Richest Musician in Kenya 2024 (Top 20 Revealed!)

Most of us envy celebrity musicians because of their expensive lifestyles, which they often flaunt in their music videos and red-carpet moments. We associate their pomp and glamor with a fat checkbook, and the obvious question is, how much is the richest musician in Kenya worth?

Currently, the richest musician in Kenya is Karuga Kimani, otherwise known as KRG The Don, estimated to be worth at least Ksh 4.2 Billion. Other billionaire musicians are Esther Akoth (or Akothee), Charles Njugua (or Jaguar), and Hubert Mbuku (or Nonini). 

However, these four celebrities are not the only ones receiving the fattest checks. We also have others such as Linet Munyali (or size 8), Kevin Bahati, Alex Apoko (Ringtone), Lady Wanja, Brian Robert Ouko (Kaligraph Jones), Swabri Mohamed (Redsan), David Mathenge (Nameless), Kevin Waire (Wyre), and Henry Ohanga (Octopizzo). 

Others include Nyamari Ongegu (Nyashinski), Wilson Abubakar (Willy Paul), Kennedy Ombima (King Kaka), Owen Mwatia (Daddy Owen), Nadia Mukami, Roy Smith Mwatia (Ruffton), and Ken Wa Maria. 

We shall discuss all 20 celebrities and their net worth. In estimating their net worth, we considered media reports, endorsement deals, sales, assets, investments, and liabilities. 

Let’s get into it!

richest musician in Kenya

In a hurry? Below is an overview of the top 20 richest musicians in the country and their estimated net worth. 

List of Richest Musicians in Kenya

Stage Name Official NameEstimated Net Worth (USD)Estimated Net Worth (Ksh)
1.KRG The DonKaruga Kimani $32.3 million Ksh 4.2 billion 
2.Akothee Esther Akoth $10 million Ksh 1.3 billion 
3.Jaguar Charles Njagua $9.5 million Ksh 1.24 million 
4.Nonini Hubert Mbuku $9.5 million Ksh 1.24 million 
5.Size 8Linet Munyali $5 million Ksh 650 million
6.Bahati Kevin Bahati $5 million Ksh 650 million
7.Ringtone Alex Apoko $5 million Ksh 650 million
8.Lady Wanja Ejidiah Wanja $4.6 million Ksh 598 million 
9.Kaligraph Jones Brian Robert Ouko $3.8 millionKsh 494 million 
10.Redsan Swabri Mohamed $3 million Ksh 390 million 
11.Nameless David Mathenge $2.5 million Ksh 325 million 
12.Wyre Kevin Waire $2 million Ksh 260 million 
13.Octopizzo Henry Ohanga $2 million Ksh 260 million 
14.NyashinskiNyamari Ongegu $2 million Ksh 260 million 
15.Willy Paul Wilson Abubakar $1.5 million Ksh 195 million 
16.King Kaka Kennedy Ombima $1.5 million Ksh 195 million 
17.Daddy Owen Owen Mwatia $1 million-plus Ksh 130 million 
18.Nadia Nadia Mukami $1 million-plus Ksh 130 million 
19.Rufftone Roy Smith Mwatia $1 million-plus Ksh 130 million 
20.Ken Wa Maria Kennedy Wambua Ngunze $200,000 plus Ksh 25 million plus 

20 Richest Musicians in Kenya

Here’s what to know about the top 20 richest musicians in Kenya:

1. KRG The Don – Richest Secular Musician in Kenya 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 4.2 Billion)

During an interview on Citizen Digital, Karuga Kimani, known by the stage name KRG the Don, professes to be worth Ksh 4.2 billion. If that’s true, then he is the undisputed richest musician in Kenya. 

The rapper is reputable for flaunting his questionable wealth and supremacy in the Kenyan music industry. While asked about the source of his wealth, he mostly talked about being a businessman who has invested in tours, construction, and transport. 

KRG is also quite ‘generous’ and lets everyone know when he helps. He lives a lavish lifestyle, which he flaunts online. But who can blame him? That’s what artists do. 

