10 Profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas In Africa 2024

Inadequate capital has hindered most Africans from becoming entrepreneurs. Fortunately, you can fulfill your career objective with these small manufacturing business ideas in Africa!

Some of the best Small manufacturing business ideas for Africa include fruit juice production, cassava chips, craft making, apparel and footwear manufacturing, furniture making, soap and detergent making, spice powder, plastic manufacturing, toy making, and paper making.

As one of the fastest-growing continents, Africa has encountered numerous lucrative opportunities, allowing it to earn top dollars from overseas. 

Think about it; remote job opportunities like Business Process Outsourcing and e-commerce allow you to sell your services and products at a good price to people across the globe.

The best thing about these ventures is that you can start with little to no capital!

This exhaustive guide will cover

  • The top 10 small manufacturing business ideas in Africa
  • Benefits of venturing into these businesses
  • How to maximize your sales and profitability
  • The business requirements
Small manufacturing business idea for Africa

Let’s dive in!

Most Lucrative Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in Africa

Looking for a manufacturing business you can start with little to no capital? Here are the ten most lucrative small manufacturing business ideas in Africa.

TABLE: Business Idea; Requirements

1. Start a Fruit Juice Production Business

Three fruit juice flavors

Fruit juice production is a promising business in Africa due to the sunny weather and the abundant fruit harvests. Establishing a small fruit juicing business will fetch a good client base and grow into a renowned brand.

Why Invest in Fruit Juice Production?

  • There’s a high demand for fruit juice on the continent
  • The weather in Africa ensures you have a ready market all around the year
  • There are plenty of fruits-from oranges, pineapple, mangoes, and passion to vegetables

The main challenge of establishing a seamless fruit juice production is finding a reliable fruit source. However, you can connect with farmers or food distributors to ensure you receive all types of fruits on time to supply your clients with their favorite refreshments.

Fruit Juice Production Requirements

To start a fruit juice production business, you will need a strategically located juice joint, juicers, and government documents such as a health certificate and license.

Tip: Ensure you offer pure fruit juice to maintain the quality. This will retain your client base and attract more customers to your place.

2. Venture into Cassava Chips 

Cassava chips are highly demanded inside and outside the continent due to their nutrients and delicious taste.

Why Invest in Cassava Chips?

The main challenge of this business is poor market connection. You can find the best clients by networking with key market players like retailers to supply them.

Cassava Chips Business Requirements

You need a business permit, license, and certificates to open a cassava chips business. These requirements vary with your state, so confirm for proper planning.

Tip: When starting this business, price your products slightly below the market figure. Then, increase it gradually as you gain authority in the industry.

3. Invest in Craft Making

Craft making business

Are you good at creating beadwork, knitting, or card-making? You can make money from these hobbies. 

Why Invest in Craft Making?

  • They are not perishable
  • You can do it as a side business
  • It requires little capital to start
  • You can create content from craft making like a YouTube channel for crocheting

The main challenge to thriving in this business is identifying your target audience. Fortunately, you can maneuver through this by joining Facebook groups narrowed to your craft and attending related events.

Craft Making Business Requirements

To start a craft-making business, you must master the skill and open relevant accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach more clients.

Tip: Research the market to identify what is in high demand. Then, make more of what is in season for a ready market.

4. Open an Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing Business 

Tailoring and shoe making is a manufacturing business that you can start with little capital. However, you should be updated on what’s trending to thrive in this business.

Why Invest in Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing?

  • There’s a constant demand for clothes and footwear
  • Clothes and shoes are imperishable, meaning you’re less likely to incur losses
  • Once you become a renowned designer, you can enjoy huge profits

The main challenge to thriving in this business is established brands and second-hand clothes. You can maneuver through this by making unique and stylish attires and applying pricing advantage.

Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing Business Requirements

You will need business permits and licenses to start an apparel and footwear manufacturing business. You will also require a reliable source for raw materials to ensure no hitches in your production process.

Tip: Keep updated on what’s trending to meet the needs of the hour so you can enjoy massive returns. For instance, the holiday season is here, so manufacturing beach-friendly attires will fetch you a large client base.

5. Start a Furniture Making Business

A furniture-making workshop

Furniture manufacturing entails creating and selling furniture for homes, offices, and other spots. You can use different materials to make your products, including glass, wood, metal, and upholstery.

Why Invest in Furniture Making?

  • Furniture has a high demand, especially now when people are up for upgrades and renovations
  • It requires little capital; you can start as a DIY artist and expand to a store
  • Furniture has a high-profit margin

The main challenge to succeeding in this industry is the stiff competition startups face from existing brands. You can create top-quality and unique pieces of furniture to appeal to your target audience better.

Furniture Making Business Requirements

You will need a spacious room or spot, a license, a business permit, and furniture-making equipment and tools to operate a furniture-making business. 

