MCA Salary In Kenya (Plus Allowances) According to the SRC

The member of the county assembly (MCA) job is arguably the first job that the most inspiring political leaders in Kenya eye on to make their mark and climb the political ladder. The other motivation is the paycheck, where the current MCA salary in Kenya is corporate-equal.

Before the beginning of 2022, when the Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC) slashed the MCA salary, MCAs took home Ksh 365,000 monthly. But now, the gross monthly pay is Ksh 144,375, broken down in the table below.

MCA Salary In Kenya

MCA Salary and Allowances in Kenya

Package Amount Per Month 
Basic monthly salary Ksh 86,625
House allowance Ksh 45,000 
Market adjustment Ksh 12,750
Gross monthly pay Ksh 144,375

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Interestingly, MCAs now only enjoy house allowance (Ksh 45,000) and market adjustment (Ksh 12,750). There are no more mileage and sitting allowances or car grants. 

However, if the new proposal by the County Assemblies Forum (CAF) gets approved and adopted, the ward-level bosses will likely pocket three times what they make now, bringing the gross pay to about Ksh 400,000. But for now, Ksh 144,375 is what they have to settle for.

Elected MCA Salary in Kenya

Currently, there are 1450 elected MCAs, and the number represents the 1450 wards in Kenya, and each of them presently earns a gross monthly salary of Ksh 144,375.

As mentioned, the amount is broken down as follows:

  • Ksh 86,625 basic monthly salary
  • Ksh 45,000 house allowance
  • Ksh 12,750 market adjustment 

In addition to the above structure, MCAs in Kenya enjoys the following perks:

  • Ksh 3 million inpatient medical cover
  • Ksh 20,000 outpatient medical cover 
  • Ksh 100,000 maternity cover  
  • Ksh 50,000 optical and dental cover

So, the salary is not the only major attraction once elected as a member of the county assembly.

Nominated MCA Salary in Kenya 

While the electorate elects 1450 MCAs, political parties are allowed to nominate some of them, and the number varies depending on the number of political parties. But since they perform the same job as the elected ones, they receive the same pay and enjoy the same privilege.

So, nominated MCAs in Kenya receive a gross monthly salary of Ksh 144,375 like their elected counterparts and enjoy the medical coverage and perks highlighted above. 

MCA salary in Kenya

MCA Salary in Kenya SRC Compared to Other Elected Posts 

Pay-wise, an MCA is a small fish in a vast pond where the MPs, women reps, county governors, and senators take home the fattest checks, not forgetting the president and deputy president, and cabinet secretaries.

Here’s a salary comparison between MCAs and MPs, women reps, and governors. 

MCAMPWomen RepGovernor
Basic monthly salary Ksh 86,625Ksh 426,000Ksh 426,000Ksh 554,400
Monthly house allowance Ksh 45,000Ksh 150,000Ksh 150,000Ksh 200,000
Monthly market adjustment Ksh 12,750Ksh 134,000Ksh 134,000Ksh 169,600
Gross monthly pay Ksh 144,375Ksh 710,000Ksh 710,000Ksh 924,000

Governors also enjoy medical coverage and other perks, just like MPs. For instance, the county sheriffs have a Ksh 10 million inpatient medical cover, Ksh 300,000 outpatient cover, Ksh 150,000 maternity cover, and Ksh 75,000 optical and dental cover.

In addition, governors get Ksh 20,000 airtime and Ksh 50,000 yearly leave allowance. 

Other Elected Posts in Kenya and The Salary 

1. County Assembly Speakers

The speakers of the county assembly get a gross monthly salary of Ksh 404,250, where Ksh 242,550 is the basic salary, and the rest is for allowances. 

2. Senators 

Senators in Kenya have the same monthly salary as MPs (Ksh 710,000). But in addition to the gross pay, they enjoy a Ksh 7.5 million motor vehicle reimbursement for cars under 3,000cc. 

3. Deputy Governors 

Deputy governors take home a monthly gross salary of Ksh 621,250, slightly less than MPs, senators, and women representatives.

4. Senate Speaker 

The senate speaker pockets a gross monthly salary of Ksh 1.16 million, which includes a Ksh 696,000 basic salary, Ksh 250,000 house allowance, and Ksh 214,000 market adjustment. 

In addition, the speaker enjoys a Ksh 10 million car loan, Ksh 40 million mortgage, Ksh 10 million inpatient medical cover, Ksh 300,000 outpatient cover, Ksh 150,000 maternity cover, Ksh 100,000 optical cover, Ksh 100,000 dental cover and Ksh 25000 monthly airtime.

how much does an MCA earn in Kenya

5. National Assembly Speaker 

The National assembly speaker takes home a monthly salary of Ksh 1.16 million, just like his senate counterpart. In addition, the National Assembly chief enjoys a Ksh 3.6 million Parliamentary Responsibility allowance, Ksh 1.4 million entertainment allowance, Ksh 1.4 million Extraneous Duty allowance, and Ksh 7.55 million motor vehicle reimbursement (on engines under 3,000 cc).

