 10k a month in passive income?

Let’s dive in! 

how to make 10k in a month

In a rush? Below is an overview of how you can make $10,000 fast.

10 Foolproof Ways to Make 10k in 30 Days

Money-Making IdeaWhat to Do:
1.Remote JobFind remote salaried jobs on Indeed.
2.Freelance WorkFind high-paying online work on Upwork.
3.Online BusinessStart Dropshipping, join the Amazon FBA, or launch an Etsy online store.
4.Website FlippingBuy websites for cheap and sell them on website-flipping marketplaces.
5.Consultancy ServicesFind high-paying consultancy jobs on ZipRecruiter.
6.Paid ResearchApply for high-paying focus group research on respondent.io
7.Dividend StocksInvest and reinvest in dividend-paying stocks.
8.Real Estate InvestmentInvest in rental property, REIGs, REITs, house flipping, Airbnb, or property leasing.
9.BloggingStart a passive income-focused blog.
10.YouTube ChannelLaunch a passive income-focused YouTube channel.

Is it Possible to Make 10K a Month?

Generally, we can make as much money as we want as long as we have the know-how and the patience to get there. So, yes, it’s possible to make 10K a month. As a matter of fact, some jobs pay as much as that, but you can also make such an amount on the side, as we shall see.

Is 10k A Month a Lot?

As I stated earlier, the average monthly income in the US as of October 2023 was $4,665, and it’s expected to be around that figure today. That means you make over twice the average income earner, which may seem a lot.

But frankly, you can do just a lot with 10k a month, so it might not be a lot. For one, you can use the money to start clearing your debt, fund your emergency fund, save for retirement, and even pay up your insurance in advance.

You can also invest the money, including options like buying stocks, REITs, mutual funds, forex trading, money market funds, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

Alternatively, you can start your own business or improve your existing one. And if you have a home remodeling project, the amount should help you fix a few, if not all, things.

Don’t forget to spoil yourself and the people around you a little. That may mean a weekend getaway with family, a nice vacation, or a road trip across the country.

How Much Do You Need to Make a Day to Make 10k A Month?

Let’s do some math to help you know how much you should make a day to average ten a month.

First, assuming that a month has four weeks and we divide the 10K by 4, we’ll have $2,500 per week.

Suppose you only work five days (Monday – Friday);

Then that equals $500 if we divide $2,500 by five days.

So, you need to make $500 a day to make $10K a month. That’s assuming you work Monday to Friday.

How much do you need to make a day to make 10k a month

How to Make 10k in A Month

Generally, you can make 10K a month using any of these ten ideas:

1. Apply for Remote Jobs

Let’s face it; not all of us fancy working at a specific job location and having to clock in and out. Some of us would prefer working remotely, perhaps from home, where there is little to no commuting.

Well, that’s possible with a remote job, and it also allows you to enjoy a work-life balance and save on commuting and other expenses.

While there are many remote job sites, one top consideration is Indeed, where you can find jobs paying at least $120,000 per year, and they include the following positions:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Ios Developer
  • Software Architecture
  • General Counsel
  • Data Scientist
  • Development Operations
  • DevOps (Development Operations) Engineer

2. Sign Up for Freelance Work

Perhaps you fancy the flexibility of remote work but would rather choose your client and work hours. If so, then consider freelance work over remote work. You also get to choose your location, and that’s a huge plus.

Overall, you can get the best-paying freelance jobs on Upwork, and your goal should be those that pay at least $500 a day to get to 10K a month. They include the following:

  • Business Consultant
  • Media buyer
  • Copyrighting
  • Medical writing
  • Freelance photographer
  • Public relations, among many others

3. Start an Online Business

Perhaps running a business is what you fancy. If so, you can run one online, and there are at least three top considerations when your target is 10k a month, namely:

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping lets you sell products you don’t own online and make money. These products belong to a drop-shipper who lets you advertise online and pass the orders to them for fulfillment.