Tip: Quality matters when it comes to furniture-making. So, ensure you deliver what your clients request. Don’t apply shortcuts.

6. Start a Soap and Detergent Business

The soap and detergent is ideal if you’re looking for small manufacturing business ideas in Africa for home. It revolves around daily products, including bar soap, bleach, laundry soap, and liquid soap.

Why Invest in Soap and Detergent Business?

  • Soap and detergents have a high demand
  • You can reap massive profits with huge sales
  • The raw materials for making soap and detergents are readily available

Starting a soap and detergent business can be difficult due to the existing brands. However, you will attract many clients by selling top-quality products that deliver results. 

Soap and Detergent Business Requirements

To start the soap and detergent business, you need a reliable soap and detergent ingredients source. You will also need attractive packaging containers to appeal to your customers. You can introduce branding later on.

Tip: Start by pricing your products slightly below the market figures and provide top-quality products.

7. Start a Spice Powder Business

Spice powder business

Unlike in the past, Africans have embraced cooking with powdered spices, for instance, turmeric, paprika, mixed herbs, ginger, and cinnamon. You can venture into this business by starting small and expanding gradually.

Why Invest in Powder Spices?

  • Powdered spices have a high demand
  • They do not require a high amount of capital to start
  • The raw materials grow in Africa

You will face stiff competition from established brands as customers are more familiar with these. However, you can acquire clients by providing unadulterated products.

Powder Spice Business Requirements

To start a spec business, you must connect with spice farmers or produce distributors to keep your raw materials coming in throughout. You will also need drying and grinding equipment and legal documents.

Tip: Clients want pure spices, so ensure you maintain the quality of your products. Also, choose relevant branding visuals that will appeal to your target audience.

8. Open a Plastic Manufacturing Company

Plastics are a daily product for almost everyone on the continent, from basins, utensils, and pens to storage containers. Opening a plastic manufacturing company can fetch you huge profits.

Why Open a Plastic Manufacturing Company?

  • There’s a high demand for plastic items
  • The raw materials are readily available
  • You can start small and expand gradually
  • It’s a versatile business that allows you to venture into essential items or art

The main challenge of this business is the stiff competition you might face with the established brands. You can solve this by producing top-quality plastic products that meet the needs and preferences of your clients.

Plastic Manufacturing Business Requirements

To start a plastic manufacturing business, you will need a business permit, license, and approval from your country’s environmental management authority.

Tip: Offering your customers top-quality products that meet their preferences and pricing them slightly below the market price will fetch you a lot of clients.

9. Start a Toy Making Business

An adult and a kid developing and testing toys

Toy making is a billion-dollar industry employing millions of people globally. Fortunately, it is not capital intensive as you can start creating kids’ toys or games with your hands.

Why Invest in the Toy Business?

  • It is not capital-intensive.
  • Toys have a high demand, especially those that help kids learn
  • You can run this business as a side hustle
  • It has high returns once you establish yourself as a renowned brand-think of LEGO

Marketing your products to parents is the main challenge of succeeding in the making business. With the current evolution in the marketing world, you can consult experts in this field to help you sell your products.

Toy-Making Business Requirements

To establish a successful toy-making business, you must develop relevant prototypes that match children’s safety and fun standards.

Tip: Social media platforms are a great place to market your toy products. So, open a Facebook account to start marketing when your prototype is tested and approved and leverage preorders.

10. Invest in Papermaking

Did you know you could make money from recycling papers into packaging boxes, toilet paper, paper carry bags, and notebooks? You can recycle paper multiple times into these products before replacing it.

Why Invest in Papermaking? 

  • Every home has paper products so that you will enjoy high-demand
  • You don’t have to buy expensive machines to start your paper making business
  • The raw materials are readily available- used paper

The main challenge of this business is establishing a constant supplier of raw materials. You can negotiate with schools, offices, and bulk paper users to find unlimited supply.

Papermaking Business Requirements

To start a papermaking business, you will require a business permit, a license, and a paper making machine.

Tip: Target a group that uses paper often, like kids. Then, make kids-friendly books with covers that appeal to them and pages that match their learning requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Manufacturing Business Is Most Profitable in Africa?

Africa’s most profitable manufacturing businesses include African fashion, agro-processing, textile, woodwork, beauty and personal care, craft, and organic food products.

2. What Tech Business Can I Start in Africa?

You can start data storage, tech blogging, agricultural technology, e-learning, digital healthcare, mobile payment transfer, security technology, e-commerce, and computer repair tech businesses.


Establishing a manufacturing business is a dream for many in Africa. However, inadequate capital stands between them and their financial goals.

Fortunately, you can invest in one of the small manufacturing business ideas in Africa. Whether you prefer craft making, selling ebooks on Amazon, or fashion, you can become a manufacturer.

You can also explore the fastest-growing businesses in Africa.

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Written by Alex

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