NCBA Paybill Number 2024 (Deposits & Withdrawals Explained!)

Today, merchants with an NCBA Bank account can accept mobile payments from customers. All they should do is afford the NCBA Paybill number, and customers can go ahead and pay via MPESA conveniently. 

NCBA uses the Paybill number 880100 for its buy goods and services MPESA transactions. However, those who make online payments use the NCBA Loop Paybill number 714777

I’ll explain all these two Paybill options and how you can transfer funds between MPESA and NCBA through them. Ultimately, that should help you know what Paybill number to use depending on the nature of your MPESA transaction. 

Moreover, I’ll share how you can withdraw from NCBA and have funds within seconds. This also applies when transferring funds from your NCBA account to another person’s MPESA. 

ncba paybill numbers

Here’s what to look forward to learning. 

  • What’s the NCBA Paybill number? 
  • What are the advantages of the NCBA Paybill number?
  • How do you transfer/send money from MPESA to NCBA?
  • How do you withdraw cash from NCBA to MPESA?
  • What are the latest NCBA MPESA transfer charges?
  • What’s NCBA mobile banking?

Let’s jump in!


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What is NCBA Paybill Number?

The National Commercial Bank of Africa (NCBA) allows Buy Goods and Services purchases via MPESA using the Paybill number 880100. In addition to paying for goods and services, you can use the 880100 NCBA MPESA Paybill to transfer funds from your MPESA wallet to an NCBA bank account.

However, NCBA allows you to do it via its digital wallet Loop when depositing money for online purchases. In such a case, customers can use the NCBA Loop Paybill number 714777. It’s secure and fast and will show you how to transfer funds between MPESA and Loop shortly. 

Advantages of Using The NCBA Paybill Number

Advantages to NCBA Merchants 

Merchants who accept payments for goods and services via the NCBA Paybill enjoy these advantages:

  • Safe payment – The Paybill option is a safe way to receive money from customers without worrying that some may reverse the transaction. 
  • Fast payment – It takes seconds for customers to pay you using the NCBA pay bill no. All you’ve to wait for is the confirmation message. 
  • Build credit history – NCBA monitors your transactions, and the more customers pay you via Paybill, the more you build your credit history. That makes it easy to secure an NCBA credit. 
  • Immediate reflection – The money reflects on your NCBA account almost immediately unless there’s a technical delay. 
  • Fast fund access – Once the funds reflect on your NCBA account, you can access them to perform other transactions. 

Advantages to Customers

Customers don’t have to be NCBA account holders, but even so, they enjoy these advantages for paying via the Paybill:

  • Convenient payment – If customers have funds in their MPESA wallets or are eligible for MPESA Fuliza, they can use their phones to pay for goods and services. 
  • Safe payment – Customers don’t have to worry about the safety of their money when making payments via the Paybill number. 
  • Easy payment – All it takes are the usual steps for performing a Lipa Na MPESA transaction to deposit funds to an NCBA Paybill account. Of course, the Paybill number to use is 880100. 
NCBA Paybill number

A Gude to How to Transfer Money from MPESA to NCBA Account

You can buy goods and services and pay with MPESA using the NCBA Paybill number or transfer funds from your MPESA wallet to your NCBA account in 3 ways:

Using the STK (Sim Tool Kit)

Go to your Sim Tool Kit and follow these steps to send money from MPESA to NCBA: 

  • Tap on STK and select MPESA 
  • Choose ‘Lipa Na MPESA’ and then ‘Paybill.’
  • Enter the business number 880100
  • Then enter the NCBA account number
  • Input the amount to send and provide your MPESA pin 
  • Confirm the transaction, and that’s it 

Using The MPESA App 

If you’ve access to an MPESA App, here are the steps for sending money from MPESA to NCBA:

  • Open your MPESA app by entering your MPESA pin 
  • Tap on ‘Pay’ and select ‘Paybill.’
  • Enter the Paybill number 880100 and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • Enter the NCBA account number and tap ‘Continue’ again
  • Key in the amount to send and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • Input your MPESA pin to confirm the transaction 
NCBA mobile banking

Using USSD *334#

If you don’t have the MPESA app or it won’t open, you can use the USSD code *334# to send money from your MPESA wallet to NCBA. 