2. Akothee – Richest Female Musician in Kenya

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1.3 Billion)

Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, is the wealthiest female musician in Kenya. A few years back, Forbes ranked her the fourth richest in East Africa, with an estimated net worth of $7.8 million. 

Today, she’s estimated to be worth at least $10 million, roughly Ksh 1.3 billion, making her the richest Luo musician in Kenya. Akothee has been married multiple times, but she relentlessly associates her wealth with hard work, not ‘her Mzungus,’ as most of her haters purport. 

Akothee doesn’t shy away from showing off her wealth. She reportedly has a beach resort in Diani, a multimillion-dollar mansion in her hometown of Rongo, a real estate firm, and multiple high-end vehicles. 

richest Luo musician in Kenya

3. Jaguar 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 1.2 Billion)

Current Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, is the 3rd richest musician in Kenya. Jaguar burst onto the music scene in 2004 when he released the hit song, Utaweza Kweli? A year later, he released Kigeugeu, which was played on every local music show. 

Besides music (which has taken a back seat since being elected into office in 2007), Jaguar is an established businessman and investor in real estate and the transport sector. He is estimated to be worth at least $9.5 million or Ksh 1.24 Billion. 

4. Nonini – Richest Gengetone Musician in Kenya 

(Estimated New Worth – Ksh 1.24 Billion)

Going by the official name Hubert Mbuku Nakitare, Nonini attended Kawethei Secondary School in Machakos. He is of Luhya descent but was born in Kamukunji, Nairobi. 

Nonini, Jua Cali, and Clemo are the pioneers of Gengetone, a new-generation music genre that fuses hip-hop with dancehall music.

Nonini entered the Kenyan urban music industry in the early 2000s with hits like Manzi Wa Nairobi, Weh Kamu, Keroro, and Nonini Ni Nani. He owns a clothing line, Mgenge 2RU, among many other businesses. Nonini has an estimated net worth of $9.5 million, or roughly Ksh 1.24 billion. 

5. Size 8 – Richest Gospel Musician in Kenya 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 650 Million)

Our findings show that Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, is the wealthiest gospel musician in Kenya. She’s estimated to be worth $5 million, which is roughly Ksh 650 million. 

While part of her wealth comes from her music hustles, she also earns from endorsements. She’s a brand ambassador for Softcare diapers and sanitary pads, Sweet Baby Petroleum Jelly, and Kleesoft detergent, to name a few. 

Size 8 is married to Kenyan DJ Samuel Muraya (alias DJ Moh), and they run a reality TV show and YouTube channel together.

6. Bahati 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 650 Million)

Kevin Bahati, famously known as just Bahati, is another rich Kenyan musician with a humble background. Bahati was orphaned at a young age and raised at an orphanage in Mathare, where things were really tough. 

His breakthrough in music came in 2013 when he released his hit song Wangu and followed it up with Mama, Barua, Mapenzi, and Story Yangu (featuring Denno). 

Bahati and his wife, Diana, have a huge fan base on YouTube, which is also one of their main revenue streams. He is estimated to be worth $5 million (roughly Ksh 650 million). 

7. Ringtone 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 650 Million)

Alex Apoko, alias Ringtone, is a seasoned Kenyan gospel musician. Though his character, music genre, and lifestyle are often questionable, Ringtone is a self-proclaimed rich man. 

During an interview on Switch TV in 2020, Ringtone claimed he was the wealthiest artist in East Africa. The gospel artist always talks about his wealth.

At one point, he tweeted that his Range Rover SVR Sports car was worth Ksh 26 million when stuck at the Mara. The Pamela hitmaker is worth at least $5 million or Ksh 650 million. 

richest gospel musician in Kenya

8. Lady Wanja – Richest Kikuyu Musician in Kenya 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 598 million)

Ejidian Wanja, famously known by her stage name, Lady Wanja, is a prominent figure in the Kikuyu music scene. She follows in the footsteps of her late sister, Queen Jane, whose soulful music won the hearts of many in the country and diaspora. 

Lady Wanja mostly sings about societal issues. Some of her most popular Kikuyu hits include Arume Ni Nyamu, Ndutige Kwiyaba, and Muthuri Teenager. 

