14 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya 2024 and Salary Estimates

With fast and wide internet penetration in the country and an increased number of graduates from TVETs and local universities, the job sector in Kenya has improved tremendously. It’s now more competitive than ever, but more importantly, the highest paying jobs in Kenya can afford you a comfortable life.

The highest paying jobs in Kenya are those of a medical surgeon, commercial pilot, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, marketing director, bank manager, medical dentist, actuary, university lecturer, lawyer, software engineer, civil engineer, and design architect.

Interestingly, most of these jobs have an average base yearly salary of over a million and a few others up to Ksh 20 million and above, depending on the specialty. I’ll break them down to give you an idea of the direction you may want to take.

I’ll also mention the basic qualifications you may need to land these jobs. Overall, it takes a marketable course and intensive training to be a top earner in Kenya. Thus, you’ve to be ready for a rough ride at the start before you can start receiving the huge paycheck you want so badly.

highest paying jobs in kenya

Let’s dive in!

An Overview of the Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya and Their Salaries (According to PayScale.com)

Highest Paying Jobs in KenyaAverage Base Annual Salary
1.Medical SurgeonKsh 5,000,000
2.Commercial PilotKsh 4,913,176
3.Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Ksh 4,500,000
4.Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Ksh 3,575,555
5.Marketing DirectorKsh 2,900,000
6.Medical DoctorKsh 2,696,296
7.Bank ManagerKsh 2,048,785
8.Medical DentistKsh 1,768,743
9.ActuaryKsh 1,200,000
10.University LecturerKsh 1,179,162
11.Lawyer/AttorneyKsh 982,635
12.Software EngineerKsh 961,228
13.Civil EngineerKsh 719,722
14.Design ArchitectKsh 580,000

Which Job Pays Highest Salary in Kenya?

Below are the best paying jobs in Kenya and their salaries according to PayScale.com:

1. Medical Surgeon (Average Base Salary – Ksh 5,000,000)

Medical surgeons are highly trained medical professionals who carry out operations on the human body. They receive an average annual salary of Ksh 5 million. The pay, however, depends on the specialty, as medical surgeons aren’t the same.

Some of the highest-earning medical surgeons include neurosurgeons, cardiothoracic, cardiovascular, and oral surgeons. Depending on experience level, some of these surgeons earn up to Ksh 20 million a year.


To be a general surgeon, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery and to be registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union (KMPDU). You also need several years of experience as a surgeon at a reputable medical facility.

2. Commercial Pilot (Average Base Salary – Ksh 4,913,176)

Commercial pilots fly people or cargo on a long haul. They take years to study and master their craft. Commercial pilots are high-demand professionals, but most importantly, the jobs pay well.

Commercial pilots in Kenya earn an average yearly base salary of Ksh 4,913,176. However, depending on experience, some pocket up to Ksh 6 million a year.


You must join a recognized commercial pilot training institution and obtain the necessary qualifications, including a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). You’ll also need a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

Which job pays highest salary in Kenya

3. Chief Financial Officer (Average Base Salary – Ksh 4,500,000)

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) oversee a company’s financial operations while offering leadership in finance and accounting departments. They supervise departments in account management, purchasing, investing, pricing, debt management, and tax.

CFOs receive an average base salary of Ksh 4.5 million per year. However, some more experienced CFOs working for well-established companies make up to Ksh 13 million annually.


You require at least a degree in accounting or finance to become a CFO. You must also have the necessary experience working in a top management position and possess essential accounting, financial reporting, strategic planning, and financial analysis skills.

4. Chief Executive Officer (Average Base Salary – Ksh 3,575,555)

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), sometimes known as company presidents, are the highest-ranked executives in an organization. They run the entire organization. Overall, the more experienced the CEO is and the more established the company is, the higher the pay.

Kenyan CEOs receive an average base salary of Ksh 3,575,55 per year. Others who work for multi-million companies earn up to Ksh 31 million a year.


To become a CEO in Kenya, you must have a relevant degree and demonstrate strong leadership skills, especially in people management, operations management, and strategic planning.

5. Marketing Director (Average Base Salary – Ksh 2,900,000)

A marketing director leads an organization’s marketing strategy. They carry out detailed market research to understand what the customer wants. They coordinate all marketing teams and are tasked to improve the organization’s marketing performance.

In Kenya, marketing directors earn an average base salary of Ksh 2.9 million annually. It’s, however, possible for them to make up to Ksh 9 million.


A marketing-related degree is essential to becoming a marketing director in Kenya. You also need a marketing certification and possess previous marketing experience. Moreover, you should possess problem-solving, strong leadership, and good communication skills.