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Dial *334# on your MPESA registered line 
  • Select ‘Lipa Na MPESA’ and then ‘Paybill.’ 
  • Enter the Paybill number 880100 as the NCBA business number 
  • Input the NCBA Bank account number of the recipient 
  • Provide your MPESA pin to confirm the transaction 

A Guide to How to Withdraw Money from NCBA to MPESA?

In case you want to send money from your NCBA bank account to your MPESA wallet, you can do it using these steps:

  • Open the NCBA mobile app on your phone 
  • Tap on ‘Payment’ and then ‘Send Money.’ 
  • Select ‘To Mobile’ and then ‘Mobile Money.’
  • Input the recipient’s MPESA number 
  • Enter the code you’ll receive to confirm the transfer

Once you complete the above, NCBA and MPESA will send you confirmation SMSs, to show a successful fund transfer. 

NCBA Mobile Banking

NCBA bank runs a mobile banking service identified as Loop. Loop allows you to deposit funds from your MPESA account to your Loop account and use it for online payments. Alternatively, you can transfer funds from your NCBA Loop online account to your MPESA. 

Let’s see how to do both: 

Transferring Money from MPESA to The NCBA Loop Account 

Here’s what it takes to send money from your MPESA account to an NCBA Loop account:

  • Go to MPESA on your phone and tap ‘Lipa Na MPESA.’ 
  • Select ‘Paybill’ and enter the NCBA Loop Paybill number 714777
  • Enter the Loop account number of the recipient and then the amount to transfer 
  • Input your MPESA pin to complete the transfer 
NCBA Paybill number charges

Transferring Money from NCBA to MPESA 

If you’ve money in your NCBA Loop account, you can send funds to your MPESA account using these steps:

  • Open the NCBA Loop mobile app on your phone 
  • Sign in to your Loop account 
  • Tap on ‘Payments’ and then the ‘Lock’ icon 
  • Input your pin and select ‘My Account.’
  • Choose ‘Send Money’ once you click ‘Payment.’ 
  • Choose ‘To Mobile’ 
  • Then tap MPESA and follow the subsequent steps to complete the transfer 

NCBA Paybill Number Charges

From the start of the year, MPESA has been charging Ksh 30 per transaction for MPESA to NCBA transfers. In contrast, the NCBA to MPESA transaction charges vary depending on the bulkiness of the transaction. 

Here’s a table showing how much it’ll cost to transfer money from an NCBA bank account to MPESA and Airtel accounts.

Transfer Limit (Ksh)MPESA Charges (Ksh)Airtel Money (Ksh)
1 – 10000
101 – 500 10 11
501 – 100012 13
1,001 – 1,500 14 20
1,501 – 2,5002325
2,501 – 3,500 3335
3,501 – 5,0004345
5,001 – 7,500 5555
7,501 – 20,0006565
20,001 – 150,0006765

People Also Ask 

1. What Does NCBA Mean?

NCBA stands for the National Commercial Bank of Kenya. NCBA is a product of a merger between CBA Bank and NIC Bank in 2016.

2. How Do I Deposit from MPESA to NCBA?

Here’s how to deposit money to NCBA via MPESA:

Go to ‘Lipa Na MPESA’ on your phone and tap ‘Paybill’ to enter the Paybill number 880100. Then input the recipient’s NCBA account number and the amount, and lastly, input your MPESA Pin and confirm the details. 

3. What Is The MPESA Paybill Number for NCBA Loop? 

The MPESA Paybill number for NCBA Loop is 714777. This Paybill number allows you to deposit funds into your online Loop account, which you can use to make online payments. 

4. How Do I Do Mobile Banking with NCBA? 

You can do mobile banking with NCBA bank by first registering online. You’ll need to input personal information and residential address and then indicate on the NCBA registration form that you prefer mobile banking. Once you submit the form, NCBA should get back to you via email with further details. 

Closing Remarks 

Above is a guide to use when making transfers between NCBA and MPESA. Use the NCBA Paybill Number 880100 when paying for goods and services using MPESA via NCBA or depositing money from your MPESA to your NCBA account. 

However, to make online payments, deposit funds into your NCBA Loop account using the NCBA Loop Paybill number 714777. 

Talk to our Cent Warrior team on social media if you want clarifications on the NCBA Paybill.

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