How to Make 10k in A Week (5 Practical Ways to Do It!)

Frankly, it’s never easy learning how to make 10k in a week because it often takes months to make that much. The words ‘not easy’, however, don’t mean impossible as it’s quite possible to make $10,000 a week, and you can do it in several ways.   

Practically, you can make 10k a week by selling something, and that involves any of these five ideas: Garage sale, personal valuable sale, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA selling, and affiliate marketing.

Overall, these ideas not only involve selling something, but you mostly need to do it online. That generally describes the internet’s power, making it worth leveraging every opportunity it presents.

This guide will help you decide which of the five ways is more practical for making $5,000, how to go about it, what to do with the amount, and other important information relating to the title.

Here’s what we shall learn:

  • Is it possible to make 10k a week?
  • What can you do with 10k?
  • How can you make 10k a week?
  • How can you make 10k a week as a kid?
  • Lastly, how can you make 10k fast as a teenager?

Let’s jump into it!

how to make 10k in a week

In a hurry? Below is an overview of the five ways you can make 10K in a week.

5 Ways to Make 10k A Week

Money-Making IdeaWhat to Do:
1.Garage SaleStage a garage sale at home to sell unused or old household items quickly.
2.Personal Valuables SaleSell personal possessions like fancy jewelry, personal gadgets, antiques, or classical musical instruments.
3.DropshippingPartner with a Dropshipper to start promoting and selling their products
4.Amazon FBA SellingSign up as an Amazon FBA partner/supplier to start supplying merchandise to Amazon.
5.Affiliate MarketingAdvertise affiliate products on your blog/website or socials.

Is It Possible to Make $10,000 A Week?

While it’s not easy to find a job that pays $10,000 a week, it’s not impossible to make that much within such a timeframe. From what we’ve gathered, the most practical way to make $10,000 a week is to sell something, and you may have to do it online. So, yes, making $10,000 a week is possible, and we’ll look at how you can do it.

What to Do with 10K

There’s a lot one can do with 10K, even if you only earn it once.

First, create a safety net, an emergency fund, to cushion you against unseen emergencies like job loss, unplanned medical expenses, and car breakdowns, among many others.

After you set up your emergency fund, the next thing is to start clearing your debt, especially the larger ones. If the 10K is consistent, it should be easy to fully fund your emergency fund and pay your debt to the last coin.

Once you pay your debt and you’ve got an emergency fund to fall back on when a financial emergency strikes, you can do the following with the money:

  • Start a small business – the 10k should be enough to form the capital or a big part of it
  • Take up an investment such as stocks, mutual funds, money market funds, or any other with a high dividend score and lower risk.
  • Pay up your insurance – that includes home, auto, life, and health insurance.
  • Remodel your home – mark you; this is not an emergency, and the emergency fund would come in handy if it were.
  • Open a high-yield savings account to start growing your money
  • Start funding your retirement fund


After attending to the most important things and having some way to generate income or save up, treating yourself and the people around you is not a crime. In such a case, you can use the 10K for a short family vacation, get an expensive gift, or do something fancy within your financial muscle width.

How to Make 10000 In A Week

Generally, you can make $10,000 a dollar a week using any of these five ways:

1. Stage a Garage Sale

Do you have many household goods you no longer use? Or perhaps they are too old or have some minor issues. If so, how about you call for a garage sale and clean up your house?

Some items that could quickly fetch you the money are electronics, home appliances, furniture, bikes, power tools, farm machinery, exercise equipment, clothes, toys, and baby gear.

Since it’s a garage sale, you can share some flyers and posters around your neighborhood or use word of mouth, community forums, social media, and any other channel you feel is convenient to reach the masses in your community.

how to make 10000 in a week

2. Sale Personal Valuables

Perhaps you don’t want to clear everything in the house but have some fancy valuables you could sell. Why don’t you do that?

