Top 30+ Marketable Courses in Kenya & Qualifications 2024

Nowadays, only those who undertake the most marketable courses in Kenya find a job quickly or can create one for themselves and others. With so many colleges and universities in the country offering numerous programs, some fake or just unmarketable, it’s not easy choosing a course that will land you on the job market and make you hirable.

Overall, some of the most marketable courses in Kenya include motor vehicle mechanics, automotive engineering, storekeeping, food & beverage, electrical installation, catering & accommodation, civil engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, and land surveying.  

Note that the above courses will allow you to earn at least a recognized certificate. They are, however, not the only ones. We have an array of other certificate courses and diploma and degree programs you can pursue. I’ll share them and the respective institutions that offer them.

But first, let’s discuss the tips you can use to find a marketable course and one that is acknowledged in Kenya. At least, that’ll save you from wasting months or years pursuing a course that no one will ever recognize, especially employers.

marketable courses in kenya

In a rush? Below is a quick guide to the top 30 highly demanding courses in Kenya:

Best Marketable Courses in Kenya and Their Qualifications

CourseMinimum Qualification
Certificate Courses
1Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM)D Minus
2Automotive EngineeringD Minus
3StorekeepingD Minus
4Food & BeveragesD Plain
5Electrical InstallationD Plain
6Catering & AccommodationD Plain
7Civil EngineeringD Plus
8Information TechnologyD Plus
9Mechanical EngineeringD Plus
10Land SurveyingD Plus
Diploma Courses
11Community Health & Development   C Minus
12Mortuary Science & PracticeC Minus
13Counseling PsychologyC Minus
14Health Records & ITC Minus
15Web & Graphic DesignC Minus
16Clinical MedicineC Plain
17NursingC Plain
18Animal Health & ProductionC Plain
19Film ProductionC Plain
20Special Needs EducationC Plain
Degree Courses
21Clinical MedicineC Plus
22Mechanical EngineeringC Plus
23Physical TherapyC Plus
24MicrobiologyC Plus
25Nutrition and DieteticsC Plus
26Bachelor of EducationC Plus
27NursingC Plus
28Arts & Film ProductionC Plus
29Civil EngineeringC Plus
30Software EngineeringC Plus

How to Find the Best Courses in Kenya

Generally, your academic qualifications or grades, especially those of KCSE, determine the course you can take in Kenya. For example, you can only take a degree course with a C Plus and above. Anything below that will require you to sit for a certificate or diploma program and work your way up.

It’s also worth noting that some fields and institutions have higher qualification standards than others. For instance, you may have a C Plus or even a B Plain and still fail to qualify for a degree program in medicine or law. However, such grades are enough to warrant a spot in a business, IT, education, agriculture, science, engineering, and marketing field.

Having said that, ‘it’s vital to ensure your certificate, diploma, or degree is recognized, and that takes the following tips:

  • Check if the college/institute is accredited by a recognized exam body such as the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), or Kenya Accountants & Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB)
  • Check if the institution collaborates with a certified external quality assurance agency such as the Technical & Vocational Education Training Authority (TVETA) for TVETs and the Commission for University Education (CUE)
  • Consider other recognized professional bodies such as the Curriculum Development Assessment & Certification Council (CDACC), the National AIDS and STIs Control Program (NASCOP), the Nursing Council of Kenya, the Marketing Society of Kenya (MS), Kenya Institute of Bankers, and Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM), to name a few.
  • Check if the course is recognized by the Kenya Universities & Colleges Placement Service (KUCCPS). You can check the KUCCPS website.
  • Check the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) website to see if the institution is accredited and registered.
  • Visit Education.go.ke to verify the existence of the program
  • Check out medical courses on the Pharmacy & Poisons Board website
highly demanding courses in kenya

Guide to the Best Course to Study in Kenya

Now that you know how to find a recognized and accredited course in Kenya, below are the most marketable certificate, diploma, and degree programs:

Best Marketable Certificate Courses in Kenya

In Kenya, certificate courses take between 1 month and two years, depending on the field and qualification, and you can take one with a D Minus and above.

