Highest Paid Journalist in Kenya 2024 (Top 14 Plus Salary!)

Journalism can be very rewarding in Kenya. While entry-level journalists at less popular media houses barely make over Ksh 50,000, the highest paid journalist in Kenya earns about Ksh 2 million per month, which is quite lucrative.

Citizen TV news anchor and Hot 96 radio host Jeff Koinange is the highest-paid journalist in Kenya, averaging more than Ksh 2 million per month. However, Jeff is not the only one taking home a seven-figure paycheck.

Other top-earning journalists with 7-figure pay include radio presenters Maina Kageni, Daniel’ Churchill’ Ndambuki, and Joseph’ Gidi-Gidi’ Oyoo, Citizen TV news anchors Lilian Muli and Yvonne Okwara, Citizen TV Director of Strategy Linus Kaikai, and NTV Chief Editor Joe Ageyo.

What is more, we have journalists in the six-figure bracket, such as Yvonne Okwara, Victoria Rubadiri, Willy M. Tuva, Stephen Letoo, Trevor Ombija, Daniel’ Mbusi” Githinji, and Lulu Hassan. Most journalists live flashy lifestyles, own luxurious mansions, and drive big-budget cars. They certainly have become an ”envy” for many, although in a good sense.

We shall explore all the 14 deep-pocket journalists to help you understand why they earn that much. Hopefully, that’ll help you see journalism as a lucrative profession you can pursue or encourage someone you know to pursue it. Let’s dive in!

highest paid journalist in kenya

In a rush? Below is an overview of the highest-paid journalists in Kenya:

List of Highest Paid Journalists in Kenya

JournalistJob DescriptionEstimated Monthly Earning (Ksh)
1.Jeff KoinangeCitizen news anchor and Hot 96 radio host2 million
2.Maina KageniClassic 105 radio presenter2 million
3.Daniel’  Churchill’ NdambukiClassic 105 radio presenter and entertainer1.2 million
4.Joseph’ Gidi-Gidi’ OyooRadio Jambo presenter1 million
5.Lilian MuliCitizen TV news anchor1 million
6.Linus KaikaiCitizen TV Director of Strategy1 million
7.Yvonne OkwaraCitizen TV news anchor900,000
8.Joe AgeyoNTV Chief Editor850,000
9.Victoria RubadiriCitizen TV news anchor800,000
10.Willy M. TuvaCitizen TV and Citizen Radio host800,000
11.Stephen LetooCitizen TV senior news reporter800,000
12.Trevor OmbijaCitizen TV news anchor700,000
13.Daniel’ Mbusi’ GithinjiRadio Jambo presenter700,000
14.Lulu HassanCitizen TV news anchor550,000

14 Highest Paid Journalists in Kenya

Below are the top-earning journalists in Kenya and their estimated earnings:

1. Jeff Koinange – Highest Paid Journalist in Kenya

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 2 Million)

Jeff Koinange is a seasoned journalist who has worked with some of the top media houses, including Arise TV (in Johannesburg, South Africa), K24 TV, Reuters Television, ABC News, ABC News, and CNN. The gifted journalist, famous for his enchanting voice and charisma, currently anchors news on Citizen TV on Wednesdays and Sundays.

On Wednesday, Jeff interviews different persons in his name-inspired program, JKL Live, immediately after the news. On Sundays, he co-hosts the ‘Tonight News’ with fellow newscaster Victoria Rubadiri. The two have formed such a strong chemistry since anchoring together.

Jeff is also a radio host and presenter at Hot 96, which Royal Media Services owns. He has won the Moran Burning Spear Journalism Award, the highest presidential award for civilians, among many other accolades.

Jeff Koinange Salary:

Jeff Koinange is currently the most paid journalist in Kenya, with an estimated monthly salary of Ksh 2 million. He owns a posh mansion in Kitisuru, one of Nairobi’s most exclusive neighborhoods, and a collection of high-end vehicles, including a Mercedes G-Class SUV, estimated to be worth at least Ksh 14 million. He’s undoubtedly one of the richest people in Kenya.

2. Maina Kageni – Richest Journalist in Kenya

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 2 Million)

Maina Kageni is a veteran journalist who got into journalism by chance when he requested to do a voice-over ad for himself at Capital FM when he couldn’t raise Ksh 40,000. His voice captivated the producers, and media houses came calling.   