We are mainly talking about the following:

  • Fancy jewelry – Consider listing fancy ornaments like diamond or gold necklaces, bracelets, chins, and earrings on Worthy.com. In most cases, you don’t have to sell much jewelry to raise 10K if what you’ve is fancy. 
  • Personal gadgets – Working MacBook, iPhone, tablets, and game consoles will likely fetch you 10k within a week. You may, however, need to sell more than one personal gadget to make that much.
  • Antiques – How about you sell a high-value collectible you own? You can sell it on Etsy, Amazon Marketplace, Ruby Lane, or eBay.
  • Classical music instruments – Perhaps you have a classical instrument like the piano, guitar, or violin. If so, you can list it for sale on Reverb, Facebook Marketplace, or Offer Up and get a decent offer. Classical instruments are usually highly valued.

3. Start Dropshipping Merchandise

Owning an online business isn’t easy. You worry about where you’ll get your supplies, if you can afford them, the licenses, and warehousing, among many other concerns.

You, however, don’t have to worry about such things anymore if you choose to go the dropshipping route. Dropshipping allows you to advertise products online. You quote the retail price, which is the supplier’s wholesale price plus your profit.

You then have to wait to receive the order and payment and pass them to the supplier or drop-shipper (you pay the drop-shipper the wholesale price and keep the profit). The drop-shipper will then ensure the customer gets their order.

Remember, you can drop-ship items by advertising on social media if you have a huge following or set up a website to do the job. Of course, at your own cost.

Note that Dropshipping can be competitive as so many people are doing it. So, you may have to get creative in the products you sell, avoid being too greedy by overpricing the products, and offer good customer service.

That’ll most likely encourage repeat purchases, and the more repeat customers you get, the more likely you are to make money from home.

4. Join Amazon FBA

With Amazon relishing an audience size of at least 200 million, we can’t talk about running a business online without mentioning the retail giant. Interestingly, Amazon doesn’t own everything they sell on the marketplace. The retail giant receives most of its products from individual suppliers who sign up through the FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program.

The FBA program allows individual suppliers like you to send products you want to sell on Amazon to a verified Amazon Fulfilment Center and then wait for Amazon to take care of everything else. That includes storage and everything else until the merchandise reaches the final consumer.

But just like dropshipping, Amazon FBA can be very competitive, so you’ve to find ways to outstep your competition. That may mean coming up with a unique but fast-selling product or one with less steep competition and finding ways to beat what’s already there.

Besides worrying about the competition, FBA attracts a few fees and costs you should know before joining the program.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Lastly, let’s talk about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves marketing other people’s or company products and getting a commission for successful conversions.

You can do affiliate marketing on a high-traffic blog, website, and social media (especially YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram). You, however, first need to sign up with your preferred affiliate program, and some of the leading ones are Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and ClickBank.

Overall, you need a huge audience to make it as an affiliate marketer. Furthermore, it helps to market fast-selling and possibly high-margin products. That’s how you can hit 10k a week at one point. It, however, may take time to build a sizeable audience and for them to trust you.

how to make 10k in a week as a kid

How to Make 10k in A Week as A Kid

While it isn’t easy for kids to make 10k in a week, there are a few creative ways. First, you can sell precious valuables such as fancy jewelry, classical musical instruments, or antiques if you own them.

Second, you can start a Dropshipping business, YouTube channel, or personal blog if you are at least 18. Doing so will allow you to create a passive income source that you could benefit from even while attending school.   

How to Make 10k Fast as A Teenager

If you are 18-19, you can do a few things to make 10k fast as a teenager. For starters, you could set up your blog or YouTube channel and earn passive income.

If you are good at selling merchandise, you can start dropshipping or join the Amazon FBA program to begin selling products on Amazon without doing the heavy lifting.

And if you’ve something valuable to sell, such as precious jewelry, antiques, or a classical musical instrument, you can sell it too and make $10,000 fast.

Concluding Thought On How to Make 10k in A Week:

We’ve seen that it’s possible to make 10k a week, and you can do it through a garage sale, selling personal valuables, dropshipping, Fulfillment by Amazon, and affiliate marketing.

We’ve also seen that you can do a lot with the 10k you make, including paying your dent, saving, investing, and starting a business. If you want to learn more about that and put your financial house in order, we have a lot of resources and write-ups on our online store that will surely be helpful. So, check them out!

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