10 High-Income Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya [ 2024]

Agriculture contributes to 20% of the total Gross Domestic Product of the country. This means it is a highly lucrative sector. But what agribusiness ideas in Kenya can you start today?

Some of the most profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya includes; Hass avocado, pig, poultry, vegetable, dairy farming, consultancy, produce broker, fertilizer distribution, and maize milling.

Kenya’s agribusiness industry is quite conducive for a small or intermediate venture. The state’s climate resilience nurtures both plants and animal rearing. This, combined with the technological advancement in the country, can help you mint millions.

And if you’re struggling to raise enough capital, you can get funds from Saccos and banks or government incentives. Suppose you prefer investing in different agribusinesses; you can leverage the diversity of this industry.

In this guide, we will explore:

  • Kenya’s high-income agribusiness ideas 
  • How to start an agribusiness in Kenya
  • Why you should invest in the business
  • How to stay ahead of the competition
Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya That Will Make You a Millionaire.

In a rush? Here is a quick walkthrough of the 10 profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya.

Business IdeaInitial CapitalExpected Returns
1.Hass avocado farmingKshs 40,000 and aboveKshs 150 per kg
2.Pig FarmingKshs 120,000 and aboveKshs 16,000(and above) per pig
3.Vegetable FarmingKshs 5,000 and aboveKshs 1,000 and above per day
4.Poultry FarmingKshs 25,000 – Kshs 250,000Kshs 40,000 and above per month
5.Dairy FarmingKshs 500,000 – Kshs 5,000,000Kshs 16,500 monthly per cow 
6.Consultancy Kshs 30,000 and aboveKshs 116,000 – Kshs 341,000 per month
7.Animal FeedKshs 50,000 and aboveKshs 30,000 – Kshs 200,000 per month
8.Fertilizer DistributionKshs 100,000 and aboveKshs 40,000 and above per month
9.Maize MillingKshs 85,000 – Kshs 200,000Ksh 30,000 and above per month
10.Produce BrokerKshs 0.00 and aboveKshs 1,000(and above) per opportunity

1. Venture into Hass Avocado Farming

(Initial Capital Kshs 40,000 and above)

Hass avocado farming is mainly done for export purposes. With the high demand for this type of avocado in countries like China and the USA, Kenyan farmers are minting enormous returns from Kshs 150 per kg.

Why Invest in Hass Avocado Farming?

  • Hass avocado has high demand, giving you access to a ready market
  • It has a high profit margin due to its nutritional value
  • It takes less time to mature(2.5 to 3 years)

The main challenge of investing in this business is finding a suitable market for your produce. However, with bodies like Oxfam Organics, you can establish a suitable client base seamlessly. 

Hass Avocado Business Requirements

Consultancy is vital in this agribusiness as you understand what seedlings are needed, the manure application measurements, and the soil type. Consultancy also helps you to follow the right planting and monitoring process for the best outcome.

Tip: As a first-time Hass avocado farmer, you should work with a trusted body or consultant to help you mitigate the risks and increase the profitability of your venture.

2. Start a Pig Farming Business

A pig farm

(Initial Capital Kshs 120,000 and above)

Pig farming is a great venture with high returns; it entails feeding and administering the right medical care to ensure your pigs are ready for the market. 

Why Invest in Pig Farming?

  • The high demand for pork in the country makes pig farming quite lucrative
  • With the right care, pig farming can earn you very high-profit margins
  • Pig farming can be a side hustle; it doesn’t require a lot of your time

The main challenge of the pig farming business is disease outbreaks and high feed costs. You can provide maximum care to your pigs and take advantage of low prices to store enough feed for shortage seasons.

3. Invest in Vegetable Farming

(Initial Capital Kshs 5,000 and above)

With a population of over 50 million people, Kenya has a high demand for vegetables, including kale, spinach, and Mboga Kienyeji. With a good market link, you can be assured of daily returns of Kshs 1,000 per day.

Why Invest in Vegetable Farming?

