The New KCB Paybill Number (Everything to Know!)

The Kenyan banking sector is becoming fully digitalized, and it isn’t surprising that the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is at the center of it. KCB marks its digital evolution by unveiling a new payment solution labeled ‘Pay with KCB’ or ‘Lipa Na KCB Till’, which lets merchants receive payments through one KCB Paybill number. 

The KCB pay bill number we are talking about is 522533, which allows merchants to receive payments without incurring extra charges and makes it easy for users to make KCB-to-MPESA transactions and vice versa. 

So, we are looking at an actual revolution in the banking sector, and it’s not just KCB doing it. Equity Bank also has the Equity One-Till Paybill number, and so does the NCBA Bank.  Overall, all these financial institutions now make it easy for merchants to receive payments through mobile phones.

But given that the new KCB pay bill number is pretty new, you may want to know a few things before you can apply for one if you are a merchant or use it for payments if you are a regular consumer.

My focus is to help you better understand the KCB pay bill number and decide if that’s the way to go, be it a merchant or just a regular KCB or MPESA customer. On that note, here’s what we shall cover: 

  • What’s the KCB pay bill number?
  • What are the advantages of pay with KCB?
  • How do you get the KCB pay bill number? 
  • What are the KCB pay bill charges?
  • How do you withdraw from KCB to MPESA? 
  • How do you deposit money to KCB from MPESA? 
  • Why is KCB MPESA not giving me a loan? 
  • How do you link a KCB account with MPESA?
  • How do you check your KCB MPESA balance? 

Let’s dive in!

KCB Paybill number

What Is The KCB Paybill Number?

The KCB pay bill number 522533 is an MPESA pay bill number that allows merchants to receive payments on their KCB accounts instantly. It’s an alternative payment solution to the Vooma USSD code *844# or Vooma app. 

What Are the Advantages of the ‘Pay with KCB’ Till Number? 

As a merchant, the Pay with KCB pay bill number solution offers many benefits. The most notable ones are: 

  • Instant reflection – You don’t have to wait days or hours to receive payments on your KCB account. The money gets credited into your account as soon as the payment is made. 
  • Immediate access – Since the money is reflected in your account instantly, you can access it immediately. Again, you don’t have to wait hours or days to pay your bills as the money is instantaneously accessible. 
  • Zero fees – Merchants don’t incur any charges on payments, which is good for balancing financial books and calculating profit margins. 
  • Loan limit growth – KCB continually monitors its customers’ financial dealings, and the more you receive payments via the pay bill number and other KCB payment solutions, the more you build your credit reputation with them. They can increase your loan limit faster than most users. 

What About Other Users? 

For customers, there’s the advantage of not having to incur any charges when making payments via the pay bill number 522533, just like merchants. That means you can conveniently pay bills without worrying about the extra transaction fees.

I must also mention the quickness and convenience of paying using your mobile phone. The KCB pay bill number makes it easy to swiftly make payments for goods and services as long as they allow you.

With time, perhaps the pay bill number will be able to allow shoppers to do more than pay bills. Only time can tell, nonetheless.

How to Get KCB Paybill Number? 

There are different ways to get a KCB pay bill number for your business as a merchant, and they include the following: 

Option 1 – Direct Inquiry On the Website

KCB allows you to make a direct inquiry of the pay bill number on its website using the following steps:

  • Go to the KCB Bank Kenya website and click on the ‘For Your Biashara’ tab at the top
  • Then click on ‘Lipa Na KCB Till’ underneath 
  • Click on the green button labeled ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the inquiry form that pops up 
  • Click on ‘Send Inquiry’ after filling out the form and wait for KCB to get back to you 

Option 2 – KCB Customer Support 

You can also contact KCB customer support to inquire directly about the pay bill number and apply for it. Here are your options:

  • KCB Paybill Customer Care number: +254 711 087 000/ +254 732 187 000
  • WhatsApp: +254 711 087 087 
  • Email: contactcenter@kcbgroup.com

You can also visit KCBgroup.com/support, fill out a simple contact form, and wait for KCB to reply. 

KCB Paybill number charges

Option 3 — Nearest KCB Branch 

Suppose you don’t want to go through the hassle of an online application and probably want an immediate response and face-to-face clarification. In that case, you can visit the nearest KCB bank branch and inquire about everything. 

What Are the Latest KCB Paybill Number Charges? 

