Best Shares To Buy In Kenya 2024! (Ultimate Guide)

We all would want to own some of the biggest companies in Kenya and the world. So, while we may not have the financial muscles to buy the whole company, we can own a part of it by buying stocks, and this guide will help you know what shares to buy in Kenya and what to expect. 

As of 24th February 2023, some of the top gainers at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), formerly the Nairobi stock exchange, include EAAGADs Ltd, Longhorn Publishers Ltd, and CIC Insurance Group.

In contrast, some of the biggest losers are TPS Eastern Africa, Kakuzi Ltd, and Car & General Ltd. Meanwhile, the movers or most active stocks include Bamburi cement, KCB Group, and CIC insurance, while the cheapest buys or penny stocks include Uchumi Supermarket, Home Africa, and Eveready. 

A Guide to Shares to Buy in Kenya

I’ll talk about that and more to give you an overview of what stocks to buy and hold. But overall, here’s an overview as of 24th February 2023. 

Stock Identity Performance Supporting Information 
SEEGADs Ltd Top gainers +9.59% Change 1D
TPS Eastern Africa Biggest loser –9.42% Change 1D
Bamburi Cement Top mover 2,987,300 volume 
Uchumi supermarket Cheapest buy +5.26% Change 1D
KENGEN Ltd Most undervalued –0.01% Change 1D
Safaricom Ltd Highest revenue –0.22% Change 1D
KCB Group Largest employer –0.39% change 1D

Overall, here’s what you can expect from this post:

  • What are shares?
  • Why by shares in Kenya?
  • What are the risks of buying shares?
  • How do you buy shares in Kenya?
  • What are the best shares to buy in Kenya?
  • What’s the best time to buy shares in Kenya?

Let’s dive in!

shares to buy in Kenya


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What Are Shares?

Shares typically mean the percentage ownership or number of units in a given financial asset or company. 

The shares earn you the right to be called a shareholder, and the more shares you have, the more leverage and authority you enjoy. 

Why Buy Shares in Kenya?

Buying shares in Kenya comes with several advantages, which include:

  • Dividend payouts – Shares allow investors to receive profit payouts regularly, which forms a massive part of the income. So, provided the investments make money, you’ll have some. 
  • One-time investment – You can buy shares once and see your money grow. So, you don’t have to put money in every single day, but you can reinvest your dividend payouts to grow more stake. 
  • Passive income – Once you invest, you don’t have to do anything but wait for the shares to earn dividends. That’s passive income, and it can never get better than that!
  • Compounding benefits – With shares, you don’t have to take money from your pocket once you make the first investment. You can wait for your investment to earn and then reinvest the dividend, and when you do that, you compound your earning. 
  • Stock gain – Once the market is favorable, the stock gains, which translates to improved profit. So, while there is no guarantee for a stock gain, the prospects are higher when you carefully study the stock market and invest wisely. 
  • Company ownership – When you buy shares, you become a part owner of a company; the more shares you own, the more control you enjoy. 
  • Long-term wealth – With shares, you can hold them as long as you want, and since they represent wealth, the more you hold onto them, the wealthier you are. 

What Are the Risks of Owning Shares?

No investment is risk-free, and that goes for stock trading. Essentially, here are the risks associated with buying shares:

  • Share volatility – The share prices are never stable, at least not for a long time. Their value rises or falls, and the chances of making money are less if it’s the latter. 
  • Credit loss risk – Sometimes, the company performs poorly and goes out of business. In such a case, its shares are untradeable, and you must resign to lose your capital. 
  • Market risk – At times, the entire market may collapse, affecting the stocks’ value. 
  • Timing risk – Buying stocks at the wrong time can be catastrophic if, for one, you buy high and end up selling low. That’s why it’s advisable to first study the market before investing.
  • Stock-specific risk – Negative publicity can cause the stock value of a companion to drop tremendously. Once that happens, the most affected are the shareholders. 
minimum shares to buy in Kenya

How Do You Buy Shares in Kenya? 

Buying shares in Kenya is pretty straightforward. It takes the following:

Step 1 – Meet the minimum requirement 

You most likely need the following before buying shares in Kenya: 

  • A bank account
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of ID/passport
  • KRA Pin

Step 2 – Open a CDSC account 

Another requirement is that you’ll need a Central Depository & Settlement Corporation (CDSC) account, which will be your trading account. You can sign up for the CDSC account from the local CDSC agent or the Central Bank. 

Step 3 – Find a certified stock broker 

The next thing is to get an NSE-certified broker or online-trading partner. You cannot buy the shares by yourself; you need a broker. 

Step 4 – Start trading 

You can start trading now that you already have a certified broker and a CDSC account. Buy the number of shares you are comfortable buying and wait for them to work for you. 

Simple Steps on How to Buy Shares in Nairobi Stock Exchange?

Since the Nairobi stock exchange (NSE) is the pace-setting stock trading platform in the country, consider it when you want to buy shares. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1 – Sign up for a CDSC account 

Start by signing up for a Central Depository & Settlement Corporation (CDSC) account at a local agent or the Central Bank that’ll serve as your trading account. 

Step 2 – Find a verified stock broker 

Visit the NSE to find a certified broker or trading partner and have them help you buy the correct shares. 

Step 3– Buy your shares 

Buy as many shares as you want, and wait for them to pay you dividends. 

Minimum Shares to Buy in Kenya

Ideally, you need to buy at least 100 shares from most stocks in Kenya. If, for example, a share goes for Ksh 150, you’ll need to invest at least Ksh 15,000. 

Which Are the Best Shares to Buy in Kenya?