Overall, she has released more than 100 songs, which are vital revenue streams for her. Our sources show that the Kikuyu songbird is worth at least $4.6 million, or roughly Ksh 598 million, which makes her the wealthiest Kikuyu musician in Kenya. 

9. Kaligraph Jones 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 494 million)

Brian Ouko Omollo, famously known as Khaligraph Jones, is another celebrity who looks and acts like money. He was born in Mbooni Machakos county in 1990. However, he got the name Ouko Robert in honor of the late political figure Dr. Robert Ouko, who was assassinated in early 1990.

Kaligraph Jones is famous for hit songs like Mazishi, Yego, Coming Thru, and Get High. He has featured some of the best in Kenya and Africa in his latest hits, including Ali Kiba, Harmonize, Nyashinski, Bien, and Masanti. 

Kaligraph Jones is estimated to be worth at least $3.8 million (or roughly Ksh 494 million).

10. Redsan 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 390 Million)

Swabri Mohamed, better known as Redsan, is a Kenyan dancehall and ragga artist whose popularity extends beyond Kenya. He is equally famous in the US, Middle East, and Europe. 

Redsan was born in 1981 in Majengo, Nairobi, where he grew up. However, he has roots in the Duruma Mijikenda coastal tribe, which explains his name. 

Redsan released his first music album in 2002 with the Ogopa DJ label. The album included hits like Wanipa Raha and Julie, catapulting him to instant fame in East Africa. 

Today, the Mikono Juu hitmaker is estimated to be worth at least $3 million or roughly Ksh 390 million. 

11. Nameless 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 325 Million) 

David Mathenge, alias Nameless, is one of the country’s most talented and consistent music artists. The pop artist, married to fellow artist Wahu Kagwi, rose to fame in the late 90s when he entered a music contest organized by Capital FM and won after performing his original single, Megarider

However, he is more famous for hit songs like Boomba Train ft. E-Sir, Ninanoki featuring Amani, Coming Home, and Sinzia. As a highly paid artist, Nameless has accumulated enormous wealth over the years, and he’s estimated to be worth at least $2.5 million (roughly Ksh 325 million). 

12. Wyre The Love Child 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 260 Million)

Kevin Waire, who goes by the stage name Wyre, The Love Child, is a Kenyan reggae and R&B artist who was part of the famous Necessary Noize crew alongside Nazizi. Wyre has worked with some of the biggest names in the global music industry, including Jamaica’s Cecile, Morgan Heritage, and Alaine, Nigeria’s 2 Face, Idiba and P-Square, and Uganda’s Bebe Cool. 

Locally, he has featured Nazizi, Prezzo, Nonini, Khaligraph Jones, JB Maina, and Kidis, to name a few. Wyre has also bagged many awards as a solo artist, including the 2006 and 2007 Kisima Music awards. He’s estimated to be worth at least $2 million or roughly Ksh 260 million. 

13. Octopizzo 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 260 Million)

Henry Ohanga, better known as Octopizzo, is an award-winning hip-hop artist famous for hits like Ivo-Ivo, Noma Ni, Swag, Kenyan Boy, and On Top. 

He was born in the humble slums of Kibera, one of the largest in the world, and his rise to the top hasn’t been easy. Octopizzo is also a businessman who runs a clothesline entitled YGB.

Octopizzo also runs a non-profit, the Octopizzo Foundation, that supports vulnerable young men and women in the community. That shows he’s not just about the bling and fancy cars. There’s a humanitarian and humble side of him. Octopizzo is estimated to be worth at least $2 million or roughly Ksh 260 million. 

richest secular musician in Kenya

14. Nyashinski 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 260 Million)

Nyashinski, whose official name is Nyamari Ongegu, is a Kenyan rapper and songwriter who was part of the hip-hop trio Kleptomaniax alongside Colo (Collins Majole) and Roba (Robert Manyasa). 

He was born in Kisii on April 8th, 1984, but was schooled in Nairobi. In 2006, he moved to Delaware in the United States, working as a truck driver for a decade before returning home in 2016 to continue his music career. 

