15 Best Cheapest Cars in Kenya and Their Prices in 2024!

The government just increased the tax rate on imported cars, and it’s no longer 25% but 35%. That means that even those once considered the cheapest cars in Kenya may not be affordable anymore, making it harder to own a car today.

Some of the cheapest cars are locally used, and their starting price is Ksh 300,000 – Ksh 750,000, depending on the model, registration year, and specs. You’ll, however, have to spend Ksh 750,000 – Ksh 2.9 million to own a newly imported car in Kenya. 

That’s according to Croton Motors, a leading car dealership based in Karen Nairobi. The figures from the car prices that I’ll share in this post are from their website. 

Generally, I’ll share insights on the cheapest cars in Kenya, especially those under Ksh 300K and Ksh 500K and the country’s most affordable Toyota and Nissan cars. But first, let’s differentiate a locally used car from a newly imported option.

Best Cheapest Cars in Kenya

Let’s dive in!

In a hurry? Below is a quick guide to the cheapest cars in Kenya and their prices, according to CrotonMotors.com.

An Overview of the Cheapest Cars in Kenya and Their Prices

Car Type Price For Locally Used CarPrice For Newly Imported Car
1.Mazda Demio From Ksh 300,000Ksh 750,000 – Ksh 2M
2.Toyota Probox From Ksh 300,000Ksh 900,000 – Ksh 2.5M
3.Suzuki Alto From Ksh 400,000Ksh 400,000 – Ksh 1.5M
4.Toyota Succeed From Ksh 500,000Ksh 990,000 – Ksh 3M
5.Toyota Fielder From Ksh 500,000Ksh 1.38 – Ksh 2.9M
6.The Toyota Allion From Ksh 500,000Ksh 1.5M – Ksh 3.8M
7.Toyota Voxy From Ksh 500,000Ksh 500,000 – Ksh 3.9M
8.The Toyota Rush From Ksh 600,000Ksh 1.5M – Ksh 3.9M
9.Toyota Corolla Axio From Ksh 600,000Ksh 1.15M – Ksh 3M
10.Nissan AD Van From Ksh 680,000Ksh 680,000 – Ksh 1.95M
11.Nissan Cube From Ksh 700,000Ksh 700,000 – Ksh 1.8M
12.Suzuki Swift From Ksh 700,000Ksh 700,000 – Ksh 2M
13.Nissan Wingroad From Ksh 750,000Ksh 750,000 – Ksh 1.6M
14.Nissan March From Ksh 750,000Ksh 750,000 – Ksh 1.7M
15.Toyota Vitz From Ksh 750,000Ksh 750,000 – Ksh 2M

Should You Buy Locally used or Newly imported Cars in Kenya? 

As you can see from the above table, I’ve shared both the prices for locally used and newly imported cars. Obviously, a newly imported car is costlier and sometimes 2-3 times more expensive than a locally used one. 

That brings us to the question: why is that? Let me briefly discuss the two categories to help you understand what you’ll buy. 

Locally Used Cars 

As the name suggests, a locally used car is a car that has already been used in the country. So, even though some may look pretty new, they are second-hand with a lower mileage than the initial. 

Generally, locally used cars are more affordable because you don’t have to pay for the importation fees and duties.

Another advantage is that you can test drive the car before paying for it, reducing the risk of fraud. 

Moreover, there aren’t age restrictions (unlike foreign ones, which shouldn’t be older than eight years). You can buy a locally used car that is as old as 15 years, which means paying much less. 

However, the secret is to do your homework well and ensure you get a car with good mileage. Even though it’s locally used, it should still have a resale value. You wouldn’t want to sell it as scrap metal in a year or so!

Newly Imported Cars

If you want a brand-new car, importing one may be a good idea. Though you’ll have to cater to the high importation costs and duties, you’ll get a car with higher mileage, well-maintained parts, and in the best condition. 

The only danger is that there are many online scams, and since you may not get the chance to test-drive your preferred car (unless you use a trusted dealer), you could lose your money.

Overall, Kenya allows car imports not older than eight years (that is from the registration year). 

new cars under 500k in Kenya

Which Are the Cheapest Cars in Kenya?

Below are 15 cars you can get from Ksh 300k – Ksh 700k locally used in Kenya from CrotonMotors.com and other dealerships: 

1. Mazda Demio 

The cheapest car, according to our research, is the Mazda Demio. Why? That’s because you can get it from Ksh 300k locally used and from Ksh 750k newly imported. Of course, it depends on the engine capacity (1300cc or 1500cc) and the model year. 

2. Toyota Probox 

The Toyota Probox is undeniably one of the most popular cars on Kenyan roads, especially away from the city. These can-do-it all-passenger wagons are also fantastic cargo carriers. 

While its official passenger capacity is four people, we all know that it can carry more. Depending on the model year, you can get a Probox locally used for Ksh 300k – Ksh 800k and newly imported for Ksh 900k – Ksh 2.5M. 

3. Suzuki Alto 

The Suzuki Alto is a 4-person mini car you can get if you have a small family or want an option to turn it into a taxi. This mini car is fairly priced since you can get it locally used or brand new, starting from Ksh 400k to Ksh 1.5M. Its only downside is that it’s too simple and doesn’t offer much cargo volume. 

4. Toyota Succeed 

The Toyota Succeed looks like a Probox from a distance. So you can expect the two to compete for the same target market. 

Price-wise, you can get the Toyota Succeed locally used for Ksh 500k – Ksh 1M and a newly imported for Ksh 990k – Ksh 3 million. So, it’s slightly more expensive than the Probox. 