Previously, Maina Kageni worked as a truck driver in the U.K. before giving journalism a shot in Kenya. While his first journalism job was at Capital FM, he also worked at Nation FM and Kiss FM before finally switching to Classic 105, where he was partnered with Churchill, alias Mwalimu King’ang’i. The two host the breakfast show, one of Kenya’s most listened-to radio programs.

At one point, Maina confessed to King’ang’i on the radio of insuring his voice for Ksh 100 million. Just imagine that! The vocal radio presenter earns an estimated Ksh 2 million monthly and owns several real estate properties in Kenya and overseas, especially in Miami.

Furthermore, Maina co-owns a top-rated modeling agency in Lagos and pricey cars such as a Hummer and BMW X6, among other big toys. Indeed, he ought to be the wealthiest journalist in Kenya.

most paid journalist in kenya

3. Daniel’ Churchill’ Ndambuki

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 1.2 Million)

Daniel Wambua Ndambuki, alias Churchill, is arguably Kenya’s father of comedy, having brought up some of the finest comedians in the region, such as Erick Omondi, Mc Jessy, Chipukeezy, Mc Tricky, to name a few. His comedy show, ‘ Churchill Live,’ which previously aired on NTV and now airs on TV 47, is arguably the most-watched TV program today.

Churchill co-host the breakfast show on Classic 105 alongside Maina Kageni, where he’s estimated to earn at least Ksh 1.2 million, excluding endorsements and side gigs.

4. Joseph’ Gidi-Gidi’ Oyoo

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 1 Million)

Unless you are a millennial, you probably remember Joseph Oyoo, aka Gidi-Gidi, from his hit song Umbwogable in the early 2000s alongside the legendary Maji-Maji. Well, Gidi-Gidi is now a famous and highly-paid radio host.

Gidi-Gidi co-hosts the ‘Patanisho Show’ alongside Ghost Mulee, where they try reconciling married couples. He earns a whopping Ksh 1 million and is known to own a tasteful multimillion mansion in his hometown of Homa Bay.

5. Lilian Muli

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 1 Million)

Lilian Muli is one of the highest paid news anchors in Kenya. The sassy broadcaster takes home at least Ksh 1 million from Citizen TV, where she presents the Friday night news. Previously, she has hosted the Slimpossible weight loss edition and the Fashion Watch fashion critique program.

Lilian previously worked for KTN as a news anchor before joining the Royal Media family, where she has worked for over 13 years. She earns an estimated monthly salary of Ksh 1 million as a news anchor for Citizen TV.

6. Linus Kaikai

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 1 Million)

Linus Kaikai is currently the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Citizen TV, where he also appears as a panelist for the Friday’ News Gang’ segment hosted by fellow journalist Yvonne Okwara. Additionally, Kaikai is the chairman of the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG).

Kaikai holds a master’s degree qualification in International Journalism from Masinde Muliro University. Previously, he was a journalist for KTN, South African Broadcasting Corporation, and NTV.

While working for KTN, he scooped the 1997 ‘CNN African Television Journalist Award’ and the ‘Environmental Journalist of the Year‘ accolade.

Linus earns an estimated Ksh 1 million per month at Royal Media Services. He owns a flamboyant two-story castle in Rongai, where he lives with his family.

7. Yvonne Okwara

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 900,000)

Yvonne Okwara is a fearless TV host, moderator, and news anchor working for Citizen TV. She anchors the Thursday night news and hosts the ‘News Gang’ segment. Yvonne has over 13 years of journalism experience, having worked previously for KBC, KTN, Hot 96, QFM, and QTV.

In addition to serving as a senior news anchor on Citizen TV, Yvonne is in charge of research and planning at the station and is a media consultant for the National Defense College.

Yvonne is one of the highest paid TV anchors in Kenya. She’s estimated to earn at least Ksh 900,000 per month.

