How to Get MPESA Statement Online (7 Ways to Do It!)

The MPESA economy has taken over the Kenya business and financial sectors, and you can only keep tabs on your spending by tracking your MPESA statements. Nowadays, there are more ways on how to Get MPESA statement online than ever before. 

You can get an MPESA statement via USSD codes (*234# or 334#), Sim Tool Kit, MySafaricom app, MPESA M-Ledger App, or the Safaricom online self-care portal. 

Not only that, you can obtain a mini or full statement and specify how far back you want to go in the case of the latter. So, long gone are the days you had to queue up in person at a Safaricom customer service office to get your statement. 

Provided you have a phone, even a Kabambe, and a working email (in case of a full statement), you can receive your MPESA statement on demand. 

Let me help you understand the difference between a mini and a full statement before discussing the various ways to get them. 

Here we go!

How to Get MPESA Statement Online

MPESA Mini Statement Vs. Full Statement – What’s The Difference?

A mini MPESA statement is a short report of your MPESA transaction covering about five recent MPESA dealings. You receive a mini statement via SMS, which means you don’t need an email here, and the process usually takes minutes. 

On the other hand, a full MPESA statement shows MPESA transactions for up to 1 year. Unlike a mini statement, you don’t get a full statement via SMS, which means you need an email. 

Once you sign Up for a full statement, you’ll receive it every month (covering that specific month). That means you don’t have to sign up again. 


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How to Get MPESA Statement Online

Depending on whether you want a mini or full MPESA statement, here are the seven ways to get an MPESA statement online:

1. Via USSD *234#

Consider these steps to get your mini or full MPESA statement online:

  • Dial *234# on your Safaricom line 
  • Choose MPESA Information, then MPESA Statement (Normally option 1)
  • Select Request Statement (usually option 1)

For Mini Statement 

  • Pick the ‘Last 5 Transactions’ (usually option 0)
  • Then wait to receive your mini statement via SMS 

For Full Statement 

  • Pick Full Statement (usually option 1)
  • Select the statement period in terms of the number of months the statement should cover 
  • Enter your email address and then confirm it 
  • Wait for Safaricom to send your MPESA statement 

It’s worth noting that the full statement you’ll receive will come password-protected; its default password usually is your ID. That means you can change it if you want to. 

2. Via USSD *334#

Safaricom also allows you to sign up for MPESA statements via USSD code *334#. You, however, have to first register your line for this service, and this is how to do it:

  • Dial *334# on your mobile and then choose the MPESA statement 
  • Choose Register for Email Statements and then accept the terms and conditions 
  • Input your email address to enable you to receive an OTP (or validation code)
  • Enter your MPESA pin to confirm your request 
  • Dial *334# once more on your phone 
  • Choose My Account and then MPESA Statement 
  • Opt for option 1 to verify your email using the OTP you received via email 
  • Dial *334# on your MPESA line 
  • Choose MPESA Information, then MPESA statement 
  • Choose between a mini statement and a full statement 
  • Follow the ensuing steps to complete the statement request 

After registration, follow these steps to get your MPESA statement via USSD code *334#

How do I Get my MPESA statement from Gmail

3. Using The STK (Sim Toolkit) Menu)

This approach works specifically for mini statements as it only lets you get a report of your most recent transactions. Here’s how to get your MPESA statement using this route:

  • Visit the STK menu on your Safaricom line 
  • Tap ‘MPESA’
  • Choose My Account and then Mini Statement 
  • Enter your MPESA pin 
  • Wait to receive your mini statement via SMS 

4. Using MySafaricom App

MPESA statements are also accessible via the MySafaricom App. This option is specifically for full MPESA statements, and here’s how to go about it: 

  • Install MySafaricom App on your smartphone and launch it 
  • Sign up for an MPESA statement using your ID and MPESA number 
  • Enter your email and choose Full Statement 
  • Wait for the MPESA statement to pop up in your email 

5. Via MPESA App 

If you have an MPESA app, this is arguably the easiest way to view and download an MPESA statement. It allows you to choose the transaction type you want the statement to reflect, and you can pick the period.

Here’s how to Get MPESA statement on MPESA app: 

  • Install the MPESA app on your phone in case you don’t have it 
  • Open the app (you’ll need to enter your MPESA pin)
  • Tap on MPESA Statement somewhere at the top 
  • Click See All to view some of your recent MPESA transactions
  • Tap on Export Statements to have more elaborate access to the statements or to specify the period and end date. 
  • Click on Generate Statement 

Note that this option only allows you to generate a statement for up to 6 months. 