5. Toyota Corolla Fielder 

Dating to 1996, the Toyota Corolla Fielder, famously known as Toyota Fielder, is one of the most famous compact cars on Kenyan roads. 

This passenger wagon is famous for its simplicity, comfort, and outstanding cargo volume. Depending on the year, you can get a locally used fielder for Ksh 500k – Ksh 1M and a newly imported one for Ksh1.38M – Ksh 2.9M. 

cheapest Toyota cars in Kenya

6. Toyota Allion 

The Toyota Allion is a stunning, luxurious sedan you can get cheaply in Kenya. Depending on the model year, you can get the Toyota Allion locally used for Ksh 500k – Ksh 1.2 million and a newly imported option for Ksh 1.55M – Ksh 3.5M. Overall, it’s a good option for special occasions and daily commutes.

7. Toyota Voxy

The Suzuki Voxy is a minivan with a one-box design. This 5-door van has a 7-8-person capacity, making it a fantastic family choice. 

You can get it locally used or from Ksh 500k, but you may have to pay up to Ksh 3M for a newly imported option, depending on the model year. 

8. Toyota Rush 

Are you interested in a cheap SUV? While few affordable options exist in Kenya, especially under the Ksh 2M bracket, Toyota Rush is an exceptional choice. 

You can get this compact SUV locally used for Ksh 600k – Ksh 900k and newly imported for Ksh1.55M – Ksh 3.4M. The SUV has a 5-person capacity and enjoys an impressive resale value. 

9. Toyota Corolla Axio 

The Toyota Axio is a 4-door sedan with a 5-person capacity that you can buy cheaply in Kenya. This smartly looking car by Toyota is available for sale for Ksh 600,000 locally used, but you may pay Ksh 1.15M – Ksh 3M to own a foreign-imported choice. 

10. Nissan AD Van 

The Nissan AD Van is a small commercial-grade van rocking the Kenyan minivan scene since the 80s. This car is quite basic, and there’s nothing fancy about its interior. 

However, you’ve to like its price as you can get it locally used or newly imported for Ksh 680k – Ksh 1.955M spending on the model year. 

11. Nissan Cube 

The Nissan Cube is a compact minivan with a 5-person capacity. This 5-door styled one-box car isn’t the most fancy in appearance, but it’s reasonably priced and cheaper to maintain. 

You can get it locally used or newly imported from Ksh 700,000, but you may pay up to Ksh 1.8 million for the most recent edition. 

cheapest Nissan cars in Kenya

12. Suzuki Swift 

The Suzuki Swift is a fantastic two-wheel drive automatic hatchback with a 5-door design. This 5-passenger class compact vehicle comes in stunning colors and is available locally from Ksh 100k. 

13. Nissan Wingroad 

The Nissan Wingroad is a distinguished passenger wagon that competes with the Toyota Fielder regarding fuel efficiency, cargo storage, and passenger volume. 

Though often underrated, the Wingroad has a much better resale value. You can get it locally used or newly imported for Ksh 750k – Ksh 1.6 million. 

14. Nissan March 

The Nissan March is an attractive 5 door hatchback for those looking for simplicity and functionality. This compact vehicle accommodates a maximum of 5 people and is available in 2WD and 4WD. 

Price-wise, you can get the Nissan March locally used or newly imported for Ksh 750k – Ksh 1.7 million. 

15. Toyota Vitz 

Everyone knows the Toyota Vitz. It’s among the most popular hatchbacks on Kenyan roads, especially among ladies. This 5-person small car dates back to 1999 and is quite popular due to its fuel economy, higher mileage, and stunning looks. 

Depending on the model year, you can get it locally used or newly imported for Ksh 750k – Ksh 2M. 

Best Cars Under 300k in Kenya

Realistically, you can’t get a new or foreign imported car in Kenya for under 300k. Such an amount can only get you a locally used option and some of the best models within such a price range on Mazda Demio, Toyota Probox, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and Toyota Corolla, among many others. 

You can check such cars on crotonmotors.com, automark.ke, the-star.co.ke, and jiji.co.ke, among other reputable sites. 

cheap cars in Kenya below 300k

Cheapest Cars in Kenya Under 500k

In most cases, Ksh 500k will get you a locally used car in Kenya. That includes the likes of Mazda Demio, Toyota Probox, Toyota Succeed, Toyota Allion, and Toyota Fielder. However, with some deep digging and research, you can still get a few new cars under 500k in Kenya, and they include: 

  • Suzuki Alto 
  • Toyota Voxy 

Cheapest Toyota Cars in Kenya

Toyota lines up the cheapest cars in Kenya, whose starting price is about Ksh 300K – Ksh 750K, depending on the model and year. You can get a locally used Toyota Probox, Toyota Succeed, Toyota Corolla Fielder, Toyota Allion, Toyota Voxy, Toyota Rush, Toyota Corolla Axio, or Toyota Vitz for such a price. However, you’ll have to pay more for a newly imported one. 

Cheapest Nissan Cars in Kenya

Some of the cheapest Nissan cars in Kenya include a newly imported Nissan AD Van (Ksh 680K – Ksh 1.95 million), Nissan Cube (Ksh 700K – Ksh 1.8 million), Nissan Wingroad (Ksh 750K – Ksh 1.6 million), and Nissan March (Ksh 750K – Ksh 1.7 million)

Concluding Thought On the Cheapest Cars in Kenya:

Above are the cheapest cars in the country today and their most recent prices. You can see that Toyota tops the list with the most affordable cars, followed by Nissan and Suzuki at a distance. 

So, if you want a cheap, locally used or newly imported car, these are the brands to consider, and the 15 models I’ve shared are a great starting point. 

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