6. Medical Doctor (Average Base Salary – Ksh 2,696,296)

It’s hard to talk about the highest-paid professionals in Kenya without mentioning medical doctors, otherwise known as physicians. These professionals treat and care for patients, maintain patients’ health records, and offer health consultation services.

Medical doctors earn an average base salary of Ksh 2,696,296 a year. Some highly skilled specialists, however, make up to Ksh 11 million a year.


To work as a medical doctor in Kenya, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery and a KMPDU certification.

Which job is in high demand in Kenya

7. Bank Manager (Average Base Salary – Ksh 2,048,785)

Bank managers run the day-to-day bank operations. They make sound decisions for the bank, manage the bank staff, and oversee customer experience and bank security.

Bank managers generally earn an average base salary of Ksh 2,048,785 a year. Some, however, take home up to Ksh 5 million per year.


You require at least a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, marketing, or a related field and be certified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Moreover, you should possess good customer service, leadership, communication, and team-building skills.

8. Medical Dentist (Average Base Salary – Ksh 1,768,743)

Medical dentists deal with oral health. They can be general practitioners or specialists such as orthodontists (who correct crooked teeth), periodontists (who deal with periodontal or gum diseases), and endodontists (who deal with complex tooth issues).

Medical dentists in Kenya earn an average base salary of Ksh 1,768,743 per year. However, some of the highest earners make up to Ksh 27 million annually.


To land a well-paying dentist job in Kenya, you require a degree in dentistry and experience working as a dentist.

9. Actuary (Average Base Salary – Ksh 1,200,000)

An actuary is an insurance company analyst who helps to determine if an insurance company should issue a particular policy and at what premium. They offer valuable, actionable insights.

These experts generally earn an average base salary of Ksh 1.2 million annually. Top earners, however, make up to Ksh 4 million per year in the country.


To work as an actuary in Kenya, you must have at least a degree in actuarial science, statistics, or a related field.

10. University Lecturer (Average Base Salary – Ksh 1,179,162)

We all know them. They are the guys who seem like they know it all, and they often do. They take years to study and master their craft, and rightly so, they deserve a fat checkbook. University lecturers make an average of Ksh 1,179,162 a year. Top-earning lecturers, however, make up to Ksh 6 million.


You need a master’s degree and some teaching experience to become a university lecturer. You are, however, better placed if you have a PhD.

highest paying jobs in kenya and their salaries

11. Lawyer/Attorney (Average Base Salary – Ksh 982,635)

Some call them barristers, advocates, attorneys, learned friends, or lawyers, but regardless of what you call them, these masters of the law are among the highest-paid professionals in Kenya. They earn an average base salary of Ksh 982,635 a year. However, more established advocates, especially criminal lawyers, make up to Ksh 3 million annually.


You require at least a law degree and pass the bar exam to practice law in Kenya.

12. Software Engineer (Average Base Salary – Ksh 961,228)

Software engineers, sometimes called software developers, help create working software. They work with programmers, designers, and coders to develop computer programs. These experts average Ksh 961,228 annually, but some make as much as Ksh 4 million annually.


You need at least a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related IT field and possess necessary coding and programming knowledge.

13. Civil Engineer (Average Base Salary – Ksh 719,722)

A civil engineer designs and manages construction projects, which include buildings, bridges, roads, and stadiums. These highly skilled experts earn an average base pay of Ksh 719,722 yearly. Top-earning civil engineers, however, make up to Ksh 3M a year or higher.


You need a degree in civil engineering and be registered to work as a civil engineer in Kenya. You at least need to register with the Engineers Body of Kenya (EBK) and the Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (KABCEC)

14. Design Architect (Average Base Salary – Ksh 580,000)

Design architects design buildings, houses, and other structures and leave the rest to civil engineers. Becoming a highly-paid design architect takes years of study and creativity. On average, design architects make Ksh 580,000 a year. Top earners, however, make up to Ksh 7 million.


To be a design architect, you need a degree in architecture. But more importantly, you should be creative and have experience using CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

best paying jobs in kenya and their salaries

Which Job Is in High Demand in Kenya?

When discussing high-in-demand jobs, we look at career paths that don’t have much competition and often pay the highest. Not many people pursue these careers because they are either too technical or perceived to be less attractive due to the nature of their work environments.

Fine examples of high-demand jobs in Kenya include:

  • Medical surgeon
  • Commercial pilot
  • Medical doctor
  • Medical dentist
  • Actuary
  • University lecturer
  • Attorney
  • Design Architect
  • Civil engineer

Concluding Thought on the Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya:

There’s no doubt that Kenya is rich in job opportunities, and there are numerous ways to earn a considerable paycheck. You can consider all the 14 careers I have shared and pursue whatever catches your eye, and you are passionate about. Remember, however, that passion precedes the huge paycheck. Unless you love what you do first, you may never succeed!

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