6. Through M-Ledger App 

If you want to obtain a statement from your MPESA transactions beyond one year, the M-Ledger app is the best way. 

This app generates the report in a readable format and allows you to export the tabled data to Word or PDF. Moreover, it categorizes the transactions depending on the type, such as Pay Bill, withdrawals, deposits, sent money, and airtime. 

Even better, you can back up the transactions and retrieve them from the cloud. 

7. Through The Safaricom Online Self-Care Portal 

You can also get a full MPESA statement online through the online self-care portal on the Safaricom website. Here’s how to go about the request: 

  • Visit the Safaricom website and click on self-care 
  • Select the registration you want (for example, individual) 
  • Input your mobile number and then create a username 
  • Accept the terms and conditions and wait to receive a validation code 
  • Input the code to validate the signup 
  • Log into the self-care portal using the username and password you developed 
  • Choose the period you want to receive the statement for and wait for the statement to pop up 
How long does it take to Get MPESA statement

Other Important Information 

How to Get MPESA Full Statement Online

There are different ways to get an MPESA full statement. You can do it using the USSD code *234# or *334#, the MPESA app, the MySafaricom app, and the Safaricom Self-care portal. These options allow you to obtain a statement of up to 6 months. 

How to Get MPESA Statement Through Email

You can get an MPESA statement through email by signing up using the USSD *234# or *334# or the MySafaricom app. Alternatively, go to the self-care portal; on the Safaricom website and sign up for the statements. Once you sign up, Safaricom will send the statements from one app. 

If you opt for the STK menu, go to MPESA, My Account, and Mini Statement. That allows you to get the statement via SMS. If you opt for the MPESA app, open it, tap on the MPESA statement, and pick the month you want. 

How to Get MPESA Statement for 3 Months

The easiest way to get a three-month MPESA statement is through the MPESA app. Open the app using the MPESA pin and tap on the MPESA transaction. Then tap ‘See All’ and choose the period you want. 

Remember, you can also specify your preferred transaction type. Alternatively, you can use the USSD code *234# or *334#. 

How to Get MPESA Statement for 6 Months

Ideally, you can use USSD or a mobile app to get a 6-month MPESA statement. If you opt for USSD, dial *234# or *334# on your MPESA line and follow the subsequent steps. 

And if you opt for the app route, then consider MPESA App or MySafaricom app. 

How to Get MPESA Statement for One Year

Most ways of obtaining an MPESA statement allow you to view transactions of up to 6 months. However, consider using the M-ledger app if you want a one-year statement. Alternatively, visit a Safaricom customer care center with your ID to request a statement. 

how to get MPESA statement online

People Also Ask 

1. But How Do I Get My MPESA Statement from Gmail?

You can obtain an MPESA statement from Gmail by signing up using the USSD code *234# or *334#. Alternatively, use the MySafaricom app or Safaricom self-care portal to sign up with your email.

After signing up, Safaricom will take a few days to email you the statement. You’ll then receive it in your Gmail account every month. 

2. Generally, How Long Does It Take to Get MPESA Statement?

It may take minutes and days to get an MPESA statement depending on whether it’s a mini or full statement. 

A mini statement takes minutes as you receive the statement via SMS, while a full statement takes up to 5 days from the request time. Remember, however, that Safaricom usually sends the statement at the beginning of every month once you sign up. 

3. How Much Does It Cost to Get MPESA Statement?

MPESA does not charge anything to obtain an MPESA statement via SMS or email once you sign up. You may, however, pay Ksh 50 to get a physical copy from a customer care center.

4. How Do I Check My MPESA Statement Online?

You can check your MPESA statement online using the MPESA app, MySafaricom app, or Safaricom self-care service. Alternatively, you can sign up using USSD codes *234# or *334# to receive the statement via email. 

In Conclusion 

It’s now clear how to Get MPESA statement online. You can go for USSD (*234# or *334#), a mobile app (MPESA App, MySafaricom App, or M-Ledger app), the SIM Tool Kit menu, or the Safaricom self-care service. 

And if all that seems too technical, or you want a one-year statement, pop in at any Safaricom customer care center to make the request.

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Written by Alex

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