The NSE lists so many stocks for trading, which can be overwhelming. You may, however, have an easy time if you consider the following:

  • Top gainers 
  • Top movers (most active)
  • Highest revenue 
  • Cheapest buy (penny stocks)

On another note, be cautious when it comes to these two groups:

  • Biggest losers 
  • Most undervalued/oversold stocks 

Let’s discuss the groups:

how to buy shares in Nairobi stock exchange

1. Top Gainer Shares in Kenya

Top gainers represent stocks soaring above the average market price. While in most cases, these stocks are on bullish momentum, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll keep on the momentum for a long time. 

Thus, it’s up to you to study the stock market and make the right investment calls. According to Trading View, here are the top 5 gainers as of 24th February 2023:

Stock % Change 1DChange 1D (Ksh)Price (Ksh)Technical Rating 
Liberty Kenya Holdings +11.11%+0.505.00Buy 
EAAGADs Ltd +9.59%+1.0512.00Buy 
Longhorn Publishers +9.45%+0.24 2.78 Sell 
CIC Insurance Group +6.12%+0.12 2.08 Buy 
Uchumi Supermarket +5.26%+0.010.20 Sell 

2. Top Movers/Most Active Stocks in Kenya

The top movers are stocks that have experienced larger volumes in recent months. They have the most extensive trading volumes on the NSE, often due to their popularity. 

But just like every other stock, the top movers are still at risk of market volatility, which means you also have to invest hawk-eyed. According to TradingView.com, here are the top movers as of 24th February 2023:

Stock % Change 1DChange 1D (Ksh)Price (Ksh)Technical Rating 
Bamburi Cement Ltd +1.67%+0.45 27.45 Sell 
KCB Group –0.39%–0.1538.25Sell 
CIC Insurance Group +6.12%+0.122.08 Buy 
Safaricom Ltd –0.22 –0.05 23.20 Sell 
KENGEN Ltd –0.40%–0.012.49 Sell 

3. Highest Revenue Stocks in Kenya

Some companies grow their sales much faster than others and thus have the highest revenue. That, however, doesn’t mean that they are making a profit. 

Revenue is one thing, and profit is another. Sometimes they go hand in hand, but it’s never a given. So again, do your research before settling on any of the stocks. Here are the top 5, according to TradingView.com:

Stock %Change 1DChange 1D (Ksh)Price (Ksh) Revenue (Ksh)Technical rating 
Safaricom Ltd –0.22%–0.05 23.20 297.635BSell 
Kenya Power ++2.56%+0.04 1.60 157.353BBuy 
Equity Group Holdings +0.77%+0.3546.00137.353BBuy 
KCB Group Ltd –0.39%–0.1538.25 134.606BSell 
East African Breweries +2.87%+5.00179.00109.409BBuy 

4. Cheapest Shares to Buy in Kenya

This category features penny stocks that trade for less than Ksh500 (or $5). They are more like over-the-center stocks because of how cheap they are. So, you can easily become a shareholder with penny stocks without spending a lot, even though their return rate is much lower than others.

Here are the top 5 cheapest penny stocks according to Trading View. 

Stock Price (Ksh)Change % 1DChange 1DTechnical Rating
Uchumi supermarket 0.20 +5.26%+0.01Sell 
Home Africa Ltd 0.31 –6.06%–0.02Sell 
Eveready East Africa 0.68+1.49%+0.01Sell 
EA Cables Ltd0.99 +1.02%+0.01Buy 
Trans Century Ltd 1.05–7.08%–0.08Sell 

Where Caution Is Needed 

cheapest shares to buy in Kenya

5. Biggest Loser Stocks in Kenya

Stocks in this category have seen their value drop. It doesn’t always mean they are bad for investing, as sometimes the dip is only temporary. 

Sometimes, however, the drip may be a huge one and so trying to sell the sticks as soon as possible is well and so trying to sell the stocks as quickly as possible is well advised. 

Here are the biggest losers as of 24th February, according to TradingView.com. 

Stock Price (Ksh)% Change 1DChange 1D (Ksh)Technical Rating 
TPS Eastern Africa 12.50 –9.42%–1.30Sell 
Kakuzi Ltd 380.00–8.43%–35.00Sell 
Car & General 34.00–8.11%–3.00Sell 
Trans Century Ltd 1.05 –7.08%–0.08Sell 
Flame Tree Group 1.08 –6.06%–0.07Sell 

6. Most Oversold or Undervalued Stocks in Kenya

Undervalued or oversold stocks are those whose value has declined substantially. It could be due to a significant sale following some bad market news which is understandable. Sometimes, however, the oversell is a product of a market storm that will likely calm down at some point. 

So, you must use your judgment to discern between the two likelihoods. TradingView.com states that two of the most undervalued stocks are KENGEN and Unga Group. 

Best Time to Buy Shares in Kenya

An investor’s secret weapon is knowing when to buy and sell shares. Given the volatility of the market, you may want to buy when the market forces are for you and not against you, and here are the considerations:

  • Compare the stock’s 52-week low and 52-week high and buy the shares at their lowest
  • Consider the companies value to minimize the risks of a loss 
  • Look for a high-volume traded stock with a low purchase price 
  • Create a price watch list to monitor the stocks and capitalize when the price is lower but expected to rise 
  • Look at the stock’s historical market price performance to determine if buying its shares is worth it 

Closing Remarks 

Above is a guide on the shares to buy in Kenya. Given that we’ve top movers, losers, gainers, penny stocks, oversold stocks, and highest revenue companies, it may be wise to study the market carefully before deciding what to buy. 

You can also talk to stock trading experts, and that’s where we come in as Cent Warriors. We’ve been studying the stock market in Kenya for some time and are still doing that. So, you can reach us on social media for stock trading, and we’ll help you find the right shares to buy and eventually sell at a gain. 

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Written by Alex

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