  • Vegetables are in high demand as you have a ready market 
  • Vegetables are a recurrent need, meaning you will have consistent orders to supply
  • They require fewer measures compared to other plants

The main challenge of this business is market connection. However, you can network with vegetable suppliers in key marketplaces to find a market to supply daily.

Vegetable Farming Requirements

For your vegetable business to work seamlessly, you will need a watering system and seedlings that are disease and drought-resistant. This way, you can enjoy an all-year-round produce to supply to your market.

Tip: Establish good rapport with different market produce brokers and sellers for a constant place to supply. 

4. Start Poultry Farming

A chicken farm on a sunny day

(Initial Capital Kshs 25,000 – 250,000)

Poultry farming is a great business idea with specializations such as meat and eggs. This venture can earn you Kshs 40,000 monthly income, depending on which area you pursue.

Why Invest in Poultry Farming?

  • Growing demand for eggs and meat gives you access to a ready market
  • Egg supply has been scarce in the country, leading to importation. You can take advantage of this and enjoy huge profits from the same.
  • The diversity in this business allows you to incorporate elements like broilers, layers, Improved, and Kienyejis.

The main challenge in this business is disease outbreaks and poor market connection. To solve this, you can implement best practices and consult experts to help you minimize risks while networking with product brokers and hotels.

Poultry Farming Business Requirements

To thrive in the poultry business, you should identify the right chick type(broilers, layers, or Kienyeji). Then, construct a suitable structure, buy feed, and administer vaccination in a timely manner for the best outcome.

Tip: Always perform best practices to mitigate risks and maximize your business profitability. In addition, keep networking with egg distributors and meat sellers to have a constant market link.

5. Invest in Dairy Farming

(Initial Capital Kshs 500,000 –  Kshs 5,000,000)

Dairy farming encompasses milk production, meat, and dairy products like cheese. Due to the constant demand, dairy farming earns you an income of Kshs 16,500 per cow monthly.

Why Invest in Dairy Farming?

  • Constant demand: Dairy products like milk are a basic need that people buy every day so you have a ready market to supply to.
  • High growth potential: Similar to other livestock, cows can give birth to calves, adding up to your dairy farm population and sales.

The main challenge of this business is disease outbreak and pricy feed. You can consult a veterinarian to keep your livestock from diseases and reduce costs by combining feed with farm plants such as nappier grass.

Dairy Farming Requirements

Unlike other animal-rearing businesses, dairy farming can be intense and thus requires a large piece of land and structures such as a shed and milking section. You will also need feeding and milking equipment if you’re starting out with many cows.

Tip: Administer excellent care to your livestock for maximum output and profits. Also, ensure that your market links are seamless for easy supply. 

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6. Become an Agri Consultant

An agri consultant examining a plant 

(Initial Capital Kshs 30,000 and above)

Agribusiness is attracting masses of young people with numerous campaigns to increase food security in the country. As a consultant, you can help new farmers set up a plan and strategy to drive success in their field.

You can earn a monthly income of between Kshs 116,000 to Kshs 341,000.

Why Invest in Agri Consultancy?

  • A lot of people are starting to pursue agribusiness, and they need expert guidance.
  • Agribusiness is highly profitable, allowing you to earn a high income
  • You help the society foster good agriculture practices to ensure food security in the country.

The main challenge with this field is finding clients as a new professional. Fortunately, with the right marketing strategy and branding, you can become a renowned agri consultant in the country.

Agri Consultant Business Requirements

Begin by doing market research to identify your target audience’s location. Then, establish an office within their reach and acquire all the necessary government documents. Finally, ensure you have a pricing list that tells your clients how much they will pay for specific services.

Tip: You must deliver results to appeal to a larger client base. So, ensure you provide top-notch customized services for each farmer who entrusts their farming business to you.

Note: Integrating the agri consultancy in the Agrovet business in Kenya maximizes returns as it fetches you a worthwhile clientele base.

7. Sell Animal Feed

(Initial Capital Kshs 50,000 and above)

Animal feed includes poultry, livestock, pigs, and pets. You can venture into those with high demand, like chick feed. This will make you a monthly income between Kshs 30,000 and Kshs 200,000.