The drop-shipper offers you the wholesale price, which you pay them once you receive the order from the customer, but you list the product at a retail price (after adding your profit to the drop-shipper’s price). So, you keep the difference.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon runs the Fulfilment by Amazon (or FBA) program to allow people to send products (they want to sell on the Amazon platform) to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon then takes up the remaining responsibilities – warehousing, packing, branding, and shipping.

  • Etsy

If you are creative, you can make your crafts and designs and sell them on Etsy. Etsy has a wider global audience, and you can set your price. You can make anything from handcrafts to print designs and printables.

Is 10k a month a lot

4. Flip Websites for 10K Profit

How about you buy websites cheaply, tweak them a little, and sell them at a profit? That’s what website flipping is all about; you could earn 30-40 times what the website makes monthly.

Some of the best website flipping marketplaces where you can sell your website include Motion Invest, Flippas, Investor’s Club, and Empire Flippers.

5. Offer Consultancy Services

People pay for expert advice, and that’s what consultants do – you pay for their view and counsel. You can make over $120,000 yearly as a paid consultant, which translates to $10k monthly.

Some of the best-paying consultant jobs are on ZipRecruiter, and they include the following:

  • Process consultant
  • Internal consultant
  • Senior business consultant
  • Lead Consultant
  • Executive advisor
  • Practice director
  • Project manager consultant
  • Business transformation consultant
  • Monitoring and evaluation consultant

6. Do Paid Research for 10k a Month

Another way you can make up to 10k a month is through paid research. These jobs generally suit experts or students in specific fields such as medicine, law, business, and technology.

One platform that pays researchers and respondents well is Respondent.io, where you can make $50-$200 per project. So, making $500 per day and 10K per month is possible.

7. Invest in Dividend Stocks (How to Make 10k A Month in Stocks)

Dividend stocks are company shares that pay regular dividends when the business makes a profit. They are primarily individual companies that allow you to hold shares you can sell. In some way, the stocks enable you to earn passive income if the company is doing well and you continue holding the shares.

Generally, here’s how to make 10k a month in dividends:

  • Consider companies with proven track records
  • Invest in high-paying dividend stocks
  • Reinvest the dividend payouts
  • Buy and hold your stocks – and then sell when the price is right
make 10k in 30 days

8. Invest in Real Estate

The real estate sector in the United States is projected to be worth $119.80 trillion by the end of 2024 and grow at a 4.51% rate till 2028 when it’ll be worth $142.90 trillion.

Clearly, the future of profitable business is real estate, which offers you a fantastic way to earn passive income. Here are some suggestions on how to make 10k a month in real estate:

  • Invest in rental property
  • Consider REIGs
  • Try REITs
  • Flip houses for profit
  • Become an Airbnb owner
  • Opt for property leasing

9. Make 10K a Month Blogging

A blog is another passive income source you may want to pursue if you are a good content creator and writer. It lets you share your experiences, professional expertise, technical know-how, and adventure.

Overall, you can blog about anything and on any niche – from outdoor exploits like cycling and fishing to indoor matters like home décor, kitchen organization, and bathroom remodeling.

While there is no guarantee to how much you can make blogging, it’s possible to make 10k a month over time – once your blog grows and has a vast audience.

10. Make 10K a Month Running a YouTube Channel

Lastly, you can make money running a YouTube channel. Like blogging, your YouTube channel can be about anything, as long as you don’t violate YouTube policy and you can earn passive income. But unlike blogging, it’s free to sign up on YouTube.

How to Make 10k A Month in Passive Income

Passive income is income earned with little to no active involvement, and here are ways you can make up to $10k passive income:

  • Run a Dropshipping business
  • Start a profit-making blog
  • Launch a profit-making YouTube channel
  • Sell photos and videos on stock image sites
  • Invest in rental property
  • Invest in dividend-paying stocks
  • Sell online courses or eBooks

Concluding Thought On How to Make 10k in A Month:

Now you know the ten foolproof ways to make $10,000 a month. The options include remote jobs, freelance work, online business, website flipping, consultancy services, paid research dividend stocks, real estate investment, blogging, and YouTube.

So, consider at least one idea you can comfortably pursue. If you want to learn other ways to make money, get out of debt, or manage your finances, check out our online store for inspiration!

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