Here are the applicable KCB pay bill and mobile banking charges at the time of creating this post:

Service Charges (Ksh)
Balance Inquiry Free 
Buy Airtime Free 
Mini Statements Free 
PIN ChangesFree 
Forex Rates Free 
Vooma Transfers Free 
Receive Western Union Free 
Bill Payments 36 
Lipa Karo Na KCB 36 
Mobi Chama Transfer 36 
ATM Withdrawal 36 
KCB To KCB Money Transfers36 
KCB Insurance Payment 36 
Payment To Vooma Paybill 36 
MPESA Agent Float Purchase63

How to Withdraw Money from KCB to MPESA?

You can withdraw funds from your KCB account to MPESA wallet using these steps: 

  • Dial *522# on your mobile phone 
  • Choose ‘Send Money’ and opt for ‘Send to MPESA’ and then to ‘own number’ or ‘other number.’ 
  • Choose the KCB account to transfer the funds from 
  • Input the amount to transfer and then your KCB mobile banking pin (so you must register for KCB mobile banking to transfer funds this way)
  • Confirm the withdrawal transaction 
  • Submit and wait for the confirmation message 

Having mentioned mobile banking, here’s how to register for the KCB mobile banking: 

  • Dial *52# on your phone and set up a 4-digit PIN 
  • Re-enter the secret PIN and then accept the mobile banking terms 
  • Validate and submit the request to activate your KCB mobile banking account 

Remember, you must first be a registered KCB customer to qualify for KCB mobile banking. If not, visit the nearest KCB bank branch to open an account and ask about KCB mobile banking. 

How to Deposit to KCB from MPESA?

Here are the simple steps for depositing funds from MPESA to KCB: 

  • Go to MPESA on your phone and then Lipa Na MPESA 
  • Choose pay bill number 522522 or 522533 
  • Enter the recipient KCB account number 
  • Input the amount and your MPESA pin 
  • Confirm and send 
how to withdraw money from KCB to MPESA

Why Is KCB MPESA Not Giving Me A Loan?

There are several reasons why KCB MPESA may deny your loan request, and they include the following: 

  • Bad credit rating – You could have a poor credit score, perhaps from defaulting on payments elsewhere. If so, KCB MPESA won’t grant you a mobile loan. 
  • Lack of credit history – It could be that your credit rating isn’t bad but nonexistent. That happens when you are a new MPESA user (somebody whose MPESA line has only been active for less than six months). You must be an active MPESA user for at least six months to qualify for a KCB MPESA loan. 
  • CRB Blacklisting – KCB MPESA consults the Kenya Credit Reference Bureau, and if they have blacklisted you, KCB MPESA won’t offer you a loan and that applies to most lenders. It’s best to clear your name from CRB before you can qualify for a loan from KCB MPESA and many other lenders. That’s unless you go for loans without CRB check – but again, these can be too expensive in terms of interest, thus not worth it.
  • Late loan repayments – It could be that you haven’t been blacklisted yet, but you were late on the last loan you obtained from KCB. If that’s the case, KCB MPESA may deny you a loan. 

How to Link KCB Account with MPESA?

KCB allows you to link your KCB account with MPESA by opening a KCB M-BENKI account. This mobile banking account enables you to transfer funds between banks and MPESA, access mobile loans, save up and lock your savings, and earn interest from saving. 

Your savings can earn interest above 6% per annum, and you can lock your money for 1 – 12 months. Here’s how to activate your KCB M-BENKI account: 

  • Go to MPESA on your mobile phone 
  • Select Payment Services and then Pay Bill 
  • Enter the pay bill number 522522
  • Input your KCB account and then the ID number (with no space) and national ID
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and your MPESA pin 
  • Wait for the confirmation message from KCB

One SMS will show your M-BENKI account number, while the other will have your PIN and user ID. Overall, you can access your M-BENKI account using the USSD code *522#, allowing you also to enjoy other KCB mobile banking services. 

How to Check Your KCB MPESA Balance?

As a KCB MPESA user, you can check your account balance using these key steps: 

  • Go to the MPESA menu on your phone and then select Loans & Savings 
  • Click on KCB MPESA and choose My Account 
  • Choose Check Balance and enter and submit your MPESA PIN

Concluding Thought 

Above is everything you must know about the new KCB Paybill number and what you can do with it. It’s undeniable that the pay bill number is a lifesaver for merchants as it allows them to receive payments quickly and conveniently. 

That, however, does not discount those who pay the bills and make payments using it. The pay bill number saves them from paying expensive transaction fees. So, if you are a merchant or regular KCB or MPESA user who hasn’t yet embraced the KCB pay bill number, it’s about time you did that. 

And if you need help getting out of debt, which is one reason you can’t get the most out of using the KCB pay bill, check out our newly released ‘Winning the Game of Debt’ book on our online store, where we help people get out of debt. 

Written by Alex

Written by Alex

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