Best Courses in Kenya with D Minus and Below

While a D Minus isn’t the prettiest grade, it’s not entirely a lost course. You can do something with a D Minus in Kenya and still become a key player in society and, more importantly, earn a living.

Here are some marketable courses for D Minus and below and the institutions offering them:

1Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM)Embu College, Railway Training Institute, and Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS)
2Automotive EngineeringNyandarua Polytechnic, Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, Kisumu Polytechnic, Meru National Polytechnic, and Wote Technical Training Institute
3StorekeepingZetech University, Richstar College, and Uasin Gishu Technical Training Institute
4Front Office OperationRift Valley Institute of Science & Technology (RVIST)
5Carpentry & JoineryPC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute
6Electrical Engineering (Power)Nyandarua Polytechnic, Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Kiirua Technical Training Institute, Mukurweini Technical Training Institute, and Kapsinende Technical and Vocational College
7Plumbing ArtisanRVIST, Kabete Polytechnic, Ziwa Technical Training Institute, Kenya Water Institute, Mathenge Technical Training Institute, Ugenya Technical and Vocational College, and Murang’a Technical and Vocational College.
8Masonry & BricklayingKisumu Polytechnic and Uwezo College
9Solar PV InstallationRVIST, Nuu Technical and Vocational College, and Northeastern National Polytechnic
10Refrigeration & Air ConditioningKabete Polytechnic, Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, and Jodan College
11Fashion Design (Dress Making)RVIST, Mumbuni Technical Training College, Cambridge Universal College Nakuru, and Nakuru College of Commerce and Hospitality
12Hairdressing & Beauty TherapyKisii Polytechnic, Rwika Technical Training Institute, Jodan College, Uzuri Institute, and Meru Polytechnic
13Welding & FabricationKisii Polytechnic, Kabete Polytechnic, and Railway Training Institute

Best Marketable Courses in Kenya with A D Plain and Above

Mote technical institutes and vocational colleges will likely accept you with a D Plain and above than a D Minus. Here are some of these institutions and their respective certificate programs:

1Food & BeveragesKisumu Polytechnic, Beam Technical Training Centre, Mawego Technical Training Institute, NIBS College, Kitale National Polytechnic, and Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
2Electrical Wiring & InstallationKisii Polytechnic, Kabete Polytechnic, and Railway Training Institute
3Catering & AccommodationMathenge Technical Training Institute, NIBS College, Nyeri Polytechnic, Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College, and ICS College
4Plant MechanicsNorth Eastern National Polytechnic, Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology, Kisii National Polytechnic, and Nyeri National Polytechnic
5Sales and MarketingKenya Institute of Management, Siaya Institute of Technology, NIBS College, and Skynet Business College
6Building & Construction TechnologyRamogi Institute of Advanced Technology, Chuka Technical Training Institute, Eldoret Polytechnic, PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Kisumu Polytechnic, and KIST
7Science LaboratoryKisumu Polytechnic, Kisiwa Technical Training Institute, and KIST
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Marketable Courses in Kenya with A D+ and Above

Most public universities and colleges in Kenya will accept you for their certificate programs with a D Plus or higher. Here are some of the most marketable courses to consider with a D Plus and above:

1Civil EngineeringKenya Coast Polytechnic, Nyandarua Institute of Technology, Mawego Technical Training Institute, and Sigalagala National Polytechnic
2Information TechnologyRVIST,  Nyeri National Polytechnic, Kisumu Polytechnic, and Tseikuru Technical Training Institute
3Mechanical EngineeringKabete National Polytechnic, Kisii National Polytechnic, Keroka Technical Training Institute, and Kaiboi Technical Training Institute
4Land SurveyingKaiboi Technical Training Institute, Eldoret Polytechnic, Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Kitale National Polytechnic, and Kenya Institute of Surveying & Mapping
5Social Work & DevelopmentGreenwich College, Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS), Uwezo College, and Bondo Technical Training Institute
6TV & Film ProductionPetann Institute of Business Studies and Institute of Media & Technology Thika
7Nutrition & DieteticsKIPS and Imperial Institute of Management
8ICT TechnicianThika Technical Training Institute, RVIST, Eldoret Technical Training Institute, and African Institute of Research & Development

Best Diploma Marketable Courses in Kenya

Diploma courses are more marketable than certificate courses in Kenya, especially in the same niche. For instance, a Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics is more marketable than a certificate in the same field.