Why Invest in Animal Feed?

  • Animal feed has a high and recurrent demand, giving you access to a ready market.
  • You can easily expand and become a producer and supplier once you master the process.

The main challenge of this business is finding raw materials if you decide to manufacture animal feed. To ensure a smooth process, you can farm some of the raw materials in your farm and network with key raw material suppliers in neighboring countries.

Animal Feed Business Requirements

Starting an animal feed business demands you acquire all the different documents, including business permits and licenses. In addition, you will need a manufacturing plant and equipment if you choose to make animal feed.

Tip: Employ a smart marketing strategy like favorable pricing to acquire a client base. Then, increase your figure gradually while maintaining the same quality to maintain your customers.

8. Become a Fertilize Distributor

(Initial Capital Kshs 100,000 and above)

Fertilizer distribution involves obtaining fertilizer products from producers and reselling them to retailers and farmers. You can earn from Kshs 40,000 and above every month doing this business.

Why Invest in Fertilizer Distribution?

  • Fertilizer has high demand nationwide, so you have a ready market
  • It’s a need for farmers, meaning you will have consistent orders to supply to

The main challenge is finding affordable fertilizer. You can vet different companies producing fertilizer to assess which is the most suitable for your target customers.

Fertilize Distribution Business Requirements

The fertilizer distribution business requires business permits and licenses. Transportation is also key, as your main role is to supply different areas and shops with bags of fertilizer.

Tip: Establishing a good market link is crucial to succeed in this business. So, always ensure you’re networking or connecting with key players in the farming industry.

9. Venture into Maize Milling

A maize milling machine

(Initial Capital Kshs 85,000 – Kshs 200,000)

Maize milling is a high-potential business that can grow to unimaginable heights. You see those favorite maize and wheat flour brands that have existed for decades; they began from somewhere-maize milling!

You can also start your maize milling business, earn Kshs 30,000 monthly income, and expand gradually.

Why Invest in Maize Milling?

  • It is highly lucrative, especially if you have a maize farm.
  • You have a ready market to sell to since ugali is a staple food in Kenya
  • You can start with little capital and scale gradually

Maize Miling Business Requirements

To open a maize milling business, you will need a business permit and licenses. You will also require a milling machine and an apprentice to help you operate the posho mill. 

Tip: The price and quality of your final product determine whether you will appeal to numerous clients. It also determines whether you will maintain a large client base in the long run. 

10. Become a Produce Broker

(Initial Capital Kshs 0.00 and above)

Produce brokers are the link between the farmer and the seller. As a produce broker, you network with manufacturers and sellers and help them find produce owners for their businesses. 

The income for this job varies depending on your negotiation skills and the sale size with a minimum of Kshs 1,000 per opportunity.

Why Become a Produce Broker?

  • It’s a highly sought service due to poor market links
  • It’s a high-income job as you decide your salary
  • You work at your own schedule and terms

The main challenge in this business is connecting with producers, manufacturers, and market sellers. You can overcome this by attending conferences or seminars where they gather and establish strong business relationships with them.

Broker Produce Requirements

To become a successful produce broker, you must possess exceptional negotiation skills for the best income. In addition, you should have top-notch communication and networking skills to create a good rapport with your clients easily.

Tip: Networking with producers and businesspersons will give you access to numerous brokerage opportunities. So, establish a good rapport with buyers and sellers to drive your business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Most Profitable Agribusiness in Kenya?

The most profitable agribusiness in Kenya include Hass avocado farming, poultry, dairy, animal feed, and produce broker.

2. What Is the Easiest Agribusiness To Start in Kenya?

Vegetable farming is the easiest agribusiness to start. Reason? It does not require intensive farming practices and is a daily need, so you have a ready market.


Finding the right agribusiness ideas in Kenya can be an uphill battle, especially if it’s your first time to venture into this sector. Thanks to these ten ideas, they help you explore different areas to find the most suitable.

Whether you’re starting out or looking to expand your business, don’t hesitate to consult our experts for a suitable financial plan.

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