Other perks for the speaker include Ksh 10 million in inpatient cover, Ksh 300,000 outpatient cover, Ksh 300,000 maternity cover, Ksh 150,000 optical cover, Ksh 150,000 dental cover, Ksh 900,000 yearly motor vehicle allowance, and Ksh 25,000 monthly airtime allowance. 

Note that the speaker does not receive a house allowance because he is entitled to an official government residence.

6. Deputy President 

According to the latest SRS salary structure, the second in command receives a monthly gross salary of Ksh 1.2 million. The pay includes Ksh 736,000 basic salary, Ksh 300,000 house allowance, and a Ksh 191,000 market adjustment. 

7. President 

Under the new SRC salary structure for the executive arm, the President of Kenya receives a monthly salary of Ksh 1.44 million, which includes Ksh 866,250 basic pay, Ksh 350,000 house allowance, and Ksh 227,500 market adjustment. 

Appointed Positions and their Salary in Kenya

1. Attorney General and Cabinet Secretary 

The attorney general and cabinet secretary both take home a monthly salary of Ksh 924,000, and cabinet secretaries enjoy a Ksh 40 million mortgage and Ksh 10 million car grant. 

2. Minority and Majority Leaders 

The minority and majority leaders in Kenya get a monthly salary of Ksh 460,800, Ksh 157,200 market adjustment, and a Ksh 150,000 house allowance.

3. MCA Personal Assistant Salary in Kenya

MCAs in Kenya have government-paid personal assistants to take home a monthly salary of Ksh 80,900, which includes allowances.


Principal secretaries, the Inspector General, the NIS Director General, and the National Police Service chief all take home a monthly pay of Ksh 765,188. Meanwhile, the Deputy Inspector General for the Administration Police and Kenya Police services receives a monthly income of Ksh 621,250.

MCA Job Description

To become an MCA in Kenya, you either have to be elected at the ward level or be appointed by a political party. As mentioned earlier, there are 1450 elected MCAs in Kenya, representing the 1450 active wards and many other appointed ones. 

Duties of an MCA in Kenya

The member of the county assembly duties includes the following: 

  • Linking the residents to the county assembly on matters of public service delivery
  • Attend county assembly meetings and committees
  • Presenting news of their electorate in the county assembly
  • Keeping contact with their electorate

Qualifications for Becoming an MCA in Kenya

An elected MCA should meet these qualification requirements:

  • Be a Kenyan citizen (not less than ten years before the election)
  • Be a registered Kenyan voter 
  • Must be a registered supporter of a political party or an independent candidate
  • Shouldn’t hold any other public office other than the MCA’s once elected
  • Shouldn’t have dual citizenship unless obtained legally without the option of opting out
  • Must not have been fired from public office for contravening any provision under articles 75 – 78 of the Kenyan constitution 
  • Shouldn’t have been sentenced to prison in the last six months before the election or registration date
  • Must be of sound mind
  • Must meet the leadership and integrity Act requirement

In addition, the interested party should pay a Ksh 5,000 nomination fee or Ksh 2,500 if a woman or youth (under 35 years) or a person living with a disability.

how to be a nominated MCA in Kenya

How to Be a Nominated MCA in Kenya

To be nominated as an MCA in Kenya, you should be a registered supporter of a political party that meets the general requirements of a member of the county assembly shared above. 

It’s, however, the political party’s decision to nominate whenever they want as long as the candidate meets the threshold. 

People Also Ask 

1. How Much Does an MCA Earn in Kenya?

MCAs in Kenya earn a monthly gross salary of Ksh 144,375, which includes Ksh 86,625 basic pay, Ksh 45,000 house allowance, and Ksh 12,750 market adjustment. They are, however, entitled to medical coverage, among other perks. 

2. What Is the Basic Salary of MCA in Kenya?

The MCA’s basic monthly salary in Kenya is Ksh 86,625. They, however, enjoy an additional Ksh 45,000 house allowance and Ksh 12,750 market adjustment bringing the gross monthly pay to Ksh 144,375.

3. How Much Does a Nominated MCA Earn in Kenya?

A nominated MCA in Kenya earns the same salary as their elected counterpart. The gross pay is Ksh 144,375 per month, which includes Ksh 86,625 basic pay, Ksh 45,000 house allowance, and Ksh 12,750 market adjustment. 

Closing Remarks 

Above is everything to know about the MCA salary in Kenya and the pay for other elected and nominated public service posts. With a take-home pay of Ksh 144,375, the MCA job is irrefutably one of the most money-spinning jobs out there. 

And now that there’s a salary appraisal under review, these ward chiefs could earn up to Ksh 400,000 per month, which will be the highest since the promulgation of the new constitution. 

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