You can qualify for most diploma programs with a grade of C- and above;

Marketable Courses in Kenya with C- and Above

With a C Minus and above, you can settle for any of these top marketable diploma courses:

1Community Health & DevelopmentKenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Uzima University, and Thika School of Medical & Health Science (TSMHS)
2Mortuary Science & PracticeUzima University
3Counseling PsychologyUzima University, TSMHS, East Africa Institute of Professional Counselling, and Tropical College of Management Eldoret
4Health Records & ITUzima University, Imperial College of Medical & Health Science, Jodan College, TSMHS, Mount Kenya University, and Eldoret Technical Training Institute
5Web & Graphic DesignKenya College of Interior Design, Africa Digital Media Institute, and Cornerstone Training Institute
6Tourism ManagementEldoret Technical Training Institute, NIBS College, and East Africa Institute of Certified Studies
7Nutrition & DieteticsTSMHS, Jodan College, Eldoret Technical Training Institute, Nima College, and East Africa Institute of Certified Studies
8Sales and MarketingNIBS College, Kisii University, Barton College, and Beam International Training Center

Marketable Courses in Kenya with C Plain and Above

A C Plain is often considered the average grade, which is enough to warrant you a spot for any diploma course at any college or university in the country. Here are some of the most marketable diploma courses for grade C plain and above.

1Clinical MedicineKMTC and Uzima College
2NursingKMTC and Uzima College
3Animal Health & ProductionMasinde Muliro University, Mount Kenya University, Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT), and Chuka University
4Film ProductionKisumu Polytechnic, Kitale National Polytechnic, and Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
5Special Needs EducationMount Kenya University and Kenyatta University
6Journalism and Mass CommunicationKenya Institute of Mass Communication
7Mechanical EngineeringTaita Taveta University College, Meru University, Kirinyaga University, and Masinde Muliro University
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Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya Today

Once you score a C Plus and above, you are likely to be shortlisted by KUCCPS for a degree program at a local university or polytechnic. And even if they don’t, you can always apply directly as a self-sponsored student and here are the most marketable courses in Kenya with C Plus and above:

Degree Institution
1Clinical MedicineUzima University, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU), Egerton University, and Great Lakes University of Kisumu
2Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Nairobi (UoN), Riara University, Strathmore University, Technical University of Kenya (TUK), Mount Kenya University, JKUAT, and Moi University
3Physical TherapyAmref International University, Great Lakes University of Kisumu, and Moi University
4MicrobiologyUzima University, UoN, Maseno University, Egerton University, and Moi University
5Nutrition and DieteticsUoN, JKUAT, Maseno University, Masinde Muliro University, and Mount Kenya University
6Bachelor of EducationUoN, Laikipia University, KeMU, African Nazarene, University of Eldoret, Daystar University, and Riara University
7NursingKenyatta University and UoN
8Arts & Film ProductionUoN, Multimedia University, Daystar University, Maseno University, Egerton University, Riara University, and Kenyatta University
9Civil EngineeringDedan Kimathi University, Maseno University, Egerton University, JKUAT, UoN, Moi University, Eldoret University, and TUK
10Software EngineeringUoN, Kenyatta University, Moi University, Maseno University, African Nazarene, Multimedia University, Strathmore University, and JKUAT
11Bachelor of Commerce (B-Com)UoN, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, TUK, Maseno University, Eldoret University, and Strathmore University
12Mathematics & StatisticsUoN, JKUAT, Mount Kenya University, Daystar University, KeMU, TUK, Strathmore University, and Kabarak University

Concluding Thought:

The above certificate, diploma, and degree programs are undeniably the most Marketable courses in Kenya today. They will probably stay that for a long time. If your goal is to get a well-paying and sustainable job or create one for yourself and others (which you should do), those are the courses to pursue – depending on your academic qualifications, interests, and career aspirations.

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