Interestingly, she is one of the few most accomplished journalists in Kenya who didn’t pursue anything related to journalism at the university. She graduated from JKUAT with a BSc in Microbiology. However, her passion for journalism landed her first job at KBC as a host for a kids’ show.

richest journalist in kenya

8. Joe Ageyo

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 850,000)

Joe Ageyo is one of the most respected journalists in the country. He’s currently the Editor in Chief at NTV Kenya. However, he has previously held a similar position at Citizen TV and KTN. He has also worked for KBC and is famous for moderating the 2013 and 2027 Kenya Presidential Debates.

Mr. Ageyo takes home about Ksh 850,000 while working for NTV. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management from Egerton University and a Master’s in Environmental Governance from the University of Manchester.

9. Victoria Rubadiri

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 800,000)

Victoria Rubadiri, or Vicky as they popularly call her, is another famous female face on TV. She serves as a news anchor for the Sunday ‘Tonight Show’ on Citizen TV alongside Jeff Koinange.

Previously, Vicky worked as a news anchor for NTV Kenya. She graduated from Temple University in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Rubadiri previously worked as a radio presenter for Capital FM. At Citizen TV, the passionate newscaster earns around Ksh 8,000 per month.

10. Willy M. Tuva

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 800,000)

Most people call him ‘Mzazi,’ a Kiswahili translation for ‘parent,’ for having discovered and fostered many artists in the East African region. Willy M. Tuva isn’t new in the East African entertainment industry.

Tuva hosts Mamba Mseto on Citizen TV and Citizen Radio alongside the bubbly DJ Flash, playing the best contemporary music every weekday. He takes home around Ksh 800,000 from Royal Media Services every month.

11. Stephen Letoo – Highest Paid News Reporter in Kenya

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 800,000)

Stephen Letoo is a senior news reporter for Citizen TV. He’s estimated to pocket around Ksh 800,000, which makes him the highest-paid news reporter in Kenya. Letoo pursued Media Studies at the University of Nairobi and previously worked as a reporter for Kiss TV.

Letoo lives a flamboyant lifestyle. At one point, the recently married reporter showed his luxurious multimillion-dollar mansion in his village in Kilgoris, which he argued was inspired by the White House.

12. Trevor Ombija

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 700,000)

Trevor Ombija is another famous face on TV. He hosts the Monday Report on Citizen TV, where he anchors the news and conducts the interviews for the night. He also oversees the Day Break morning show on Citizen TV.

Before joining Citizen TV, Ombija was a junior assignment desk editor at CGTN and a news presenter at Nation FM and Nation TV. At Citizen TV, Ombija pockets around Ksh 700,000 per month.

Trevor graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Journalism and Media Studies degree.

Ombija has several investments. He owns a famous club in Kileleshwa labeled Club Samaki-Samaki, and he’s a senior partner at Crestwood Marketing and Communication Ltd, among other ventures.

list of highest paid journalists in kenya

13. Daniel’ Mbusi’ Githinji

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 700,000)

If you listen to Radio Jambo, you must have heard about Daniel Githinji Mwangi, alias Mbusi. Mbusi previously worked as a presenter for Ghetto Radio before switching to Radio Jambo, where he now earns an estimated Ksh 700,000 per month. You can catch Mbusi alongside Lion Dee on the ‘Mbusi Na Lion Teke-Teke’ show on weekdays from 3 p.m.

14. Lulu Hassan

(Estimated Monthly Salary: Ksh 550,000)

 Lulu Khadija Hassan is a Kiswahili newscaster on Citizen TV, where she hosts the ‘Nipashe Wikendi‘ edition alongside her husband, Rashid Abdalla. Previously, Lulu worked as a broadcaster at Radio Salaam before joining KTN as a news anchor and later Citizen TV.

In addition to news anchoring, Lulu and her husband Rashid own and run the Jiffy Pictures film production company. Jiffy Pictures has produced some of Citizen TV’s best hits, such as Maria, Zora, Sultana, and Moyo.

Lulu Hassan salary:

Lulu Hassan is estimated to earn about Ksh 550,000 monthly, excluding endorsements.

Concluding Thought on the Highest Paid Journalist in Kenya:

Kenya undeniably has some of the most successful and well-to-do journalists. Some didn’t have an easy path, and they have proven in the long run that anyone can become rich in Kenya. The industry demands extra effort, utmost professionalism, and a relentless spirit. If you have that and the correct training, you can succeed as a journalist in Kenya.

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