Nyashinski announced his comeback with the hit track Now You Know, and a year later, he unleashed Malaika, which became the most downloaded male single of the year. He’s among the highest paid per show and is currently estimated to be worth at least $2 million (or Ksh 260 Million). 

15. Willy Paul 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 195 Million)

Willy Paul, whose official name is Wilson Abubakar Radido, started as a gospel musician, releasing the hit song Sitolia alongside Gloria Muliru. He even bagged several awards for the hit song, including the 2013 Groove Awards. 

Today, he’s no longer a gospel artist but a secular artist. He has gone on to feature some of the biggest names in the secular world, including Jamaican songstress Alaine, Nigerian songbird Yemi Alade, and reggae sensation Cecile, also from Jamaica. 

Though unclear, Willy Paul is estimated to be worth at least $1.5 million or roughly Ksh 195 million. 

16.  King Kaka 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 195 Million)

Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka Rabbit or Kaka Sungura, is a hip-hop artist famous for hit songs like Adisia

In addition to music, King Kaka is an established businessman who runs a clothing line labeled Niko Kwa Jam Nakam and a purified water company, Kaka Empire Majik Water. King Kaka is also into movie production, and one of his series productions, Monkey Business, will premiere on May 17th, 2024.  

Kaka is married to celebrity Nana Owiti. He’s estimated to be worth at least $1.5 million or roughly Ksh 195 million.  

17.  Daddy Owen 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 130 Million)

Owen Mwatia, who goes by Daddy Owen on stage, is one of Kenya’s most established gospel artists. He pioneered the Kapungala gospel, a genre that borrows much from Lingala. 

Though his first music album, Haijalishi, came out in 2004, his hit songs Tobina, System Ya Kapungala, and Saluti were arguably his breakthrough. 

They captured the attention of both the young and the old and earned him lots of awards and, of course, money. Daddy Owen is a low-profile artist; the same goes for his brother Rufftone. However, he is estimated to be worth $1 million or Ksh 130 million. 

richest musicians in Kenya

18.  Nadia 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 130 Million)

Nadia Mukami, popularly known as Nadia, is a sensational Afro-pop female artist best known for her hit songs Radio Love and Si Rahisi. She is also the founder of Sevens Creative Hub record label. 

Nadia was born in 1996 in Pumwani, Nairobi, and attended Kari Mwailu Primary School and Mount Laverna School. She is a graduate of Maseno University, where she pursued a BBA degree in finance option. 

Though we estimate her net worth to be around $1 million (or Ksh 130 million), she once claimed that no female artist in East Africa was wealthier than her. So, if her words are anything to go by, she could be worth more. 

19.  Rufftone 

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 130 Million)

Roy Smith Mwatia, popularly known as Rufftone, is one of the pioneers of urban gospel in Kenya alongside his younger brother, Daddy Owen. Rufftone is famous for old hit songs like Mwikulu, Tsinyanga Tsiwere, and MOG. Of course, we’ve got to mention the 2013 rendition of Mungu Baba alongside the GSU. 

Rufftone is not the type to flaunt his riches, and his humility has allowed him to rub shoulders with the high and mighty. He’s estimated to be worth at least $1 million or roughly Ksh 130 million. 

20.  Ken Wa Maria – Richest Kamba Musician in Kenya  

(Estimated Net Worth – Ksh 25 Million)

Kennedy Wambua Ngunze, alias Ken Wa Maria, is a famous Kamba musician and arguably the richest in the region. Wa Maria is estimated to be worth at least Ksh 25 million. 

The Benga artist runs his orchestra band, which performs internationally. He also invests in the Matatu business and owns a beachfront house and luxury cars. 

Ken Wa Maria is famous for his hit song Fundamentals, which has led to him charging up to Ksh 100,000 per show. 

Concluding Thought on the Richest Musician in Kenya:

The musicians above are undeniably the wealthiest in Kenya today. We probably haven’t gotten the exact net worth correctly as no one who is truly rich publicly professes how much they are worth. However, our various sources show that they are at least worth the estimates we’ve shared. 

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